Atomic Clock PRO

Atomic Clock PRO

By Martin Brachmann

  • App Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2014-07-23
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 6.06 MB
  • Developer: Martin Brachmann
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.3
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 32 Reviews

Atomic Clock PRO App Description

This app provides the accurate time by fetching it from an official time server of an atomic clock. It automatically recognizes your time zone. In addition to that you can set up one of your own pictures as background image. Switch between digital and classic analogue clock by swiping with you finger. Download now for free! Overview: - Exact time from atomic clock, like a radio-controlled watch - Automatically recognizes your time zone - Specify your own images as background pictures - Digital and analogue clock (to switch swipe with your finger) - Includes time (hours, minutes, seconds), date and day of the week - Change colors - Works in portrait and landscape mode - for iPhone, iPad and iPod PLEASE NOTE: You can switch from analogue to digital clock by swiping with your finger from left to right on the clock. Disclaimer: Please note that whilst all reasonable care has been taken to make this application as accurate as possible we can not guarantee 100% accuracy.


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App Reviews

  • I love this clock

    By BobbyinPetersburg
    I set every clock in the house and the cars with it.
  • Atomic accuracy edited

    By Larrygps
    The issue with the accuracy is that the second hand starts to move from :59 to :00 at .00. So at xx:00:00.00 the second hand is still at xx:59:59. At 00:00.00 the second hand starts to move from :59s to :00s arriving at 00:00 after :00:00 has occurred. The digital display also does this. Realizing that, the indicated time is 1s retarded compared to proper clocks. Should be an easy fix. ______________ When selecting atomic (I assume that’s NTP), is off by a lot (1/2 second or more) compared to true by gps. When selecting system, my phone’s system time is way closer to to true. Therefore it’s not atomic, or NTP. It’s just a block with no redeeming accuracy. Zero star.
  • Useless

    By Junequinox
    Immediately threatens/warns you that all your info will be shared and you must accept to use app. The iPhone already syncs with atomic clock. What’s the point of this app?
  • Microscopic seconds display

    By av8rdave
    Considering that the whole point of this app is to see the exact time in precise seconds, it makes no sense that the latest update changed the seconds display into something so small you need a magnifying glass to see it. I’m changing to another time app.
  • Decent app, but missing something

    By DavidCrosmierIII
    Unfortunately the program is missing my must-have feature. (or I can't find it) I have to timestamp entries in other apps. So, I want your program to copy the current date, time, or date+time using the phone's delimiters to the clipboard. Then I can go paste this in any app I want. Can the program do this? Or could it be considered for the near future? It seems like a fairly easy job.
  • The amount of ads make this unusable

    By Slatmby
    I've never given an app 0 stars until now. Literally every other action you take will cause a pop up ad. So if you were to ope the ad, look at the time, open up your settings for whatever reason, and then close the settings, you would be hit with 4 pop up ads. Some of which can't be closed until a certain period of time has passed. Swiping to change the format also counts as an action, and we haven't even touched on the banner ads that are constantly present. I get that the dev needs to earn a living, but this app is WAY too intrusive I'm uninstalling the app, and I recommend everybody stay FAR AWAY from this
  • App needs improvements in accuracy

    By S.Miles
    There should be no excuses about the accuracy of the time; if this app uses an atomic time source to set the app timer display, then the time displayed should be within one tenth of a second of the actual time. This app's atomic option setting fails to display accurate time, when compared to other Atomic time apps, such as Merald*Sequoia.
  • Not accurate

    By TDC1234
    Tested against GPS time segment. The iOS system time was slow by 0.5 sec. This app slow by 0.7 sec.
  • Does not give clean view after purchase

    By Ursus9212
    After paying the only thing you get is no adds. The screen still can't be viewed cleanly. What did I pay for? Can you put the adds back and give me my money back?
  • Not worth it

    By skepticaluser69
    Constant adds and pop-ups make this app useless.