Micro DJ 2 Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing

Micro DJ 2 Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing

By Psycho Bear Studios

  • App Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2013-12-06
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 19.04 MB
  • Developer: Psycho Bear Studios
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 5.0
App Ratings: 4
Based on 48 Reviews

Micro DJ 2 Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing App Description

The long awaited sequel to one of the top DJ apps in the world is finally here! Micro DJ was a HIT! Reaching the Music "Top 10" in Australia, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, and many more places! Thanks!!! Now we bring you: MICRO DJ 2 Turn all your music into NEW creations. Micro DJ 2 is a tiny audio editing device for your pocket. Become a little DJ with this free app for the iphone, ipod, or ipad. You can take any song from your library and edit the pitch, speed, tempo, and create interesting sound effects. Micro DJ 2 allows you to turn female singers into male singers, within seconds. Find out what Britney Spears sounds like as a man. Find out what Rihanna sounds like as a guy. Micro DJ 2 takes any music style you like, and makes it sound brand new: dubstep dance tehno top40 country pop trance or any other music Create an effect, change the song, and save that audio file as an MP3 to your device or post it online at facebook or twitter. Micro DJ 2 is super easy to use, is free, and is a great little mixer to mix things together, change up songs, and play them for your friends.


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App Reviews

  • Awesome

    By Know it all to every body
    This is so fun it is like you are creating your own music. There is only two problem it always pops up with adds and it always freezes.
  • Does NOT Work

    By Boston11
    Ok so I was really excited for this app and downloaded it right away but every time I try to get my music it freezes and won't let me do ANYTHING. Please try to fix this:)
  • Worst app

    By SiaLucknow
    Worst app...not at all user friendly...horrible advertisements at each n every step...cheap interface
  • The information page lies

    By Howshouldiknowwhoiam
    On the information, it says that you can "change the music style to dub step, country, or whatever else" or something like that, it's a false promise. You cannot do that. Also, it does not change female to male singers "instantly" you have to adjust the pitch and key until you find the perfect balance, which is a hard thing to do fyi. So if you were expecting some cool features like it promised, it lied so prepare to be disappointed.
  • Fun for 10 sec.

    By $,36,.'hdxhhgzvjgxbkkcgjbvffh
    It was fun but I deleted it after 10 sec. I figured out you could do one thing, change the voice! You can't loop or do anything like that! So I think you should get this game if you have the worst life in the world. Also if you like to stare at adds your hole life!!!! :<(
  • Swag

    By Owdren countel
    Pretty cool
  • Pitiful

    By xoxotiaoxox
    Get this app as long as you're okay with constant crashes, music that forces you to remain on the screen to work instead of letting you multitask, and just about 10 trillion ads that don't close everytime you press done. So yeah, have fun.
  • Best app to make a new dj

    By superquadrider
    Best app ever!!!!! I love it
  • Much better

    By kasey1990
    I installed this before and still satisfied with the updates. I wish there are effects as well but that will be too much. A dream if being a DJ someday will start with this app.
  • Bad

    By Gangsta grams
    When you slow it down or speed it up it has an echoey sounn