TropeTrainer™ Mobile

TropeTrainer™ Mobile

By Kinnor Software

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-07-24
  • Current Version: 1.17
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 44.92 MB
  • Developer: Kinnor Software
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 4
Based on 91 Reviews

TropeTrainer™ Mobile App Description

INCLUDED: Text for the entire Torah, all Haftarah readings traditionally connected to every Shabbat and Holiday, and the five Megillot displayed in our easy-to-read Hebrew fonts; Audio for blessings and trope charts included. NOT INCLUDED: Audio for any reading. Get audio for readings via in-app purchase: One Shabbat or Holiday (US$7.99 each), All Torah and Haftarah readings (US$59.99), or discounted price for All 66 Torah, Haftarah and Megillah readings (US$79.99). Desktop Mac or PC TropeTrainer™ software Version 5 Deluxe owners qualify to buy audio for US$0.99 for “All readings”; Standard owners, “All Torah and Haftarah readings”; Megillah edition owners, “All Megillot” audio. Tutorials, music score and printing not included in app. #1 selling TropeTrainer™ software is “The Best Way to Learn Chanting Torah, Haftarah and Megillot.” After more than a decade of world-wide use of the desktop version, TropeTrainer is the gold standard for Bar/Bat Mitzvah teachers, cantors, rabbis and Jewish educators. Now get the same TropeTrainer clarity, accuracy and flexibility on your iPhone and iPad with the TropeTrainer™ Mobile app. State-of-the-art Hebrew speech synthesis* lets you hear every word with the ultimate chanting accuracy and flexibility. (In-app purchase needed for audio). Double-tap a word to hear it, select a word and play the rest of the verse, aliyah or entire reading. A cursor follows audio for easy place finding in the Hebrew and side-by-side English translation; Trope Combination charts allow you to see, hear and learn the 70+ combinations of tropes found in each type of reading. Blessings before & after Torah, Haftarah and Megillah readings are included. Speeds & improves their students’ studies. Great for Bar/Bat Mitzvah study. Required by B'nei Mitzvah teachers worldwide. Used and recommended by teachers of special-needs students. Features: > Innovative Reading List for fast, easy access to any reading. Scroll through list of upcoming readings by date, or select your reading through TropeTrainer’s comprehensive Jewish calendar. > Select from over 30 Torah chanting melodies including several selections for the special High Holidays melodies, plus two dozen Haftarah melodies. > Jump directly to any aliyah or chapter > Shabbat audio includes standard morning and afternoon Torah readings, plus verses for special maftir and Haftarah readings read with that sedra following Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Lubavitch, Frankfurt and Italian customs. (In-app purchase required to hear the chanting.) > Adjust the chanting speed, pitch, accent, and vocal range so you don’t struggle to match a pre-recorded voice. > Switch among three views: Chumash (vowels & chanting symbols), Torah script, and two column Tikkun with both styles > Turn on colored highlighting of the three most common trope groups’ phrases > The app automatically calculates correct reading options for each year (combined & separate sedras, special maftirs, Haftarah & Holiday readings), and shows you only the verses for the year you want. > Annual & Triennial Cycle Torah readings > Create Custom Readings with only the verses your congregation uses for each aliyah or Haftarah reading > Recent reading list shows the last 16 readings you opened. > Shva Na/Shva Nach, Qamats Katan/Qamats Gadol & Munach Legarmeh are clearly marked. Combined or separate Torah readings, special readings, annual or triennial cycle, the Torah schedule in the Diaspora and in Israel, complicated Holiday readings for both full and intermediate Holiday days, even custom sets of verses. TropeTrainer Mobile automatically shows you the texts you need and puts the end-of-aliyah and end-of-reading melodies where they belong, not just where someone recorded them. ---- TropeTrainer is a trademark of Kinnor Software, Inc. *Powered by DECtalk text-to-speech synthesis. DECtalk is a trademark of SpeechFX, Inc.


