Google Chrome

Google Chrome

By Google, Inc.

  • App Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-06-28
  • Current Version: 66.0.3359.122
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 92.19 MB
  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 67,170 Reviews

Google Chrome App Description

Browse fast on your iPhone and iPad with the Google Chrome browser you love on desktop. Pick up where you left off on your other devices, search by voice, and easily read webpages in any language. • SYNC ACROSS DEVICES - seamlessly access and open tabs and bookmarks from your laptop, phone or tablet • FASTER BROWSING - choose from search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly access previously visited pages • VOICE SEARCH - use the magic of Google voice search to find answers on-the-go without typing • TRANSLATE - easily read webpages in any language • UNLIMITED TABS - open as many tabs as your heart desires and quickly flip through them like a deck of cards • PRIVACY - use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at


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App Reviews

  • Used to be good

    By LordMODOK
    The last few weeks the app has been constantly freezing when opening a new tab and it just crashed leaving me with no tabs and no way to recover the tabs.
  • They Track Everything

    By HammySyrian
    i look something up, and then there is a ad for it even more scary is they use your microphone for ads talk about dog toys for 2 minutes, you will see ads for dog toys
  • Constantly Freezes.

    By bartacvs
    It has become unusable due to the freezes. I have quit using and deleted it because it freezes everytime I try to browse with it. It was the best now it's a bust.
  • No disabling of JavaScript

    By Joseph Shmosef
    Used to be able to turn off JavaScript to help reduce ads and load times. Looks like they removed the feature since google makes too much money from those ads. No point in downloading another browser since I get a worse experience with something else that always wants updates
  • Its a lie

    By GooglyBad
    Another lie. You cant clear your history using the privacy feature. As a website owner constantly improving upon my site, i have a real need to clear the cache to see how my changes render. Nope not chrome mobile. Cache does not clear no matter how many times you try. It will only do it eventually on its own 24 to 48 hours later. So the button itself is a Google lie. So i would assume that in an attempt to clear or guard other privacy concerns using this feature is also a lie. The big Googly machine cant be trusted folks.. start using other browsers.
  • Incognito

    By gho-captin
    Incognito tabs are closed by its own after closing the app.
  • Another bad update

    By KoowanPStark
    Latest update freezes regularly and the “Open In” feature for PDFs seems to work only when it wants to. Pressing it actually does something only very rarely. Most of the time it just does nothing at all. On the iPad, Chrome crashes constantly, has no ability to print at all and loses most of its history so if you navigate away from a site it's gone most of the time. Apparently Google spent its development dollars making a fancy, non-intuitive interface rather than making a browser that actually works. Woo hoo, it connects to all sorts of wacky Google services, too bad it stinks as a web browser. Chrome on the iPad is for people who care more about whether their car has enough cup holders, rather than if the car actually starts.
  • Passwords

    By Sweet Mis Pea
    It’s supposed to have this added feature? Not really, like most things they google are long on hype and short on follow thru.
  • Just keeps getting worse

    By SaturdayBronco
    When there was no local data saved, there were no crashes. No I’ll crash after opening up more than 1 tab in incognito mode or if I’m signed into an account when using it regularly, it’ll crash with a few tabs open. And I constantly have to reset the settings to prevent active tracking and saving search queries. Everything feels slower and finicky now; switching between tabs gets messed up halfway so I have to close then open the app again, there’s a lack of more privacy options and the constant crashing is garbage. Not to mention url opens from the beginning now and navigating it is a hassle.
  • 🤨

    By TheSandwichGOD
    I don’t get why the bad reviews I LOVED IT