Bodybuilding Diet

Bodybuilding Diet

By Zen Software, LLC

  • App Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2013-10-20
  • Current Version: 2.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 34.85 MB
  • Developer: Zen Software, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 7.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 57 Reviews

Bodybuilding Diet App Description

Lose fat and build muscle! Developed by Pro Bodybuilding, Pro Physique, Pro Figure, and Bikini athletes. The App provides the blueprint to guide you to success in managing your diet. *note, this App is for serious users only* • what to eat for every meal broken into carbs, protein, fat, veg, and fruits. And customizable! • grocery list generator based on your selections (save hours of time!) • food calculator for exact serving size calculated for each food to meet your carb, fat, and protein goals (e.g. 30g protein=4oz chicken), both cooked and uncooked • *bonus* a 16 week sample Weight and Cardio program • when to eat (suppresses hunger by knowing exactly when to eat each meal) • journals and saves every meal and email weekly recap • options to select off-season or in-season diet • meal alert notifications based on when you wake-up • direct link to Bodybuilding Diet fourm • fully operational without internet connection The Bodybuilding Diet App takes out the guesswork and focuses on what's needed for serious athletes. Anyone who has a champion physique will tell you the same thing, "Training happens in the gym, Growth is in the kitchen". This App will take your through the steps of managing your Bodybuilding Diet which will trigger rapid fat loss, by losing fat and gaining muscle as the same time! keywords: Bodybuilding Diet App, Bodybuilding Food Calculator, body building diet, Bodybuilding Diet App


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App Reviews

  • Waste

    By avalanche1521
    100% not worth $10. Should be free maybe .99. Don’t waste your time or money. Looks dated too.
  • Mediocre

    By suque09
    Not worth a penny, can't calculate anything.

    By TheJoint4Bonz
    I'm 50 years old and I've always been afraid to eat carbs or fat. I hired a bodybuilding nutritionist last year and he had me do carb cycling and it was so much work I couldn't get into it long term. Who has that kind of time??? I always ate fairly clean but I knew I was doing something wrong. I took the leap and decided I would follow this app even though I was scared of how much food I was eating and so many carbs. I was ok with the natural fats though. I am seeing great results in only 5 days. Initially it was hard to eat all that food. I've NEVER eaten a lot of food in the morning or early afternoon. For the first few days I felt sick to my stomach from eating so much in the morning. I lost 1.5 lbs in 5 days, I'm never hungry, and I have no cravings at all. For Fathers Day I made a cake w no frosting (like a coffee cake) on it for my husband. I really wanted to try just a tiny slice after dinner but according to the app I had to wait until the next morning to have carbs. I waited and it was no big deal. I like to cook once a day and eat fresh food. I use eggs, egg white in a carton, brown rice, and avocado in the morning. If I cooked chicken and potatoes the night before I eat that a couple of times the next day. I use protein powder with water if I'm in a hurry or right before bed. I always keep sliced pan roasted turkey from Lunardi's in the fridge for emergencies. I know it sounds boring but I choose to eat the same vegetable all day. I choose a different vegetable each day. This app is great because there is always something in my fridge to eat on this program. Even if I had to eat tuna from a can and baby carrots...there IS something I can eat. It's so nice not to have to think about how to structure my carb cycling. Even if I went back to my body building nutritionist, he could tweak the program for me. Lastly, I was already running 35 min/day and doing a 50 minute weight lifting program (at my house). I still wasn't losing weight until I used this app. Also, because of all the protein I'm eating, I always take a digestive enzyme with every meal.
  • Not worth it

    By JoshR67206
    Can't copy from one day to the next. Very little instruction on how to build meals with your own foods. Wish I could get money back. Avoid
  • Would Be 5 Stars If....

    By BlueTorah
    Would be 5 Stars if there was a feature to copy one day to the next. Having to complete each day is tedious when most items remain the same.
  • Lack of options/configurations

    By Bulldog Slobber
    My wife and I both body build. We entered our information for the profile. The app doesn't ask how many calories you want to eat per day. It randomly gives you numbers to pick food from. It had the same amount of food for my wife as it had for me. I need to eat 3000 calories, she needs 1400 calories. Even after calculating the numbers I had to manipulate each day with carbs, protein and fat for my goals. This app is useless to me and my wife.
  • Updates for future

    By Itscujofoo
    Things to consider: Not worth the $10. Not even the high earning apps are worth this much. Not getting the value for what you spend. Ugly UI and mediocre functionality. 1. Have a way to input own food measurements (ex: 10 calories/serving of oatmeal). The daily calories count should be summed from the number of calories manually entered per food. 2. Check off meal functionality. Being able to check a meal as completed. 3. UI facelift. Right now the UI is ugly and needs to be more user friendly. 4. Have an "apply to all days functionality" when updating a macro. Instead of manually entering in each field for each day. 5. Add more food images/data to your database. 6. Sometimes when updating a macro, the app crashes. Please find a way to remove the macros because they are not needed.
  • Great app

    By Robertorv89
    Great app
  • 💪🏻💪🏻

    By Pilot.q81
    Great app
  • Handy app

    By Talk2Fuentez
    This app helps with meal timing and portions.