Gourmet Mobile

Gourmet Mobile

By Mariner Software

  • App Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2013-10-21
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 21.73 MB
  • Developer: Mariner Software
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 6.0
App Ratings: 2.5
Based on 191 Reviews

Gourmet Mobile App Description

***(FEELS LIKE) SUMMER SAVINGS - ENDS THIS WEEKEND!!*** Completely overhauled, Gourmet Mobile is now a UNIVERSAL app, optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. You can add, edit, scale and import recipes...even when you’re away from your Mac. But, will it sync? Absolutely! Use your FREE Mariner Cloud cloud to sync from MacGourmet Deluxe 4. Sync Recipes, Shopping Lists, Wine Notes, Cooking Notes and My Lists. The best part is that syncing is now two-way and incremental. Add a recipe or make a simple edit on your Mac and sync just those additions or changes to your iOS device. Make a change, scale a recipe, or import a new recipe to your iOS device and sync it to your Mac. Simply put - it works both ways. We know how cooks love to share. With the cloud syncing of Gourmet Mobile, you can sync with other Macs and iOS devices. No Mac app? No problem You don’t need to have MacGourmet or MacGourmet Deluxe to use all the features of Gourmet Mobile. Find a recipe on the web and easily import it. When you’re shopping and you find that two more are joining you for dinner - don’t worry! You can scale a recipe for the number you need and then go back to the original setting. You can create shopping lists and make and edit notes. In short, you can carry your digital recipe box around with you wherever you go. Whether you are a foodie or a professional chef, Gourmet Mobile is the perfect app to help you manage and share your recipes! Other features of Gourmet Mobile include: • New UI look including themes and colors • Change font size • Adding steps to a recipe is optional • UPC scanner support • Social media sharing (pending) through Facebook and Twitter • Edit an Item, Amount, Units, and Aisles of a Shopping List • Use the Chef’s View for undistracted cooking • Email or Chat a recipe to a friend • Search the web for a new recipe and import it to add to your collection **Note: Your initial sync will sync ALL the recipes in your database to or from your device. This can be a lot of data, especially if your recipes and notes have photos. Subsequent syncs will go much faster, as they sync only the items that have changed. For your initial sync, we recommend disabling the auto lock on your device temporarily, and letting the sync complete overnight, or at another time when you are not using your device. ***Gourmet Mobile is only compatible with MacGourmet Deluxe 4.


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App Reviews

  • Think Mariner does not care about this app

    By Lampornis
    I have been a user of the desktop and iOS versions of this program for years. The desktop version of the program still works well in spite of the fact that no updates have come for years. The iOS apps have been, and continue to be a disappointment. The cloud sync has never worked for me since Mariner decided to use their own servers (when I was able to sync via Dropbox or iCloud it worked fine). Now, nothing I delete on my desktop gets deleted on my iOS devices after a sync. When I edit a record I get duplicate records for the same item (both the pre and post-edit version). I have tried the standard delete everything and start from scratch instructions on the Mariner website without success. Mariner “support” could not solve the issue and about two years ago stopped responding to my requests. It is clear to me that they are milking this program for all it is worth before it is retired. There is no evidence that they plan to develop or truly support it any further. I would NOT purchase this program if you are looking for something to create a recipe or beverage database. One other thing that I find odd. When Mariner purchased the software they eliminated the user forum, which I always found helpful, and pretty much any means of contacting support beyond submitting a service ticket. Another clear indication that they simply want to minimize complaints.
  • Love this app... glitches but still love it

    By Bubba Pat
    I’ve had this app for years on Mac and IPad and love it. I guess I’m lucky in that my syncs work great! Love pulling from my books and putting into the app then use it in the kitchen. I’m hopeful that this app won’t disappear.
  • Repeated crashes, not updated in over a year

    By bjzgiznaz
    I want to love this app. My husband wants to love it, and it does allow us to share recipes. But it doesn’t keep a clean error-free database, it does not sync meal plans, lists, and links (anything but recipes, and those not clean with one version among devices), and I spend more time cleaning up its errors than adding new recipes. Error reports are met with “we’re working on an update”—for over a year. If we didn’t have so much invested I’d find another program.
  • They abandoned any updates

    By Feta cheeeese
    I still us the Mac gourmet app on my Mac, and was very excited for an app that I could use with my iPad in the kitchen. However the iPad app doesn’t work very well at all. I can see the list of recipes in the side bar, but if I select one, the screen is blank. The only way to get the recipe to show me anything is by selecting the chef hat. Not much point in the app anymore if I can’t bring the iPad into the kitchen. Too bad I have hundreds of recipes in the map app that I can only print out now.
  • No updates in 2 years

    By AustinAppleUser
    This app has been abandoned by the developer. It doesn’t support the iPhone X screen size and according to an email I received there are no plans to update it.
  • I’m with you on the meal plan view...

    By collisionbend
    I do most of my cooking/recipe editing/meal planning on my iPad, not my iPhone. I don’t take my iPad to work. As a diabetic, I have to be wary of my carbohydrate intake to keep them level and spread evenly throughout the day - which brings me to my other issue: when you’re displaying a recipe on either device, nutrition info is not displayed anywhere; you have to go into Edit Mode just to see the nutritionals, which can lead to unintended edits, and that’s just plain sloppy...
  • Looks & sounds better than it works

    By roamer 99
    I’d been hoping it would get the job done: I’ve a lot of recipes and I don’t want to print them out to work with them in the kitchen, or when I need a shopping list, etc; however, it’s not getting the attention it deserves. (This seems true of many of the software titles mariner publishes.) It frequently crashes on both my iPad and iPhone. Recipes sync, but shopping lists don’t (although you can watch a zippy little bar that supposedly shows it doing just that). I’d been hoping it would get the job done; however, it’s not getting the attention it deserves. (This seems true of many of the software titles mariner publishes.)
  • Almost

    By CSTrouble
    This app is almost there. I have had it for a few years and like some features, but too many syncing glitches and other glitches such as not being able to add items to shopping lists on the iPhone makes this a tough app to give more than 2 stars.
  • Great mobile database, but syncing is unreliable

    By jobohe
    That sums it up. I have MacGourmet on my Mac and Gourmet Mobile on my iPad and iPhone. The iPad does not sync. The _idea_ of having access on each device is great, but only if it works. Update: neither iPad nor iPhone sync completely.
  • Could be good but has sync & import issues

    By TomG1
    I have used this app for many years, but since Mariner bought out the original, updates have been slow in coming so that only a couple of recipe websites are able to be imported. Also, when I edit recipes on my Mac and try to sync them to my IOS device, changes to recipes are not replicated across platforms. Support has told me to re-install and re-sync - which still won’t copy changed recipes. I am pretty frustrated. If it weren’t for the amount of recipes I have (>1000), I would look for another app from a vendor that seems more willing to support their app.