HP 15C Calculator

HP 15C Calculator

By HP Inc.

  • App Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-03-02
  • Current Version: 2.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 24.71 MB
  • Developer: HP Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 142 Reviews

HP 15C Calculator App Description

Bring your nostalgic fondness for the HP 15c Scientific Calculator to your latest iOS devices with the authentic HP 15c calculator app from Hewlett Packard. This RPN calculator offers the features, algorithms and calculation sequences of the original 15c Scientific Calculator conveniently stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. FEATURES: • Authentic app, developed by HP • Award-winning HP Support • Identical algorithms and calculation sequences as the original HP 15c Calculator • RPN data entry • Matrix calculations • Complex functions – real and imaginary • SOLVE key find the root of an equations • Numerical integration • Ideal for math and engineering students and professionals • Programmable – up to 448 lines


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App Reviews

  • 15C calculator BUG

    By Larrygps
    As great as the original except fast. Minor thing. Appears to be a bug: after I run a programmed routine the X register blinks forever. Any key terminates the blinking. Q: why does the end of a routine always leaves the X reg blinking? A single function routine or normal 20 step routine ends with blinking X. Don’t know why. Previous v did not.
  • Square Root function now gives error message

    By Rustyb59
    Error message when using square root
  • OK app. But pricey. Needs polishing.

    By Bubba-007
    UPDATE: HP update this app for screen size and key size! With new iPhones released with larger screens, it is possible to have a calculator app that is practical to use with accurate key entry. However, this app is still small on the larger (iPhone X) screens. Live up to your reputation and don’t let this app tarnish these great calculators. HP has fixed the obnoxious click of the buttons. I'm still waiting for HP to fix this app and it will become my first choice calc. for now its in a folder on page 7. It seems like the "target" area for the buttons (iPhone) is a bit small. I miss the buttons with this app more often than with others calculator apps. It's very close to being great, but these small items keep me from wanting to use it. I can't afford mistakes from missing buttons in my job. Having invested $15, I hope HP is responsive and fixes these items. Until then I have a better, less expensive 48sx emulator with bigger buttons and a viewable stack.
  • Mediocre effort

    By ItsCosmo
    This may have been best in class when it first came out, but it has been left far behind the pack. The screen layout has not been updated since the iPhone 4, meaning there is much wasted space on subsequent devices. At this price, the app is simply not worth it any more.
  • A big thank you to HP for updating the app to 64 not iOS

    By TechClock
    This app remains the best implementation of the hp 15c and it also is free. This app now runs under the latest 2018 IOS.
  • Not iOS compatible

    By Mediocre...
    Love the calculator, but HP has not (and appears will not) update the app for iOS compatibility. Very, very disappointing in that it's an outstanding calculator and app to begin with. This speaks volumes about HP and their "concern" for their customers and clients. "Come spend your hard earned money with us, and we'll dump you the first chance we get." They say it's the little things in life that make a big difference. After this lack of concern for their customers I'm completely disinclined to purchase any HP products going forward. If I were in product development at HP I'd be massively embarrassed. Shame on you.
  • iPhone X

    By joejoe150
    This is a great app except the calculator only populates a small portion of the screen. Would be nice if calculator took up a majority of the screen.
  • Ok, still aa little buggy...

    By robertmtech
    Why does the display flash after running ANY program? No error, but still it flashes. Miss the HP polish.
  • This was working perfectly for me until the last update

    By MappleMyPad
    Now the numbers overflow the display window in portrait mode and the keypad gets cropped off on the edges in landscape mode. I have a iPhone 4S.
  • Now for iOS 11

    By traffic_doc
    Thus now works on iOS 11. Don't be scared off by old reviews. HP has finally updated the app to work on current devices (circa 2017). It works great - just like my old 15C from my college days. If you like to use RPN logic - buy this app.