Mazetools Soniface Lite

Mazetools Soniface Lite

By Ectoplastic UG (haftungsbeschrankt)

Mazetools Soniface Lite App Description

Soniface combines the intuitive kind of interaction in games, with the virtuosity handling of professional sound tools. Put your headphones on and take some time! Many of our testers said they needed about 10-15 minutes to arrive. A tutorial mode guides you through the app. How does it work? The basic principle is an animated grid, which is linked to sounds. As soon as it vibrates and lights up, sounds are created. Notes and chords are associated with colors. Additional tools allow the design of drum rhythms and the integration of nature sounds. *** Soniface Lite includes the following features: * Touch based audiovisual synthesizer grid & circular editing interface * Rhythm Interface featuring a drum step sequencer * Soundscape sampler incl. 25 samples * 6 grid shapes * Shape interface for interactive sound modeling * Effect automation section * Multi touch performance gestures to control audiovisual effects * Save/ load own creations (Mazes) * In-app tutorial function + * No time limit * Lots of demo beats Purchasing the complete version, you’ll get: * Pattern based song arrangement section * Realtime master sound to *.Wav audio recording * Rhythm Interface featuring a drum step sequencer & sound modulation setup * Soundscape sampler incl. mic input, file library & sequencer * Geometric arpeggiator, note step sequencer with envelope controller * Color Interface related to a system based on the color organ Scriabin and the circle of fifth * 12 grid shapes & special visualization settings * Shape interface incl. 4 modes of synthesis * MIDI input to play colors, notes and chords by keyboard or to link effects to controllers * Save/ load project file section (Mazes & Set) There is a lot to come! With the purchase of the full version, you directly support the further development of Soniface. Our small team works permanently and with great passion on qualitative improvements and new functions! Get the full version: “A digital all-in-one musical instrument on the go.” ZKM Karlsruhe (AppArtAward 2017, Sound Art) "Until you have discovered the infinite possibilities of this app you can stay a very long time! And again and again something new, ingenious unexpected comes to light.” Stefan Gisler, "Mazetools Soniface" is a new app that allows you to compose music while relaxing. [...] an incredibly sophisticated musical instrument. " Julia Spyker, SWR "An interface between man and machine for sonification of the self: That sounds like esotericism." Andi Hörmann, Deutschlandradio „Soniface is great for creating ambient music.“ Worldtechmag „So I’m all for a unique interface and this app certainly has that.“ Palmsounds More information on:


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  • Insane possibilities, brilliant interplay

    By Oceans in space
    *update: I love its very fun yet strange approach: Live composition and unique improv all with visuals= brilliance! The full version will explode my head leading to harmonic wizardary via madman Scriabin. I think he would approve of the deep editing nature and colors for sure(lite version has the harmony restricted I think) Ok, so I still don’t understand what I’m doing but the unique color and graphic menus make exploring fun as opposed to frustrating! I was making non Scriabin compositions but hey if you say the color code he used is implemented then sick! I can’t compose normally at all but maybe that’s the intention; think way outside-then heaven bliss even with dissonant pads. I wish the harmonic part made more sense as I love Scriabin and this apps unique style- tutorial needed, but great work its very in depth and technical I must say I’m very impressed so far.