Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver


  • App Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-07-16
  • Current Version: 3.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 4.37 MB
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 3
Based on 31 Reviews

Delivery Driver App Description

Main Features: - Using this app you will be able to store the data you use like the order amount, tips, miles driven, out of area surcharges, documents collected as coupons, gift certificates, etc. (Using the free version of the app you can enter only 10 tips per day, but you can buy the Pro version to remove this limit). - You can use our example report that shows how much you owe to the store using general rules but if this is not exactly what you need then you can create your own customized report ( Pro version needed to create customized reports ). - You can enter the address where you want to go and if this is an apartment then you would be able to save the exact location of that apartment, hence, next time you need to go to that apartment it will be very easy to find it because the map screen will show you where it is located. - You can store the names and the gate codes of the apartment complexes. - Launch either the apple's map or the google map app in order to get voice guided directions. - On the Settings screen you can specify the bank amount you receive every day and the reimbursements per trip, driven mile or percentage of the order's price. - You can enter expenses and cash drops. - If you work more than one shift per day this app let you separate the tips per shift. - You will be able to create an account to share the data with all your co-workers and this app will replicate all the data among all the devices using the same account, the replication includes addresses, house and apartment locations, gate codes, apartment complex names and customized reports. - The Pro version disables the Ads on the main menu. If you have any questions please email us at and we'll be very happy to assist you.


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App Reviews

  • Support email is broken. Directions button is broken.

    By propizzaguy
    The directions button under the go to button doesn’t seem to be sending the correct information to google maps. Whatever is going wrong it is generating a preview route instead of a directions route. Google maps doesn’t not seem to get the correct current locations information for the starting point of the route. Please investigate.
  • Iiiuuuu

    By Dianitarey96
    It is hard to understand
  • Worst Scam APP EVER!

    By BeowulfKaine
    This is such a textbook case of cash milking of users. This app is 3.99 but your not actually buying it your LEASING IT! You have to pay 3.99 every year! The "PRO" features just let you add more than 10 deliveries. This is the worst money scam ever. Author does NO updates to even warrant an ANNUAL FEE!! Look elsewhere for something like this unless you like paying every year for the same app.
  • Freezing

    By scylla1008
    App freezing all the time. Please make it stable( iPhone 7 )
  • Great app

    By Jake012039
    This is a must have all of you are a pizza delivery guy. Makes my life 10x easier.
  • Rip OFF!!!!

    By Mystero1
    Paid for this app about a year and a half ago. Now can only log in 10 tips and says to log more upgrade to pro... I already payed for it!!! In the meantime I'm stacking tips:-P . I have a degree in computer programming and have thought about designing apps. Now I know we're I'm gonna start. It will be better than this one and will be 2.99 ONE TIME FEE!!! Thanks for being greedy! I'm gonna make this app opposite.
  • Really?

    By Irate driver
    Are you kidding me? I have used this app for at least 2 years now and now if I get more than 10 tips I have to pay for it. This app cost 5 or 6 bucks to begin with. Total ripoff. Guess it's back to pen and paper.
  • Monoply!

    By Dragoninferrno
    Where to begin..... I have been using this app for 2 years. I picked this jewel up for i believe 5 or 6 dollars it was pretty expensive for an app but it was feature rich and really the only app of its kind and have been using it ever since. I would reccommend it to all my fellow drivers and many of them purchased it. Come 4 months ago the developer loaded up the app with ads and took away most of the reporting you could do unless you got the PRO Version.. I was pretty mad I had already paid for this app and felt kinda ripped off but i didn't use most of the reports and the one I needed was still available and if the dude needed to make some ad money then I could deal. Today on the other hand I go to add a delivery and find out I can't add a tip past 10 deliveres unless I upgrade to the pro version.... I was irate ...... Listen Alfonso you have a great app but you cant go taking features out of an app people orginally paid 6 dollars for! I understand if you want to change the pay scheme but you have to grandfather in the people that were already here! Unfornatley the developer has the monopoly here. There is no other app like this for delivery drivers. Tip trackers just dont have all the tools we need. With all the data i have into this app i will begrudingly pay for the pro version. I will on the other hand never recommend this app to any newbie driver ever again. I will sit back hoping someone that used this app and has the skill to make a similar product will do so with a better understanding of how to take care of customers. Pretty sad that a product for people that provide great customer service are getting screwed by one of our own. Buyer Beware great tool but this asshat will try to find a way to screw you out of your hard earned tips.
  • Used to be free

    By Someone2043
    Everything in the app used to be free, but every update seems to hide something new behind a paywall.
  • New "pro" version?

    By ehamill
    Bought app. Used in good faith. New version added ads and removed ability to edit reports unless I upgrade to a new "pro" version. Bait and switch? No reply to emails sent to developer asking why...