Google Device Policy

Google Device Policy

By Google, Inc.

  • App Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2014-11-22
  • Current Version: 3.03
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 61.34 MB
  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 2.5
Based on 89 Reviews

Google Device Policy App Description

***THIS APP IS ONLY FOR BUSINESSES USING G SUITE.*** You would be required to enroll your device with Google Device Policy App, only if your IT Administrator has setup Mobile Management in your company. The app allows your IT Administrator to mandate corporate security policies and keep the enterprise data safe on your device. Your IT Administrator can also configure corporate WiFi networks and work apps that you might require upon device enrollment. Note: your personal information like geolocation, photos are not tracked or collected at any point of time. For help with installing, using, or uninstalling the app, visit


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App Reviews

  • Work profile

    By TomalT5
    On android platform when google device policy is administered, an work profile created where you will find all the apps of G Suite and they are not related to the personal google apps of the device. That’s make your personal and work date separate. If your employer want to wipe their data or user enter wrong password to unlock the device only the work profile is going to be wiped out keeping the personal data untouched. Please add the separate work profile feature for iOS platform as well.
  • Useless

    By Mihwa12345
    My gmail keeps on giving me that “your device isn’t updated-“ bs and I’m trying to Get the Apple push certificate thing with device management. This was just another failed attempt. It said “error” the second I got on it.
  • Error message all the time

    By Kammie0301
    Always tells me about devise being sync with another devise. Know seems to know why either.
  • Broken app

    By Maxuel Lazzarotto
    Won’t sync due to an error 500, have done everything and nothing happens. Couldn’t even synchronize an new iPad
  • A must have for your G Suite powered company

    By chriscendana
    With this app, you can push your device policy and present a menu of approved apps. Very handy. For future improvement: It would be awesome if users had the option to install all post device approval.
  • A necessity for Google apps powered enterprises

    By allen.collins
    Allows your company‘s IT department to manage security profiles on our corporate or personal device to provide you with access to corporate resources. You would only download this app if instructed by your company or if you manage your enterprise security.
  • This app had better not ever EVER

    By dafileitherfith
    This app had better NOT Show up on MY device without my knowledge ever again. My account is a personal created account So I’m in no way affiliated with any business, employer, enterprise, corporation or any such business entity at all, nor am I affiliated with any organization, group, investigational, research institute, or G suite anything ever! Yet i installs itself, and now I catch it on my cloud??????????? This app is pure evil and only google power grubbing psychopaths, actually use this app, and if your boss does, well look Dara out! I never had anything to do with any thing that would require this app but it always installs itself! It starts letting hackers in who start stealing my data, make my fraudulent accusations l, and blackmailing me with fake pictures, and frauding other people they add to their counterfeit app. Only hackers have any interest in this app. As well as the app developers, and only people who know how these terribly and abusive policies get made. You people aught to be stopped. Because of this app I suspect... I was subject to 10 months of round the clock cyber bullying, was abused and hacked in hundreds of ways. Also complete 100% invasion of my privacy and calls, including normal conversations with the real things I’m affiliated with. Then they went on stealing of my texts, pictures, and all writing apps data content would be deleted included Google purchased apps and subscriptions deleting MY wedding photos claiming they infringed on copyright... I was constantly audited, harassed and my devices ransacked, stripped down and partitioned off until there was no storage room. And even needed settings dimmed out and unselectable, and security security setting and things removed leaving me and all my devices vulnerable and I was threatened to be murdered, disfigured, by my fake fraudulent administrator who accused me of terrible untrue things. I was told I would be killed, or a crime committed to frame me with to put me in prison. me and placed in prison forever. It got to be such a huge fight and people came and beat me, broke my thumb, drugged me, ransacked my home for my devices, and all of my “device time” was cut down to about 20 minutes a day or sometimes less , because these people are just actively always inside my devices now, which became frightening, was it to get it to work after what these people did to me. This is a hackers app. I don’t care what google says...Your boss would only use something as unsafe and malicious as this policy implementing app... if they had a power trip and nothing more! I was removed the abilities almost indefinitely and cruelly, abusivly restricted to call 911, for any reason, and google developers said it had to be all my fault... that when something like this happens with their device policy app, I must have done something bad to deserve it... If I see this app come anywhere near my device again I’m starting a class action suit, and it HAD BETTER find its way OUT of my iCloud NOW! And it all started after updating this s app, I knew nothing about, that came factory installed on my device, and an app called app clone children, and becoming a beta tester ONLY ONE app, but my fake administrator made me beta tester to all google services all the time, and I’m in absolute utter shambles, and a wrecked human being from it! I became agoraphobic, and I feel Suicidal half the time from the powerlessness that this hacker/administrator puts on me. This and all g suite developers should be ashamed of themselves!
  • Pure garbage

    By nextmarvel
    I mean it's google. Can't make a working app bruh? What is this crap. Just error ridden from my iPad to my iPhone.
  • Pointless obstacle

    By sleepywose
    Regardless of the IT reasons for this app's existence, it adds no value to users. I have to sync it daily, and background app refresh is of course disabled when my phone is in battery saver mode, which is as often as possible, so I end up having to go through a pointless song and dance.
  • Other reviewers don't understand

    By zbowling
    This app is made for your employer to enforce it's IT polices. If you want to use your own device for work you use this app to enroll it's policies which often allow them to remote wipe if you loose your device.