Real Black Love - Black Dating App for Black Singles

Real Black Love - Black Dating App for Black Singles


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Real Black Love - Black Dating App for Black Singles App Description

Welcome to the all new black dating app RealBlackLove. As a company owned and operated by African-Americans, we have tremendously dedicated ourselves to this mission and hope that you join us. RealBlackLove is the #1 black dating app where relationship-minded black people meet everyday for real connections! Real black love is possible, you just need to take the first step. Join us today! At RealBlackLove we pride ourselves on transparency. Please note that downloading RealBlackLove is free and once you are approved as a member you will be extended a limited-membership. Limited members have the ability to upload (5) five photos and send unlimited winks. We recommend that you upgrade to a VIP membership for full-access and unlimited communication. Our mission is simple, to assist black singles in finding relationships with the potential for long term success. As a member of RealBlackLove you can be assured you will be surrounded by like-individuals serious about their love life. We know what our members want, and why they choose our black dating website or app to meet black singles. Once you've created your profile, you can browse thousands of great black singles. Whether you’re newly single, divorced or you just want to give online dating a try, meet highly attractive and eligible black singles looking for real connections. While other sites play the numbers game, RealBlackLove focuses on quality. The community is comprised of the most influential trend-setters in their respected communities and career fields. Once you are a member, you will be connected to a community of singles ready to leave the dating games behind.. Devoted to ensuring black singles have the highest opportunity for romantic success our dating site host the most relationship-focused single black men and women nationally. Meeting potential partners has never been more compelling. We offer the best black dating experience online by hosting thousands of members seeking true companionship. Our members are smart and driven singles with no time for the games that are sometimes associated with dating. They want… no, they deserve something real.


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App Reviews

  • Improvement needed.

    By Kennnn🙊
    The app is cheap, horrible graphics, and just all around lame. I like to show support, especially for the black community, but this is terrible. Not user friendly at all. I get everyone wants to come up so you have to pay for simple stuff, but you guys got a long way to go before you get my money. 😂 try looking at other popular dating apps to see what you can change. 🤔🤔

    By Msmantha
    This is a very poorly built app.. the way the pictures show up are trash, the pictures are all grainy and cheap looking. you aren’t able to save your search options.. each time I go in the app I have to re enter all of my search criteria again, then it doesn’t even pull up members that meet my criteria..example, age, height, weight. The app crashes constantly while your trying to navigate thru it. I just signed up today and I’m already regretting it.
  • This App Does Not Work Well AT ALL!

    By TheTalented10th
    I am a pretty technological person so I am being kind when I say it doesn’t work at all! I have only used it for two days and in those two days I have had error messages, screen jumping, and information that’s randomly been deleted! It is not that complicated to make an app that has general features that work smoothly. The worst part is that I can’t get anyone in customer support to respond to me when I have a question. Please come up with an update ASAP! If you don’t you’re going to lose customers.
  • Don't pay for the upgrade

    By loveme2.0
    My pictures were initially rejected which interestingly enough are the same used on other paid dating apps. I've had the app 2-3 weeks now and I've had two winks and one message. I sent a message to the team with my concern and they sent their generic response with basically all sales are final. Then I join the group and two of the admins through obvious shade towards me and it really made me realize this is all a joke. The intent was good, but this is definitely a complete waste of money. I'll stick to The creator seems absolutely amazing, but the others on his team are questionable.
  • Not Trustworthy

    By bestmommy123
    I made an account, downloaded up. Went to log in a few days ago and there was a privacy breach. I had in my messages convo between a guy from Texas and all these other women he’s trying to have lunch or coffee wit. Basically, I was in his inbox. This was scary. I sent an email to the web admin and all they responded back with was to log out, delete app and reinstall 😳 Now I’m trying to log in so I can actually delete my account and take my pics from the site and it says my email isn’t registered?🤦🏾‍♀️ User beware. Privacy should be the uttermost important on sites like this and unfortunately, this site failed its users
  • This app is a waste of space

    By SongzSweetie
    I initially downloaded the app and once approved immediately noticed there issues with the search feature. Any specifications you try to select will give an error or cause the app to crash. I deleted the app and downloaded it again to now be told my user name and pw are wrong. Did the forgot my pw option and got an error telling me my email wasn't valid. DESPITE the fact that I have emails from them to the email address I entered. Don't waste your time.
  • Useless...

    By Suthernbelle Shontell
    This app is horrible. Almost everything results in a "forced close." This app is not functional at all and messages don't update so I don't know what I'm getting. The my match options don't work and they force close as well. I'm not sure if developers are aware but this app needs a lot of work. Signed, So disappointed
  • Waste of money!

    By tasrhi
    Admirable idea, but poor execution. The search page constantly closes when you try to search by multiple parameters. When search results finally open (by only putting in one parameter at a time which is not efficient) the search pulls up people who don't even meet the parameters. There aren't enough men on the app in ANY area. Bought 6 month VIP membership, but regretted it after 2 days. Can't delete your last picture or your profile yourself, and the Matchmaking service is a joke! Now I see why there aren't many real success stories on the site. Was hoping to actually find love.
  • Crashes

    By MissMe702
    App crashes everytime you put in match criteria so can't even rate on quality of people or anything else because can't even get started- I will there was an app that actually works like they claim theirs does to match quality black people 😕
  • Meh.

    By FoodieOodie
    Didn't like the layout.