JumpStart Magic and Mythies

JumpStart Magic and Mythies

By Knowledge Adventure

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-09-15
  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 129.43 MB
  • Developer: Knowledge Adventure
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 7.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 99 Reviews

JumpStart Magic and Mythies App Description

The magical world of Terra is in danger. A mysterious and evil darkness has taken hold and the elves need your help. In this MMORPG you play as a Mage learning to harness your magical powers in order to help the League of Mages win in this epic battle. Raise and collect Mystical Creatures, the great Mythies, to assist you on your journey to be the hero that brings peace back to these lands!     Features: Immerse yourself in this action packed 3D MMO world - Fly through the beautiful lands of Terra - Battle mysterious creatures - Compete for trophies - Experience the battle of good versus evil, heroes and monsters, and the power of friendship Socialize and make new friends - Chat with other Mages from around the world - Join or create a Guild for you and your friends and complete exclusive challenges. Bond with Mythies - 5 unique Mythies to choose from with more to come - Play, pet, and feed your Mythie for your journey. Take off Tower – challenge yourself on various flight courses - 40+ unique courses to challenge you and your Mythie.. Sky Tracks – Prove you are the best in the sky in this player vs player racing mode - 6 unique tracks to battle and win trophies in Crafting – create new items by collecting and crafting items you discover together - Create potions that help you in your adventure - 20+ unique crafting recipes Mana Fishing - Catch different types of mana from magical wells to increase your magical abilities - 6 different types that offer different bonuses Shadow busting - Destroy the darkness that is taking over Terra with your magic spells and Mythies. Farming/Fishing - Farm and raise various crops and animals - Sell your crops and use them for crafting. - Catch different types of fish like perch, salmon, brown trout, and others... Privacy Policy: http://www.jumpstart.com/customercare/privacy-policy


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App Reviews

  • annoying

    By Mrc5150
    so many glitches and problems
  • Flying glitch

    By Melody Skies
    So I’m trying to ride a Mythie through one of those courses. The problem is that whenever the course starts, the joystick disappears, sometimes the screen will flip upside down. The mythie stays in place and when you do make it go, there’s nothing to control it with and it goes in circles. Please fix this problem.
  • Good game but please fix........

    By Bluestar24
    I love this game it’s sooo fun and cool. But please fix the quest spider mage. When I become a spider it won’t let me in the cave! I keep trying but it just doesn’t work. And for the shooting the three targets I got two but WHERE IS THE THIRD!!!!!!! It says up in the trees but I can’t find it anywhere!!! Please please please🙏🙏🙏 fix those things! Other than that this is a great game and really fun. But please fix spider mage. It’s driving me bonkers!
  • Please add some more mythies

    By dinogirl10
    I love the game but you can’t really get other mythies unless you have gems so program new quests that help save mythies and also please create new mythies.
  • Nice game but...

    By Royal Fluffiness
    ok so I really love your game but I bought an orange hat with stars a few months ago I think and it says I dont have it but it appears on my avatar when I go to the store but it's not even in the store. Srry for my grammar and spelling. i will rate the app higher if you give my hat back and also have more frequent updates. Also I miss the original jumpstart.
  • Great Game and Here are some tips

    By LilliPlays
    So it’s a great game and all but it’s kinda glitchy... I really love it because of the quests and Mythies but on two of my quests there are some glitch’s here they are... |the quest “Spider-Mage” won’t let me go trough the cave I will make the potion and change into the spider but it acts as if I’m still a human..| |the quest Where you have to hit three targets in Harmony falls.. I hit two of them and on the third one it took the arrow to show were it’s at away! Plus it says “high up in the trees” there are NO trees in harmony falls please fix that| also some tips for mana fishing is hit the cast button way before it goes in the green! It has a fall back time so it works weird. I hope this helped and ❗️PLEASE FIX THE ISSUES!!!!!❗️
  • Ughhhhhh

    By OwlLegendary
    Okay. I just got a Pyrohawk and I was so excited to make her grow. But when I went to the Mythie Grotto and went to the egg pedestal, it wouldn't do anything! Come on! But a lot of people have been complaining about the cloud swirl problem... Don't worry, I've found a way to get out of it. When you get in the cloud swirl, you cannot move. So go to your settings and tap the red book. Go to your mythies section, choose a mythie to visit in the stables, and tap the blue visit button.
  • Just fix it

    By Husky725
    Ok at least you guys kind of made a jumpstart game on her but can you at least update it or something so it can stop freezing and another problem is that when it lets me play and I need to go to the hollows to fix my Mythie it doesn’t let me walk instead it shows me the ocean and lets me scroll around and why can’t we pick what mythie we want because that’s not even fair because we have to pay just to start over like really but at least fix those problems and I’ll be fine.

    By GreenFoxBiologist
    Ok well it is a little fun because you can wander around and look at cool stuff and umm....who doesn't want to fly I mean YEAH!But this game needs way better instructions and when I first played it I was really young it was way better. I don't even know how this game got ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars! But I would suggest getting this game called School of Dragons that I have had a few problems with but not as many problems as on this game and School of dragons requires membership for cool stuff but even if you don't have it it still is quite a fun game and the best part is you can pick a dragon! So get the app School Of Dragons if you don't want to scream your voice out on this game I also give this game ZERO stars!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
  • Cloud and Mythie glitch. PLEASE READ ALL FOR UR SAFETY

    By RockClimbForever
    Ok so I love this game, but there is a lot of glitches. First off, I bought another mythie and it was at level 12, but it's still a baby and I can't make it grow up so I can ride it or fly it. But the worst thing is the cloud glitch. So with my other mythie, it was at level 9 and I could fly it, and there was this quest to go into a swirly cloud and if u do, u can't get out of the cloud or move so u are stuck really high in the sky with no one else except ur mythie. PLEASE FIX THIS. I have had to restart 6 times. WARNING ⚠️. DO NOT GO INTO THE SWIRLING CLOUD!!!