Pantry Check - Grocery List

Pantry Check - Grocery List

By Sunroom Labs, LLC

  • App Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2015-03-16
  • Current Version: 2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 26.55 MB
  • Developer: Sunroom Labs, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 274 Reviews

Pantry Check - Grocery List App Description

- The best, fastest barcode scanner! - Automatic real-time syncing between devices - Expiration reminders & smart search, 3D Touch - Smart Shopping Lists, based on usage and inventory - Record and track prices and stores - Submit own photos or product info - Current inventory & usage timeline - Crowd-sourced cloud database - Works great with Trader Joe's products Easily find by barcode or log the groceries you buy and use. With seamless cloud sync, multiple device login and intuitive, beautiful UI, it's never been easier to plan meals, grocery shopping, track expiration and avoid waste.


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App Reviews

  • Great App

    By KakeRdeTh
    Works great! I have hoped for an app like this that works with Plan to Eat. It would be a perfect pairing.
  • So far I dig it

    By Rabbetdog
    Out of the few of these types of apps I’ve tried, this one CONSISTENTLY finds the items I’m scanning. Many wouldn’t recognize or get the wrong item but Pantry Check has thus far (in my small 145 item trial list) recognized what I want it to. Thus, I’m impressed and am about to pull the trigger on the subscription, which, at $11/yr is pretty darn reasonable if you ask me. If that prevents the wife from buying 1 pack of steaks that we didn’t need because we had THREE already!!!! (True story) it’ll have paid itself 4x over. Nice job guys!
  • Super helpful app!

    By mgmiller68
    Super helpful app in being able to keep track of when pantry items will expire. And am so appreciative that the developers recently added expiration notifications, so that I can receive reminder alerts about items that will soon expire. However, I wish they would add some variability options in the user interface so that we as the users can decide when/how often we get the reminders, as it seems in the current non-adjustable setup, I start getting expiration alerts when an item still has 4 days left before it will expire, and sometimes I get these expiration reminders multiple times in one day (really only need one reminder per day). My hope is that the developers will make the expiration reminders configurable by us the users within the app, so we as the users can determine when the reminders are sent (and how often they are sent). In another app that I use (from a different developer), they have settings where, for example, I can set the reminders to alert me 1, 3, 5 and 7 days prior to the expiration. In the meantime, I’m loving this app and am finding it to be such a big help, as I don’t want to risk consuming items that have expired (and therefore risk getting sick), or discarding items before they expire.
  • Love it! But Android or web app please?

    By dtoyd
    I'm really happy with the recent addition of notifications when foods are about to expire. Thanks! Now I just crave one thing: sync with Android or a web interface, so my Android-using family members can share in the joy of Pantry Check!
  • Great App!

    By claidheamdanns
    Continues to be a “best in class” app, and this version is the best version yet! The developer is very responsive, and actively improves the app. My kids and I enjoy adding groceries to the pantry app, and know what we have left on hand when we're at the store. Great job! Keep up the good work.
  • Great app

    By TonyGordon
    This is a very nice app. Thank you!!!
  • Easy to use!

    By Angelhawk7.0
    Love this app for taking inventory of your cabinets and fridge! It is Very easy to start using! One shelf done in 5 minutes! I would love to see recipe integration.
  • Everything I’ve been looking for

    By payton107
    I actually searched the App Store for a different pantry app but when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. The ability to scan items is so amazing and if I scan an item that nobody else has yet I have the option to add the item and my own picture! Also the reminders for expiring food, in app grocery list, the layout all together is just sunning. Not to mention the awesome prices for adding more storage to the pantry (10,000 items for only $30 a year)!!
  • One of my favorite apps!

    By JohnK0427
    Managing my groceries simply isn’t any easier when using this app. All I have to do is add what I need to my list and I do it as soon as something runs out. The library of grocery items is astoundingly robust and adding to the library is very simple.
  • Great, but still needs improvement

    By Alandriel
    I love the app and I went crazy this weekend scanning everything and anything. Most of the products can be found thru the UPC code, those that aren’t available can be set up, including picture. I read in an answer that they are working on adding location and that was one of my complaints. The other one is that I would like to be able to see the products in alphabetical order. I have a LOT of products in the herbs and spices or seasoning categories and if I’m in a store it would be MUCH easier to see if I have cumin if the list is alphabetical. Last, I would like to be able to set my own categories too. Bottom line, very useful and easy to use. Looking forward to the improvements