ETA - Arrive on time

ETA - Arrive on time

By Eastwood

  • App Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2014-02-26
  • Current Version: 2.4.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.76 MB
  • Developer: Eastwood
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 260 Reviews

ETA - Arrive on time App Description

Instantly view travel time (by car, transit* and/or walking) to your favourite places. Share your arrival time securely to friends and family. In a tap get driving directions in your favourite maps app. As seen on TechCrunch, MacStories, iMore and AppAdvice! ** ETA is your personal assistant providing you with quick access to travel times, transit and driving directions to all your favourite destinations. Driving times to your locations are conveniently presented on a single screen with an indication of current traffic alongside. In a tap you're delivered pre-routed, turn-by-turn driving directions in your favourite navigation app. Travelling by transit? No problems, ETA has you covered. In addition to driving and walking, ETA offers travel time travelling by public transportation (check to see if this feature is available in your area). ETA is simple to use and provides you with the information you need to navigate your city. It's also a great companion to the navigation apps you've come to love (including Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Transit and CityMapper). ETA is available as an iPhone app, a widget in Today View and on your Apple Watch. To allow ongoing updating of the Complication for Apple Watch, ETA needs to operate in the background on your iPhone. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. # Reviews # “[ETA offers] a simpler, faster and generally less cumbersome experience [than maps apps]” - TechCrunch “The app features a beautifully minimal, elegant design that is top notch.” - AppAdvice “This app may be simple, but it is invaluable for people like me who regularly travel across highly trafficked areas.” - iDownloadBlog “It's simple, but it's a really nice way to just glance at travel times without messing around with a maps app.” - Life Hacker “ETA is an extremely useful app that I will use all the time. It's the kind of thing Apple should build into Maps.” - TUAW "While many map apps can give you estimates for a current route, none of them let you save locations as conveniently as ETA does." - iMore # Countries Supported # To calculate travel time ETA requires Apple Maps support for driving directions in your country. Please check the following list to ensure ETA will work in your area: To calculate traffic aware travel times ETA requires Apple Maps support for traffic in your country. Please check the following list to ensure traffic is supported in your area:


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App Reviews

  • Very useful app

    The new update works much better with the Apple Watch. The app itself loads a lot quicker. The new complications for s4 Apple Watch looks really good too! My only complaint is that I wish the complications would update more often. It seems like the complication loads data when you open the app but fails to update throughout the day. Even if I have all permissions turned on. Also, using force touch to specify location displayed in the complication doesn't always work. The two issues might be related. Overall the most recent update has made this app quite useful. Work out the last remaining bugs and I’ll give a full five star rating! Thank you!
  • Good idea for an app, but ...

    By chemical_j
    Update: Increased a star because a lot of gripes have been fixed! The app has been working consistently now, and ETA is always updating reliably. I still wish I could get the app to use google maps for time estimates since Apple maps estimates are more hit and miss for me. In fact if I could see the maps, google maps, and waze estimates at the same time then that would be killer app status. So I always click through to google map directions to get their estimate. But if you just want to see multiple ETAs at once, then this shines at that! Old review below ———— I really want to love this app. In fact this app is on my home screen even though I have issues. Often, I will open it and it will remember my location being somewhere else and I will have to force close for it to update. If I don’t notice, I’ll hit the button for directions and it will give me a route starting from the wrong location, since it sends coordinates to the connecting map apps instead of real addresses and “current location” Watch apps and widgets don’t update every time I look at them, creating a few extra steps to get them to work or else just give up and open maps directly. Sometimes the app won’t update at all and I need to force close and restart it Reason I still use it is that it’s nice to see drive times to multiple locations at once. Makes me learn traffic tendencies better even if I am not interested in going to everything on my list. And when it works it’s fantastic, although I still always open the link to google maps to ensure the routing is right, as it uses Apple maps as a backbone which isn’t always as accurate for times. Why can’t I choose which map service to give time estimates for. Good app, but lots of room for improvement
  • App never works

    By SelaciousBCrumb
    I thought this app would be cool, but it never works. The complications do not show up on the new Apple Watch, the widget on the iPhone will normally just not show any driving times and then today it told me it would take 100+ hours to drive 20 miles to Disneyland. That was the last straw. Deleted. Don’t waste money on this.
  • More functional than you think.

    By Shaprepenr
    Here’s just a list of what I use ETA for, especially now that it’s iOS 12 ready. - Travel times to work, university, and home are readily available in my today view and lock screen. - Apple Watch integration lets me quickly see how traffic will be as I’m heading off work. - Siri integration is super useful when my hands are full. - Powerful automation tool. Now that this app supports Shortcuts, I can use it in a variety of different ways, such as launching directions to my frequent locations from the lock screen and Siri, as well as stringing it together with a CARROT⁵ Weather shortcut that can tell me weather conditions and traffic conditions when I’m getting ready in the morning.
  • Essential travel tool

    By msidoric
    ETA is a focused and accurate way to determine and share travel and arrival times. There are dozens of other apps for routing and driving directions -- ETA stands alone in providing the most essential data of all: when will I get there. The UX is clear, concise and attractive, and can be customized for easy use. The Apple Watch app functions flawlessly and makes the app useful as you drive. Now with iOS 12 - and deep Siri and Apple Watch integration, ETA is even more powerful. Excellent choice for travelers anywhere - highly recommended.
  • Apple Watch still an issue

    By Johnnie Lushenko
    I mainly got this app for the Apple Watch function. After a few weeks it’s still having trouble loading and doesn’t function smoothly.
  • Unreliable estimate

    By Vulgar demos
    I love the app’s concept but I’m realizing it’s super unreliable. When you actually Open up the directions on Waze the ETA is about 30-50% off. I wanted to use this app to compare ETA to different places but the app simply doesn’t give me reliable info.
  • Works fine

    By Manic Bobo
    Works fine for me. Matches up to Apple maps without issues. The watch app works fine. I haven’t seen any of the problems other reviewers seem to have. I have 15 locations that I go to repeatedly from 10 miles to 75 miles and it has been accurate to every one of them. I’ve tried several of these type apps and they all had an assortment of issues that this one hasn’t had. One thing I like is being in one place & seeing what time it will take to get to one of my other places. I can get from home to Downtown to my doctors, to the home center to the mother in laws & check time & distance to the next location without waiting. Nice.
  • For an app that you have to pay for should work

    By TajaRice12
    This app is a good one but i works only when it wants to. I have it as a widget and it says n/a for all of my locations I cant even get it to refresh. Im not sure how much I paid for this app but it should work since you had to pay. But I do like the idea of showing the calendar appointment but your app just dosent work.
  • Update recently killed calendar

    By Pilotboy172
    Update 5/2018 I no longer am able to see a list of calendars on the ETA app and my next appointments do not show up. ——- I have been using ETA for many years, so when they released new in-app purchases, I was excited and willing to support them. I now wish I hadn't just yet. The calendar in-app purchase is riddled with bugs, almost to the point of being unusable. Essentially, because of the bugs, I paid for something and have no new functionality on my phone. I can't see any of my events in ETA and those that I can see are showing me directions to places that are not even remotely close to where the event "guesses" the location's address based on the calendar location name if there is no address on the event. This new feature was not ready and should not have been released like it was. The developers assure me fixes are on the way.