The Photographer's Transit

The Photographer's Transit

By Crookneck Consulting LLC

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The Photographer's Transit App Description

Visual field-of-view calculator and shot planner for outdoor photographers. The Photographer's Transit ("Photo Transit") is a map-based shot planning tool for outdoor photographers who use interchangeable lens cameras (such as SLRs). Plan the best possible camera, lenses and shooting locations for your photo trip or assignment using the sophisticated built-in field of view simulator. Photo Transit includes detailed elevation profile information so you can scout your sightlines ahead of time, and check whether your planned focal length will capture your subject. Photo Transit's vertical field of view chart lets you see if your subject will be visible or obstructed by the local terrain. Create projects containing detailed shot lists, including camera and subject location, height above the ground, pitch, orientation and focal length. Share your planned shots with colleagues and friends via email and social media, or export them as KML for use in your favourite GPS app. With a rich feature set including Google Street View, and offline maps and elevation data, and a choice of elevation data sources, The Photographer's Transit is a powerful tool for any photographer who likes to be well prepared. Key features: - Define your own camera and lens kits - 5 available map types, including 2 offline map choices - Adjustable field of view map overlay - Google Street View camera control - Elevation profile from camera to subject location - Apparent altitude profile to visualize the effect of local terrain - Find and save your favorite locations - Shot lists and projects - Integrates with TPE (The Photographer's Ephemeris) - Sample project with example shots and reference photos Sharing + Export: - Twitter, Facebook, Message - View in Safari - Email Shot - Email Project - Add shot to calendar - Import/export locations - All sharing options include link to website so you can freely share your photo plans with friends and colleagues Advanced features: - Teleconverter support - Add custom sensor/film type - Show field of view for multiple prime lenses - Simulate lens zoom directly - Camera-subject distance, bearing, altitude - Camera orientation, pitch and height above ground - Subject height above ground - Map tilt and rotate, autorotate - Magnetic north option - Multiple elevation data sources available (Google, SRTM1, SRTM3, AsterGDEM, GTOPO30) - SRTM1, SRTM3, AsterGDEM and GTOPO30 elevation data is saved for offline use - KML project and shot export Available map types include: - Google Maps Standard, Hybrid, Terrain - OpenCycleMap Topographic (available offline) - OpenStreetMap (available offline) Note: - This app is designed for photographers using interchangeable lens cameras (e.g. SLR, Micro 4/3rds, Medium/Large format film) - Maps and elevation-based calculations require a data connection unless an offline data source is used - Maps and elevation data must be viewed while connected to the internet in order to be saved for later use offline - Not all map types and elevation data sources are available offline - Topographic map data is available only between 60°N and 47°S - Overlay maps are not always available for the highest zoom levels - Topographic maps courtesy of - OSM map tiles courtesy of CartoDB - Google Elevation data is subject to daily usage limits per IP address - Availability of specific map types and Google Street View is dependent on 3rd party map service availability, terms and conditions, and is subject to change - Google Maps, Google Street View and Google Earth are trademarks owned by Google Inc. - Future updates may require iOS 9 or higher Plan the perfect vantage point for your photographic subjects and enjoy a better field of view!


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App Reviews

  • Longer zoom choices please

    By Rev411
    I’m shooting a 600mm with a 2x teleconverter. So that’s 1200mm but the app only lets you choose 800mm max. Updates to 5 stars. I didn’t realize there was a teleconverter button. Could be just me, but maybe it could be a little more apparent how to add it? For the less observant of us ;)
  • Not immediately intuitive, but unique and useful

    By Anon1138
    Originally had a problem getting it to start - reboot your phone if this happens.
  • Mindblowingly useful.

    By Flambedude
    Crookneck always has my jaw on the floor for how much time their apps (this and TPE) can save me hours of hunting and hoping to find the right location for more than just photography. Useful even if you just want to find a picturesque viewpoint to have lunch while on a road trip.