Omvana - Meditation for All

Omvana - Meditation for All

By Mindvalley Creations Inc.

App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 3,942 Reviews

Omvana - Meditation for All App Description

Omvana is your personal meditation and mindfulness teacher. More and more evidence proves that meditation has many benefits like increased happiness, better sleep, healthier lifestyles and decreased stress levels to name a few. Omvana features: - Guided meditations for all aspects of your life - Meditations that range between 3 to 60 minutes - A variety of meditation experts - A background music mixer to personalise your meditation practice - HealthKit integration thats recognises your stress level and helps you keep calm If you're a beginner who would like to learn how to meditate, or wish to take your meditation practice to the next level, Omvana provides you with the right guidance. Omvana gathers the world's best meditation experts to help you with: - Mindfulness - Spiritual Growth - Stress - Focus - Sleep - Wealth & Abundance - Relaxation - Health ... and much more. With the largest collection of meditations, Omvana can help you with whichever area of your life you'd like to improve. Omvana also connects with HealthKit to help you remain calm and composed throughout your day by recommending to you meditations based on your stress levels and your state of mind. Download Omvana today and join millions of our users who are living healthier, happier and more mindful lives. Need help with Omvana? Please e-mail:


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App Reviews

  • Beautiful Day

    By Imagining Wonderful Things
    After I used the six step meditation for the very first time my day seemed prettier and more peaceful. I think it helps put to rest the turmoil that we let brew inside of ourselves. Plus the positive suggestions we imagine can enter our subconscious mind easier when we are in a relaxed state. I will continue to use this wonderful tool to bring a peaceful, beautiful and positive future into my reality.
  • Part of my daily life

    By Jamjuxe
    The Omvana app has become my go-to app for meditation. I love the variety and the fact that various people do the guided meditations.
  • Love the sounds

    By wild onw
    I love the sounds available for mixing. My only problem today has been an inability to figure out how to get one of the free meditations to play. I get any of the mix sounds to play, but with or without a mix, the meditation would not.
  • Wish I didn’t need a signal

    By Alighton
    I have been on the lookout for meditation apps that don’t require that I be online. Although I was very excited about this app and enjoy the material, I wish I didn’t have to be online while I’m using it. We travel a lot and don’t always have a signal. Also I’d like to avoid the EMFs when I can. I wish I could just download the material and keep using it offline.
  • I love it

    By Bubble double 22
    I’ve always really love the staff that I had to stop using it because of the lack of updates with it. It’s still a really great app when you can get it to work when it does need some major updating nothing about it has really changed since I first discovered this app. Since they updated it two months ago it’s not as bad and buggy and I can actually open the app and use it but I could still use some improvement.
  • So so

    By Vedeena
    The app charged me for a track and did not download it. It’s been a hassle working with the support bot and a waste of time. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restored the tack and there is still a glitch. The download button just spins and the track doesn’t download. There is no rating system in the app for the tracks. The preview is way too short. You can’t tell if it’s a good track or not. I bought some tracks that are good and some that stink. There is no apparent way to get your money back. I won’t be buying any more.
  • Amazing

    By Gale22
    I absolutely love this app, it helps me in so many ways thank you Omvana for being here! Great for mediation and I’ve had this app for years sorry it took me so long to give my review but everyone should be using this seriously. Changes the meditation game.
  • Omvana for Life

    By MorningStarRamsey
    I absolutely love this app and the Six Phase Meditation. I listen to this meditation several times a week, morning and night. It’s become a part of my wellness routine, life manifestation focus, and my practice of connecting in mind, body, and soul. I enjoy blending the meditation with the music options, it’s so deeply relaxing and calming. I’m so thankful for Omvana!
  • By far the best meditation.

    By pareetosh
    I feel like I’m a man on a mission and I’ve already accomplished my goals.
  • Meditation

    By tx maine
    This is s very good application and I am impressed with number of options available. I can’t wait to try many of available options.