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GameBattles App Description

GameBattles is the premier eSports tournament system with over 10 million registered players and a variety of games on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, including Call of Duty, Destiny and Gears of War! The GameBattles app makes it easy to register for competitions, manage your teams, find matches, submit scores and more, all from your mobile device. If you don't already have an MLG account, you can create one directly through the app and start your journey to becoming a pro today!


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App Reviews

  • This App Is Lit

    What’s an L here comin at you with a GB APP Review
  • Missing so much content

    By CaptainPhillis
    -Can’t search teams -Can’t see player’s overall record -Can’t view profiles -Can’t see GB ranks -Can’t view tickets I’m not even going to continue. That about sums it up

    By Tyree T
    Need people to do gbs with EliteAlphaYT 7
  • F*cking POS

    By Truth009.5
    You will not be able to do a anything waste of time!
  • Error 500

    By Cwynn100
    Omg I can’t even use the app bc I can’t put my Xbox live account on it
  • Good, but needs one improvement

    By franzy003
    This app allows me to so easily get matches, and I appreciate this as a premium member. The only problem I have with the app is that every time I refresh the list of teams of my profile, it says “user is not authorized, should log out of the system.” This means I have to type in my information almost every time I want to play, over and over again.
  • iPhone X

    By Nsmith2994
    iPhone X Support please
  • Good but...

    By DuhFianT
    It's a great app but it really does need to get optimized for iPhone X.
  • Can't use app

    By Xo_tourlife
    I can't even link my account I just get a 500 server error everytime and my internet is fine
  • Needs so improvement

    By Steen57
    Good app for making teams and adding teammates and reporting matches, but finding matches could be improved if they just showed an up and down arrow no way am I gunna accept a game where it could be a +6 up arrow. It would be nice if I could look at the team I’m playing but clicking their team name and looking at their team page once we have a match.