WizardessHeart /Shall we date?

WizardessHeart /Shall we date?

By NTT Solmare

  • App Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2014-12-17
  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 40.99 MB
  • Developer: NTT Solmare
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 7.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 1,346 Reviews

WizardessHeart /Shall we date? App Description

◆Summary Welcome to Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy! This is the most prominent yet, mysterious academy in wizardry world, with full of fantasy, adventure, and love romance! You, as a provisional student, learn about magic, and use of magical items as you meet the unique classmates, dormmates, professors and magical creatures. You challenge the trials either to become an official student or the Prefect, the student representative. Meanwhile, you face the dozens of mysteries, such as the vasty underground labyrinth, revealing of the Night Class, the spring of unicorns and so on.... You unveil the mysteries with your love interests, which is the key to deciding your fate. Those thrilling and adventurous stories will never cease to surprise you. Now, get your wand ready for the incantation! The wizarding world awaits you! ◆NEWS Wizardess Heart welcomed the 4th year. The app is consist of six seasons with total of fifteen handsome wizards. Adorable magical creatures make appearances in each season; they will surely make your academy life more enjoyabale and exciting. ◆Features◆ ●FREE to download. ●FREE Story Tickets to be given. ●Beautiful illustrations and great music. ●Many different options available for boyfriends. ●Ranking system to compete your look. ●Story endings vary with your choice. ●Amazing selection of avatar items. ●Fun events and special rewards. ◆About Us◆ NTT Solmare is a company based in Osaka, Japan. We strive to make the best dating sim games. If you like romance novels, cute boys, and/or anime then you will love our games. Our Shall we date? titles have over 23 million downloads worldwide – try one of our FREE games today to find out why we are so popular!


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App Reviews

  • My favorite NTT Solmare Game

    By taco_bot
    Please be aware that this is my opinion. This is my favorite Solmare game because the events give you so many prizes. Multiple story tickets, lune, and free outfits. Plus exchanging Lune (the free in game currency) is only 600! You earn 250 every time you do the extra curricular activity thing and you get 30 for every friend that you greet. Don’t have any friends? Hit the friend button until people accept you, and revoke it when it takes more then 2 days for them to respond! (I have the max number of friends now). Most people leave the game because they don’t know they can exchange Lune for tickets! EXCHANGE THEM!! If you feel overwhelmed because your charm is so low, save up your romance points so you can do the make a date and use 1,000 to get an outfit of 100 charm, and get whatever free thing they give out! Your charm will add up naturally! I believe in you guys!! :)
  • Cute

    By LadyGooGoo75
    Such a fun diversion! Like others, I wish the 4 hour wait time was shorter, but I still enjoy playing. I also agree that the MC is kind of simple - not the most empowered woman for sure. However... it’s not meant to be real, so I can live with it :-). Looking forward to reading more stories! My ID is HBd1z05CZc.
  • So mistaken

    By lonleylakie
    I downloaded this game thinking"i can't wait to play this,it looks excitining!!!" but no the animtion is terriable..........you could of done better people
  • Too much Klaus

    By KittyCatgirl1600
    I've been playing this game since it's release and I want you all to know that ai have genuinely fallen in love over and over again with the style and stories. Elias was my first and favorite and they just keep getting better. The only problem is their obsession with Klaus. Solmare, we love and enjoy this game so much, but we're really tired of all this Klaus. We know he's a beloved character. We get it. He sells. But I'm in contact with immense amounts of people who adore the other characters and wish that you would give them a little more love. We still love this game, but Solmare please. This is Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart, not Shall We Date Klaus?
  • What the actual hell

    By Melmo_333
    I have played this game for a long time. I am used to all these otome style games and how long you have to wait and how they try to get you to spend money. Most are cheesy and not the best with english. I AM OK WITH ALL THAT. I didn't expect this to be anything other than that. I have played all the characters up to Zeus. For some reason I had skipped Azusa and since I was done with the rest I started his story. I am on day 7 and disgusted. I honestly don't care what the reasoning for his character to behave the way he is now, because I know how these games go so this stupid MC will end up with him. So far he has literally thrown her against a tree more than once, threw her to the ground, choked her more than once. Grabs her and drags her around and threatens her at every turn. WHO THE HELL IN THIS COMPANY THOUGHT THIS WAS THE GOOD BASIS OF AN EFFING ROMANCE STORY?! So disgusted by this story line and can't believe anyone would think this is a good story. App deleted
  • Varies in quality.

    By d_lamb
    I started this game probably about 2-3 years ago. The first route I tried was yukiya , it was painfully boring to me and I quit by the 6th day. Leon’s route came out and that story enraptured me. I then tried to start Vincents route but it didn’t interest me enough, I ended up dropping this app for a year or two and just picked it up again now when I saw an ad for zeus’ route. I feel the art looked much more appealing on the newer characters so that drew me into playing again. As everyone else said the wait for the tickets (4hours) is ridiculous but, it’s not only that, the chapters are split into 15 parts and each ticket used is only about a few seconds to maybe a minute worth of content, it makes reading the story very choppy. This app would be much improved if at least they changed the sections down from 15 to 10 like other apps do. So, overall I’d say some stories and characters on this game are not as good as others. They can be interesting, but the way the chapters are split and the long wait for tickets it makes it not always the most pleasurable app to use. A positive note is the new characters look promising personality/storywise as well as being more aesthetically pleasing and Zeus’ route has been interesting even if his personality is not that likeable (‘tsundere’/boy who’s mean to you but ~changes~...-_-) If you have patience, this app can be worth it for certain routes. I do wish the ticket and chapter section changes would be made but it’s probably never going to happen.
  • Awesome!

    By Helen frog foot
    I love this game so far though I have one complaint, I find it highly unreasonable to have to wait four hours for a single ticket. Two hours and 30 minutes at the most. I would also like to know how to obtain “coins”.
  • ❤️

    By Hehdbdvdnsjsbd
    I love this game sooooo much but, the wait for tickets is just wayyyyy to long.
  • 4hour wait but such a good story!

    By Heartless Hero
    Like many other reviews I’ve read, the wait time between stories is 4hours too long. By the time I get to play again I forgot everything that happened before. I give it a 4 star rating though because they are such good stories. I wish the wait time was shorter. Also, sometimes I’m talking to someone and they disappear or don’t show up. I feel like they teleport away and come back really quickly lol
  • Mystic Messenger is waaay better

    By SummerGlo 
    If you want a really good otome play Mystic Messenger. Wizardess is boring, repetitive, and so unimaginative. If you're new to otome you might enjoy it, but otherwise it's incredibly dull and using the same basic formula for all their stories.