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App Reviews

  • Best Torah trope app out there

    By Msommer
    I've been using the desk top version for over 10 years and the mobile version for the last four years. This is one of the best Torah training apps in existence. It allows me to study and tutor anywhere I am. The calendar is so helpful and I love their vowel system that differentiates the Kamatz katan, the shevah nach and the shevah nah. So cannot recommend this app highly enough.
  • Poor product— almost unholy

    By 12KimmiK12
    I regret having made the purchase. I knew that I would need to buy the audio (an addl $8). I thought, “ok, I’ll buy one parsha at a time, I will end up with them all!” However, I was wrong. Future studiers of Torah/Haftarah, be forewarned. (1) Synthesized voices STINK!! I am first in line for technology to make our lives better. However, you can go too far. Hearing a synthesized voice “read” the holy words and names in the Torah is unacceptable. I swear in English, so I don’t hold many utterances holy, and even I can’t accept robo-leyning. (2) This is not a true mobile product. This is desktop software shrunk down teeny-tiny so that nothing is visible/legible. (3) the product should be renamed. It is not a trope trainer, not at all. I would love a refund. However, I guess I will have wait for future updates that actually are mobile, with human voices, to feel good about this purchase.
  • Deceptive and not useful

    By Joplin-Janis
    After paying $25 for an app named Trope Trainer, I expect to be able to listen to trope. No such luck. There is no trope included! You heard right. If I want to now hear synthesized audio (whatever that means) I have to shell out another $60?! The graphical interface is also not stellar, but the main problem is that I paid $25 for zero functionality. As it is, the app is totally unusable... Do not make the same mistake!
  • Great use all the time

    By Infoiseducation
    I use this program weekly for Torah and Haftorah leining would like to see the improvement made to desktop with respect to the highlighting further breakdown of the English translation to consider with the Hebrew. But this is nitpicking the program has been an invaluable tool
  • I was initially put off ...

    By Elisha Ben Abuja
    With the idea of synthesized voices, but a friend recommended it to me and I bought it. I'm not sorry. My bar mitzvah was in 1960, and I recall the pain of learning the Torah and haftarah even though I no longer remember the parasha. This past summer I read a haftarah for the first time since 1960, preparing with trope trainer, and it was, in comparison, as easy as a knife through butter. I'm working on my second haftarah with trop trainer now (lech Le ha). I'm sold!
  • Useful

    By Thumbelinasmum
    I have the computer version. I do wish that you could sync customizations between app and desktop. I *care* about which color Is which! Only 4 stars because it crashes continually as soon as I've switched between the trope page and the custom text page a couple of time. But, since there isn't a way to see and hear the trope names sung from the text page, I keep my phone on the trip page and the Torah text on my iPad. That works extremely well.
  • Very useful

    By jonah josh
    Helped me a lot with my Jonah Haftarah Couldn't find it in any other app
  • Handy

    By Yetser HaRogers
    Print is small but handy as I am a regular Baal Koreh.
  • Absolute Best in Class Interactive Tikkun

    By AarfoGallen
    This is an exceptional program. It is incredibly clear, precise and flexible. It provides visual and audio in multiple formats and perspectives. It can display: the Stam text seen in Torah; the classic masoritic text with trope and nikkud; and the english translation. The classic text is thoughtfully designed to assist your pronunciation in multiple ways, clearly identifying for example, which type of kamatz or shva is required, but alsomuch more. If you enjoy color blocking the trope phrases or signs as a memory aide, you can do that too. You can also get interactive audio in the SATB voice of your choice - and choose among multiple melodies (Binder, Jacobson, Moroccan, Yerushalmi, Chabad...). You can replay the audio by word, group, pasuk, or the entire Aliyah. If you do not recognize a trope or are unsure, there is an entire section that demonstrates the trope melodies, and provides multiple interactive exercises using phrases from the text. There is a lifetime of learning here - both for adult leyners and for aspiring bnei mitzvah. Despite the relatively high cost for an APP I recommend it enthusiastically & unreservedly. The only thing better is their desktop product - and that is several times the price. Note for Context: prior to this I have never given 5 stars to any APP - and expect it will be a long time until I do so again.
  • I can't read Hebrew

    By w0lffx
    As a student trying to learn my bar mitzvah there is no English translation of what to say. I have no idea what to say when I get up to the podium. This really disappoints me. Hopefully in the next update there will be an English translation. Thank you