Anxiety Release based on EMDR

Anxiety Release based on EMDR

By trauma and pain management services pty ltd

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Anxiety Release based on EMDR App Description

Anxiety Release shows you how to release anxious thoughts and feelings naturally, by harnessing the power of your brain. It does this by combining guided instructions and focused attention with bilateral brain stimulation. Bilateral stimulation is a treatment element of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), a revolutionary treatment which is based on the use of sensory stimulation to alter anxiety-provoking memories and responses. Over 30 randomized controlled studies of EMDR attest to the efficacy of this process. Because bilateral stimulation appeals to the unconscious, sensing part of the brain, there is no need for effortful thinking or struggling with feelings. All you have to do is LISTEN and your brain will do the rest! The App consists of; 1 x brain training session 2 x guided anxiety management sessions 1 x pure bilateral stimulation session (audio & visual) 1 x safe place exercise Progress Log function Powerful Bls brain visual This App is suitable for both clinicians and clients Caution: Persons suffering with complex PTSD or mental health problems, multiple psychological trauma or unstable neurological conditions (eg; epilepsy) should not use this product without medical supervision.


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App Reviews

  • Anxiety Release!!

    By KeepFocusTKU
    By Far The Best app out for what it is and it's claim!!! PLEASE UPGRADE, So I (and so many others) can use it again and get the benefits that it will offer!! It would also be extremely wonderful and helpful if the app could continue to play while leaving the program to use/work with others.
  • Update needed

    By Bakmek
    Great app if the developer would update the app. I just paid for it and started using it when my phone updated to iOS 11. Please update ASAP. I need this app for my therapy.
  • Please update!

    By cplaird
    Please update to be able to use with iOS 11! It’s no longer functional with the lates OS!!!
  • Buyer beware

    By Yoli973
    It does not work with iPhone iOS 11, but you won't know that until you make purchase.
  • Can’t use it without update

    By Karen OConnell VerveXO
    I bought the app and then did the apple update and it’s not working, when will you have an update? Feeling anxiety not being able to use my brand new app!
  • No vibration and no iOS update

    By Pixiluxe
    First off, after you waste your $3.99 to download this - you'll be notified the developer hasn't updated it. It has a whopping five EMDR sequences and no vibration. Worst purchase I've ever made. Way overpriced for an app that under delivers.
  • Will not work on iOS 11

    This app was working okay aside from some glitches. Now that I updated to iOS 11 the application does not work at all.
  • Very good

    By bot much of a reviewer
    I have severe anxiety and I use this app throughout the day. I like that you can either choose to have verbal feedback or just the bilateral stimulation.
  • When can we expect an update?

    By rockinrodeoricky
    I love this application! The only problem is that my iPhone continually tells me that I will not be able to use all of the features on the application until the developer update the application! When can we expect an update?! You would've gotten a five star rating for me if you would keep up with updates. I'm looking on here and see nothing post 2014
  • Share this with clients!

    By Counselor Kat
    I have used this app myself and am very excited to share this with my clients. Mark's voice and guidance are very positive and empowering. Just what I was looking for to reinforce what we do in session.