Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 2

Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 2

By Classical Conversations

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-10-01
  • Current Version: 1.40
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 349.70 MB
  • Developer: Classical Conversations
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 94 Reviews

Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 2 App Description

Classical Conversations® Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 2 Description Strengthen your brain by memorizing quality content with art and song in a beautiful, interactive format in six subject areas. New features include enhanced graphics, Classical Conversations® Classical Acts & Facts Timeline, and U.S. presidents. Classical educators know the importance of memorizing the grammar - the basic facts and vocabulary - of a subject. Now you can memorize the foundational knowledge of six subjects in a fun, interactive iPad application. In Cycle 2, Classical Conversations Foundations students memorize 161 events and people in the timeline, including the U.S. presidents; 24 history sentences from medieval to modern world history; geographical features and countries of Europe and the world; 24 science questions and answers on ecology, astronomy, and physical science; multiplication tables (1 through 15), squares, roots, cubes, and basic math laws and conversions; Latin verb endings; and English grammar rules. Medieval to modern world history is presented in an interactive application with songs and artwork designed to make memorizing enjoyable. In addition, each history sentence links to a History Highlight, and each science question links to a Science Snippet; these are helpful teaching tools for classical educators and will expand memory work in depth and breadth. No matter your age, you can build a firm foundation of knowledge by memorizing these building blocks of education. Classical Conversations Foundations students, ages 4 through 12, have been using these same tools in our online subscription service, CC Connected. The new iPad application offers these additional features: • Touch screen slides horizontally to reveal memory work by subject • Touch screen slides vertically to study each subject by week • Touch screen allows students to slide back and forth through the U.S. presidents • Navigates easily back and forth and home Classical Conversations® empowers homeschooling parents and establishes classical, Christian communities that equip children with a biblical worldview and the classical tools of learning in order to impact the world for God’s glory. Visit us online to learn more: • Please send questions or comments to:


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App Reviews

  • Pathetic

    By erinrice
    You might think this app would test your child or provide something that the cd doesn't. It does not. Do not waste your $15 (!!! What app costs $15??) There is absolutely nothing here that isn't in the book or CD, no ability to check recall or test knowledge, no activities to do besides listening. I'm actually confused as to why they produced an app except that they didn't have to do much besides transfer their pre-recorded material and could take in another $15. Having a method of testing/reviewing cc knowledge by playing games etc on an app seems extremely logical. This is not it. Please come up with something like that and I'd be happy to purchase it. This was a total waste of money.
  • We use it often, but it could improve

    By Mac Canon
    We love CC! We also use this app a lot for our review time. However, I dislike that the audio starts as soon as you choose your subject and week. I have to quickly hit pause if using it in class. I also dislike the fact that the app has not been updated with the new Presidents song. The song is available for free on CC connected, however it hasn't been updated on the app. Getting on CC connected requires having an internet connection and sometimes even then, the link doesn't work. So having the updated song on the app would be very helpful and would be easy to update the app with it. I do agree with the other reviewer when it comes to CC making $$ of selling new curriculum. It seems like CC should offer a trade in like IEW did! IEW was so generous when they updated their TWSS. I hope that when CC switches to the new foundations guide that they will update the apps also instead of creating new one and making us buy them over again. I don't mind the tuition costs, because I know it goes to paying the tutor, director, SR and so on.
  • Great Prouduct

    By Teach411
    I love cc. Its helped me so much! From 11 year old Jack!
  • Nice tool but falls short in key areas

    By Tbjburns
    The CC app is a nice tool to use on community days for review of individual topics and the content is pretty great. That said it is lacking a few crucial features and falls well short of being user friendly when used at home for review. A few added features could make this app absolutely amazing! The best change that could be made to this app would be a repeat feature that would allow the user to loop/continuously play their choice of individual topics or an entire week without having to babysit the app. As it is now I have to constantly be on top of the button to hit play every 10 seconds. Classical Conversations is great for homeschooling but this app falls well short of being user friendly when used at home.
  • No Timeline Song

    By KaylaKayotic
    I am extremely disappointed. For a $16 app to not include the timeline song is ridiculous. Please fix this!!
  • High CC prices, again.

    By Dolphinmp75
    So I love CC. They've taken information already available and put it together in a way that allows the Classical style of teaching be easily executed with your students. Love! However, the amount they charge for community is very high as is the curriculum. Then they update something or change something that then costs additional $$. It's starting to feel like not only big business attitude, but looking like it as well. The wealthy and well off families can do this with their families easily and still do many other activities. Then there are many MANY families that make large sacrifices to afford CC. Why am I adding this information to the review about an app? Because after paying so much for various other items and charges for CC I find it unbelievable that the company would charge so much for an app that doesn't include the timeline song! You can't get this song on iTunes or anywhere else. So we have to buy the CD. That's not really keeping up with the technology and what's available when I have to purchase a CD and convert it on my computer to then manually add it to my Apple products. The pictures are wonderful and the way the app works really is great. However, with the money CC is making off of their curriculum alone, by the time they rolled out the Cycle 3 app the timeline song and every other song, should've been included. $15.99 is unreal. $15.99 without the timeline song. Without even easily included upgrades, like games on the app for the cycle! It's basically a power point that's highly priced. CC has had a EXCELLENT reputation and for good reason. However this is changing. I hope they make the necessary changes.
  • Great app!

    By Andyfam5
    This app is perfect for reviewing memory work on the go or at home. Has all the history and skip counting songs. Maybe next update they can include the timeline song!
  • Good, but needs auto-play feature

    By LindyFam
    I like the app, and I like having it on my phone so we can practice memory work anywhere. I also own the CD's so we can play it in the car, but we only have a CD player in our play room so I can't play the CD everywhere. I wish the app had an "auto-play" option to play continuously through either subjects or weeks. That way it would just continue to play until you stopped playing. It gets expensive to buy the CD's (which we can just continue to play until we want to stop practicing) and the app.
  • Adequate

    By Aggie Momma '03
    It's a good app and serves its purpose, but definitely overpriced. In the future, I would love for CC to add the Bible verses that go along with each cycle and even the catechism questions that are available free on the website. My kids would love it if the Timeline song was included with each week's Timeline section.
  • Great App!

    By supermama11
    An amazing app that O absolutely love! Very easy to use and great for "on the go" homeschool moms like me!