Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

By Electronic Arts

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-11-24
  • Current Version: 0.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 143.92 MB
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 178,037 Reviews

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes App Description

"The best Star Wars™ game to release for mobile devices in recent memory." – Gamezebo Live your Star Wars™ dreams as you fight with your favorite dark and light side heroes across iconic locations to become master of the galaxy. Create and customize your dream squad using characters from every era, including new characters from Star Wars™: The Force Awakens, Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story, and Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™. Engage in turn-based war, confront giant bosses, progress your characters, and take your game to the next level! CREATE THE ULTIMATE TEAM Rebel leaders? Imperial stalwarts? It’s your choice as you construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Make key strategic moves and pick teammates with complementary abilities to go to war with unbeatable squads! BECOME MASTER OF THE GALAXY Defeat opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic hologames in a far-off cantina. Upgrade your heroes’ abilities as you play for even more powerful attacks and bigger wins. Then fight other players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments to achieve greatness. PLAY WITH POWERFUL CHAMPIONS Make smart, tactical decisions and equip your heroes with the ultimate gear to enhance their damage in galactic war. Unlock fun abilities to make your team unstoppable as you unleash commanding moves like Luke Skywalker’s Bullseye, Jedi Knight Anakin’s Reckless Assault, and others. ENGAGE IN EPIC SHIP BATTLES Collect iconic starships and massive Capital Ships to construct your war fleets. Attack all-new challenges, fight through space, and compete in the Fleet Arena to test your prowess. Gather unique upgrade materials for characters, available only as rewards for Ship battles. Each vessel also has its own crew, adding special powers to individual Ships. Recruit powerful characters to create the strongest armada! RISE TO THE TOP IN GUILDS Lead Raids with friends and fight against bosses like the Rancor and AAT Tank when you create a customizable Guild. Collaborate with your Guild in Territory Battles where members unleash their entire arsenal of characters and ships against a progressively evolving battlefield. Show your dominance when you face off against other Guilds to conquer territories and top global leaderboards in Territory War. Terms of Service: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Game EULA: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features after 30 days’ notice posted on


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App Reviews

  • Meh

    By Negative return on investment
    It’s a fun game, until you run across one of the exploits. There are a few teams that are just absolutely obnoxious, and the calculations are broken. Commander Luke, Baze, Chirrut, R2, Han or basically anyone else.. just forget even trying you won’t win so just quit. The Night Sisters? Yep, undead zombie with no gear just keeps coming back, “endless horde” while the others whittle you down. Can you beat these teams, yes, can you as an average or standard player? No. It’s not pay to play as much as some claim, the game is rigged to never give you a lot of any one thing, they give you enough to keep you going but if you buy you are not guaranteed anything but a chance to get something, maybe, and even then it would be a lot of cash to do. So you can play free, and I highly recommend it because if you spend you will feel great until you see a team of sith or the above that just ruin your willingness to play. Oh and when I say broken metrics, I mean Leia has a chance to attack three times.. as long as she is your computer opponent, if she is yours her actual % of second and third shot apply, otherwise it’s always 3 shots in a row. And Biggs with Wedge, on ground or in space will kill you. His ship always as an opponent target locks and becomes essentially invincible. Again if you can skirt around the obviously broken squads you can play this game.. maybe.. I’ve updated to 2 stars since they’ve made some improvements with character balancing but the developers have a long way to go. Rebels are still extremely powerful, it’s amazing the empire even beat them on Hoth, territory battles are a joke.
  • Ok

    By CauseICanMakeYourHandsClap
    Not the best Star Wars app out there, but certainly not the worst
  • Developer responded to my review

    By Crichtay
    They said “sorry our pack wasn’t to your liking” which from EA translates into “sucker you spent gems on a non existing RNG, or very rare RNG” then they said your continued support will help us make the game better. Seeing how you screwed me out of an actual boba fett pack I bought with actual money. I refuse to support this game any longer. It is severely rigged for those willing to pay. PAY TO WIN!! Game can be fun but gets old quick
  • Screwed

    By Worbwugso
    Great game but if u don’t have your player Id EA will refuse to restore your account from an old device even though they can somehow see the iTunes account u made purchases they won’t help u unless u have that so if you don’t save that and lose break or upgrade your phone might as well just write off the whole thing cuz they will force u to start over and not credit your previous purchases
  • Nope

    By Hethrir
    Do you enjoy paying massive amounts of money for little reward? Do you crave being beat by people who have everything you don’t cuz they’ll pay to win? Then this is the game for you! (Lowering due to the dev response, if you’re gonna reply without addressing the issue then don’t reply at all)
  • Pay to win

    By StocktonCW
    It’s a fun game that will burn time when you need it to, but even when you pay to play you don’t get a lot that helps you. I learned the hard way. Over all decent tho.
  • :-(

    By Rittyrit
    Welcome to Star Wars- Galaxy of Chicken eye. Even after the latest upgrades to any of the battles or challenges. Even if you are level 85 and gear level 7 and above they have invincible characters you have to fight. You will never win! When you faced characters 10 and 15 levels lower than you and they just wipe you out...sometime is wrong. All the time, effort, and money and you still won't win. I may be weird or something, but what makes a game fun is a chance to win! Not here. Everything is stacked against you! I wished they would refund all my money back to me. Galactic battles is another example, once your character is defeated they're gone you can't use them anymore. But you could end up facing Darth Vader 5 times in a row. Defeating a character doesn't matter because you'll have to face them again and again( but you can't do that, once your character is defeated they can't come back for a new or next battle! SO SAD! The developers have added a response, but so what?! Nothing has changed with how the odds are stacked against you. Buying shards and blue prints is a huge rip off too. 10 or 20 bucks for 6 or so shards that don’t do anything for your character. Developers you what me to change my opinion? Make the game friendlier! Give players a better chance to win! If somebody spends money for the data cards to advance a character, give them some value for what they spend. Some of the characters can only advance if you spend money. Their shards aren’t anywhere else in the game. Give me a reason to change my opinion!!!!
  • In game purchases

    By TiBroze
    Believe it or not you don’t have to spend any money on this game, unless you don’t want to wait for things. I haven’t spent a dime, and I am at the max level(85) with over 1 million galactic power. Basically I’m just stating this game is a lot of fun with out needing to buy anything(unless you don’t have the patience to farm characters and ships). People don’t realize that with the marquee characters when they release them you might have to buy things to max them (like star’s and gear) to get them right then and there, but if you wait they will add them somewhere so you can farm them. You just have to have patience and you will be able to get the new characters eventually cost free.
  • A game where the rules change every month

    By macteets
    The current broken game mechanic is turn reduction. The team constantly makes changes that make some characters super strong and others incredibly weak. Right now turn reduction has rendered the game to “I go first, I win”. Sadly working on building a good squad will get you rendered useless by the latest rule change unless you get lucky and they decide to boost your abilities. For a strategy game this is weak and shows a game development team interested in “selling” the latest characters rather than trying to make a good game.
  • This game is amazingly frustrating ...

    Much patience and discipline are prerequisites. You could spend tons of money here and not feel rewarded for it. Okay game; if you can remain free to play. Get "FTL" for iPad ... much better game.