Baby Learning Colors

Baby Learning Colors

By box baby

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-05-17
  • Current Version: 3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 43.57 MB
  • Developer: box baby
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0

Baby Learning Colors App Description

Color Learning for Babies, Designed for babies at the ages from 0 to 6. Goal: To develop the babies’ ability of abstraction and comprehension by starting to learn and identify colors. Methods: To establish the comprehension ability of color which is a kind of abstract concept, one needs to experience a process of gradually summarizing conceptual knowledge through numerous observations in the nature, which undoubtedly needs a long time. This product can accelerate the color learning and identifying process for babies by providing some skills. 1.Lighting Gate in dark night: making the lightings in the nature into multi-colors, as long as a baby takes out a fireball with corresponding color to hit against the moving lighting gate, the lighting gate will emit electric sparks like fireworks. Playing this game can enable babies to preliminarily know colors. 2. Color card room: the cards are selected exquisite pictures of articles in daily life, with voices of colors matched, which allow babies to click and identify them repeatedly. 3. Color doodling: this is a drawing board with wax crayons, which allows babies to doodle by following the illustration; every time a baby selects a wax crayon, a voice will tell the baby the color he/she chooses, thus enabling babies to unconsciously learn colors in doodling and painting. The whole process complies with babies’ cognition process. Parents can ask babies to play the color games and basically experience colors; then they can enter the card room, where a parent can give the baby a card with a red apple, with “red” reported by the voice, which can be repeated many times. Then the parent can give the baby a picture of tomato, which also tells the baby “red”. With some practice, the parent can ask the baby to color a red apple, when the voice will tell the baby “red”…. Repeatedly practicing so will enable the baby to summarize the concept of “red” from the “red” things he/she see. The training of this product will enable babies to know the color red as long as he/she sees a red thing, thus improving his/her adaptability to the environment. Learning of other colors will follow the same steps. For any problem, please contact us with WeChat: WeChat Number: baobaohezi


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