StopTinnitus Pro

StopTinnitus Pro

By Raise Awareness LLC

  • App Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2014-04-08
  • Current Version: 1.1.17
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 3.47 MB
  • Developer: Raise Awareness LLC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 6.1

StopTinnitus Pro App Description

StopTinnitus is designed to evaluate your tinnitus and cancel the noise generated by Tinnitus. Use StopTinnitus to find the sounds that provide the most tinnitus relief for you. Once you find cancellation sound, you can save them to provide immediate access to tinnitus relief. Based on sound therapy , StopTinnitus provides a flexible and easy to use interface for tone cancellation. It works as follows - Step 1 : Find Frequency - Narrow down on your tinnitus tone/frequency. The wizard runs in two steps 2.1) Find approximate frequency. 2.2) Fine tune in a 1KHz band. Step 2 : Tone cancellation - This step helps to further fine tune the frequency and also find the phase shift parameter for cancellation. Step 3 : Save Tone - Save cancelled tone by adding a name and an optional note for easier identification. Step 4: On saved tone page, confirm phase reversal with TFA mode overlying Frequency with selected tone and manually shifting phase of control tone. Step 5: Use audio device, i.e. earbuds, blue tooth audio devices, headsets, speakers etc. to to deliver Tinnitus Noise cancelling relief. (because of the complexity and variations of Tinnitus, may not work for all users)


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App Reviews

  • Tinnitus booster.

    By Subterfuge Master
    I don't like to leave bad reviews but when I pay nine dollars for something that doesn't work properly I feel it's my responsibility. I don't understand, it's 2015 and you go to any machine that requires you to dial in a frequency and they still have an analog dial. There is a reason for that. If you can't have a dial at the very least and up down arrow to select frequency so I am dumbfounded how you can build an app that needs to "dial in" frequency and it simply has no dial function. It scales up and you have to slam the stop button like it's a carnival game. Why not a simple slider that goes through the entire frequency scale? This app should be free until you get enough feedback to make it sufficient enough to charge money. You should also have a suggestion button so people don't have to leave reviews to tell you what you need to fix. Also shows three settings which has a play button, magic wand, and volume but no clue what those are doing for me. And zero explanation or help buttons to tell you what's going on...I thought this was going to be playing essentially a noise canceling wave to the frequency. Maybe It's doing that but how would I know?? The only thing I've seen this app do is double the intensity of my tinnitus.
  • Too difficult to use

    By Nargg
    Apparently the guys who wrote this app do not have tinnitus. Finding the right frequency can be extremely hard. The app only allows the tone search in one direction and it does it so fast you can't get it. There is no going back down to try again. Sure they allow a 1k change but if you are too far off that small adjustment does nothing. The ability app needs a "dial" to find frequency and it should also allow easier changes of the sound over time. Instead you have to just make a totally new profile again. I also have tinnitus only in one ear. You can make one ear zero volume but you still have to trudge through setting up both ears. The "forward only" mentality in this app kills it completely for me. It needs to be much more adjustment friendly.
  • great app!

    By posely
    Once you find your tone, it works great and gives your ears and head a break from the Tinnitus. Good Job!