Powerlifter - 531 Weightlifting Log

Powerlifter - 531 Weightlifting Log

By Charles Vanderhoff

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  • Release Date: 2015-03-01
  • Current Version: 107.2.14
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Charles Vanderhoff
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 419 Reviews

Powerlifter - 531 Weightlifting Log App Description

The easiest way to track and automatically calculate your Wendler 5/3/1 powerlifting routine. Please note this app is not connected to Wendler himself, the creator of of the Wendler 5/3/1 program. This app may deviate from the program. Please purchase Wendler's books to support his work. Simply input your one rep maxes once! Based off your one rep maxes your entire Wendler routine will be calculated. You will not have to look at another percentage or weight chart again! Lose the spreadsheets! Your weights will automatically increase with each new cycle as little or much as you setup. This takes the math out of your training so you can focus on lifting! The Wendler 5/3/1 mesocycles and lifts are automatically calculated based on how you lift and your body's own unique fitness level. Customize the program as little or a much as you want. Stick with the four main lifts: Military Press, Bench Press, Back Squat and Deadlift - or create your own unique lifts! FREE FEATURES - Automatically increase the weight for your lifts each new cycle - Keep track of your scores. Your AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) score from your last cycle is displayed as you complete each lift - Warmup sets for each lift day based off your one rep max - Rest timer so you know how long to reset between sets - One rep max calculator (Epley) to ensure you start with the right weights - Choose your units - kg or lbs - Customize the number of weeks in your lifting cycles - configure up to 10 weeks in a cycle! - See a complete history of all your Wendler workouts. Sort by date, reps, lift type, and one rep max. - Easy to use interface - Especially designed for Powerlifting or CrossFit Get Even Stronger with Wendler Log Pro Features - Assistance program creator - 11 pre-built customizable assistance programs - Plate calculator - see the exact plates you need to load on your bar for all your lifts - Graph your calculated one rep maxes over time - Automatically backup and sync your progress to the cloud - Ad free Note: purchasing Wendler Log Pro also supports the team behind this app. If you find the app helpful, purchasing pro helps us make the app better. SUPPORT If you experience issues with the Wendler Log workout app or have suggestions to improve it, we'd love to hear from you! Just contact us from the app by going to the Help Center > Feedback / Get Help.


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App Reviews

  • Great without reservations

    By sonrisa arquitecto
    I hope the developer is not dead, and will finally come back with the updates! A few minor tweaks and additions would make this app to be Best in Class! But even without it- the app is great! You can modify the existing and create your own assistance programs! The graphs , the log, the navigation- everything is to my liking! Launches instantly, does not “eat” the battery! Great!
  • No apple health integration

    By Randypf
    Your workouts will not log for exercise through this app. Which is a current expectation for any exercise logger. Other than needing to manually track workouts, its a great app. Does what is needed and has decent supplemental exercises.
  • Pretty good

    By AnonymousRex05
    This app is pretty good to help track your 5/3/1 routine. It could probably use some more program challenges built in for tracking assistance stuff. The new redesign is really nice as well but my big problem with this app now is how long it takes to launch. I can launch a high demanding game faster than this app opens which seems weird. Probably just needs a little housekeeping in the code which will come along in time but for now it's frustrating. Update: App development has clearly been abandoned. Don’t waste your money.
  • Good app. Needs work.

    By TheCraicin
    Very convenient app for the basic 5/3/1 setups. Needs to add the ability to make more working sets based on the Forever book. Tracking conditioning goals would be cool too.
  • Great App!!!!

    By Primetime562
    This app replicates the Wendler 5/3/1 program perfectly. Takes the hassle out having to track everything yourself on a spreadsheet. The graphs also show your progress really clearly, which makes for a rewarding workout every day!
  • More cycles and updates

    By DirtyJerz32
    Love the app, probably the best of its kind. Would love to see the option to have more cycles instead of one and with the new book, 531 Forever, would love to see the app updated with new versions of 531, Krypteia, 5 Pros Forever, Strength Circuits, etc.
  • Battery hog

    By ADisgruntledGuy
    I used this app for four workouts and it was responsible for about 75% of my batter consumption during that time, despite using it for less than an hour each day. I don’t know what sort of processes are going on in the background, but be sure to manually shut down the app after the workout to save your battery until the devs figure it out. Otherwise, this is a decent app for calculating your lifts. As other reviewers mentioned, it adds to your 1RM instead of TM, but you can get around that by changing the settings so your TM is 100% of your 1RM instead of 90%.
  • Excellent App for Powerlifting

    By Tatermuffin123
    I’ve had great luck with this. Started using it January 2018 and am still using it with no end in sight. It is May 2018 right now and I’ve added about 50 lbs to my bench press, about 80 lbs to my conventional deadlift, and about 100 lbs to my squat. Granted, I went from about 175 lbs-190 lbs while following the programming. This isn’t just a brand new to the gym, beginner program. It’s solid linear progression. 5/3/1 works and this app really streamlines it
  • I’ll never know....won’t open

    By Another fake nickname:)
    Loaded it a couple of times on two different devices, nada.
  • Great for the 5/3/1 program

    By markmarkoh
    This is a great app for 5/3/1, not just planning the next workout, but while you are working out (interactive checklist with rest intervals) and then after you work out (graphs so you can see your 1RM over time). Highly recommend if you are wanting to try 5/3/1.