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Misfit App Description

The Misfit app is the easy-to-use activity and sleep tracking app that works by itself or with Misfit’s suite of design-forward wearables, including Misfit Ray, Shine 2, Flash and Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitors. Beautiful and durable, Misfit devices are uniquely wearable on the wrist, as a clip anywhere on your body, or as a necklace. Misfits never require charging (the user-replaceable batteries last up to 6 months) and are water resistant. This app requires an iPhone 4S or newer. For product setup information and tutorials, including videos, visit: www.misfit.com/go What our customers say: “Used my Misfit Shine for over 10 months and it’s still a fun motivating gadget that doubles as a watch for me (and I lost 20 lbs).” “Beautiful and easy to use.” “The auto sleep tracking feature is amazingly accurate as is the activity tracking.” “Interface is detailed but easily read and transfers to MyFitnessPal seamlessly.” “I am an avid swimmer. This is the only wellness tracking device that is truly waterproof and provides so much functionality.” “Beautiful and intuitive. Misfit updates it frequently and truly listens to user ideas.” “Great customer service and support.” “I love that I can wear my Misfit 24/7 without worrying about charging it or taking it off to shower.” “I never want to be without my Shine ever again...A MUST have activity tracker. LOVE my Shine!” Use the Misfit app to access these features: - View detailed activity and sleep data, including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, hours slept - Create a goal and track your progress over time; view trends, including your activity levels over the course of the day, a week, or a month - Get lifetime insights on your profile, including total miles walked and average sleep - Log activity sessions including running, walking, basketball, tennis, swimming, soccer, cycling, yoga, and dance - Add friends and compare your daily activity - Track your food with a photo food journal - Connect with your other favorite fitness, health, and smart home apps including Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, Lose it!, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, IFTTT, Nest, and more - Shine 2 and Ray only: Enable a silent vibe alarm on your wearable to gently wake you up in the morning; Enable movement reminders and text and call notifications on your wearable - NEW: Try standalone activity tracking-only (no hardware required) just by downloading the app! The app also includes support for the Swarovski Activity Crystal, Speedo Shine and Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor. Don’t yet have a Misfit? Get yours now at misfit.com. NEW: Try standalone activity tracking-only (no hardware required) just by downloading the app! Misfit invents and designs wearables and smart home products. Misfit brand products including Ray, Shine 2, Shine, Flash, Link, and Bolt are available at misfit.com and fashion and consumer electronic retailers around the world. For product setup information and tutorials, including videos, visit: www.misfit.com/go Find us on Twitter @Misfit and Instagram @MisfitWearables


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App Reviews

  • Clock

    By jogator
    Hate how clock is suppose to tell u time hasn’t got it right yet
  • Awesome!!

    By J'mapelle
    Love the app, love the device. Easy to use, very informative and useful.
  • Love the feedback

    By aqmsfit
    Instant gratification with my Misfit Thanks
  • Far from acceptable

    By Eskaragon
    The only reason this review gets two stars is because I wanted it to be read. Otherwise it would get the one star it deserves. The App is well designed and easy to use. The devices that need to sync with it are not. I swim and run. The App cannot recognize the difference between the two unless I edit the tracking activity. However, it is unreasonable and annoying to need internet connectivity to be in edit mode. Many Misfit trackers can’t tell time and don’t evidence fitness without the App. My Misfit came with no directions or examples. Going online to see homemade reviews doesn’t relieve Misfit of the responsibility for explaining their product. Battery insertion is cumbersome and almost self-defeating. And in the case of many wearables, Misfit included, the devices create resistance and drag during exercise. Where’s the logic there? Don’t waste your time and money on Misfit. There are far better and more reliable brands.
  • Idea

    By kic321
    I love this app, but there is one thing I think could really boost it. It would be nice to have a notes section for each day to see what you ate, the exercises that worked/didn’t work for your body, or why your score was higher/lower than usual. As a competitive swimmer, I take have to take off my shine for the days when I have a swim meet. I would really like it if when I look back at the day, I automatically know why I only got 20 points without having to look back at my calendar.
  • Nope!

    By Bullfrog75
    For over 2 years I wore the Shine 2. In that time, I’ve never had a device that worked for more than 2 months. The app is ok. Misfit customer service was attentive and quick to respond when I emailed them about concerns, Overall the Misfit product line isn’t worth the cash.
  • Bug

    By chineset8kout
    Your app freezes when I try to turn off my alarm in the morning. I have to reboot the app.
  • Activity track editing

    By Chunliu_hospitality
    I love wearing my Misfit Ray band and tracks king my runs but I wish the app lets me enter my own calories that I have burned. After I enter my workout the burned calories don’t always match with the treadmills calculations and vise versa.
  • Challenging!

    By NievesSandie61
    My challenge every day is to surpass my siblings! Today I did it!!
  • Great product

    By Nesser522
    I love wearing the Misfit Ray bc it’s classy looking and after the first few days it was very comfortable. I have one jacket it doesn’t work with, but otherwise it’s great, and on that day I set the app to pocket & it still recorded my movement for me. My day-to-day schedule is too varied to know if I am moving enough & my phone is too big to pocket, so I wanted this wearable bc it’s prettier than a Fitbit & records better than the phone I leave on the counter. The app is easy to use & intuitive.