Mazetools Soniface Lite

Mazetools Soniface Lite

By Ectoplastic UG (haftungsbeschrankt)

Mazetools Soniface Lite App Description

There are many ways to transform your current feelings into a creative flow, but the fewest will end in an audiovisual experience. Soniface offers a unique environment to make pieces of music out of the moment. Related to the human senses vision, hearing and touch a new kind of composing is possible. 3 things you should know about Soniface: 1. The visual and audio are combined. The base is a movable grid that generates tones, melodies and harmonies. Shape, color and sounding can be easily varied by multi-touch. 2. A far-reaching touch interface includes elements from the side of electronic music production and generative art. 3. The use of headphones is recommended! Soniface Lite contains 3 basic modules: - Visual synthesizer - Rhythm composer - Soundscape sampler Explore all capabilities and get the complete version including: - Song arrangements composer - Save/load/add songs - Mic input - Wav audio recording - Sample library - MIDI Input - 12 grids & special visual features - Extended drum modulation settings - Additional melodies modules (arpeggiator) - The latest updates! Get the full version: “A digital all-in-one musical instrument on the go.” ZKM Karlsruhe (AppArtAward 2017, Sound Art) "VJing and sound app of the extra class! [...] Until you have discovered the infinite possibilities of this app you can stay a very long time! And again and again something new, ingenious unexpected comes to light.” "Mazetools Soniface" is a new app that allows you to compose music while relaxing. [...] an incredibly sophisticated musical instrument. " Julia Spyker (SWR) "An interface between man and machine for sonification of the self: That sounds like esotericism." Andi Hörmann (Deutschlandradio) „Soniface is great for creating ambient music.“ „So I’m all for a unique interface and this app certainly has that.“ More information on:


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App Reviews

  • Insane possibilities, brilliant interplay

    By Oceans in space
    *update: I love its very fun yet strange approach: Live composition and unique improv all with visuals= brilliance! The full version will explode my head leading to harmonic wizardary via madman Scriabin. I think he would approve of the deep editing nature and colors for sure(lite version has the harmony restricted I think) Ok, so I still don’t understand what I’m doing but the unique color and graphic menus make exploring fun as opposed to frustrating! I was making non Scriabin compositions but hey if you say the color code he used is implemented then sick! I can’t compose normally at all but maybe that’s the intention; think way outside-then heaven bliss even with dissonant pads. I wish the harmonic part made more sense as I love Scriabin and this apps unique style- tutorial needed, but great work its very in depth and technical I must say I’m very impressed so far.