String Tuner

String Tuner

By EUMLab of Xanin Tech. GmbH

  • App Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2012-02-18
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 20.14 MB
  • Developer: EUMLab of Xanin Tech. GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 5.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 47 Reviews

String Tuner App Description

*** 80% off for limited time *** We wish you have a nice holiday :-) ======== String Tuner is the first chromatic tuner that especially designed and optimized for string instruments as: Violin, Viola, Cello and Double bass. Reference sound/Tone generator is provided to help you tune by ear. Moreover, with the optimized algorithms up to ±0.1cent precise , it helps you to do fine tuning quickly with the Built-in or external microphone on your iOS Devices. Most chromatic tuner used 12TET(twelve-tone equal temperament), but the string instruments as violin usually tune as PERFECT FIFTHS against each string. That's why the default temperament of String Tuner is setted to Pythagorean Tuning. You can still customize to 12TET or Standard Just Intonation when needed. String Tuner also supports adjustable calibration A4, you can either adjust it manually or using auto-detecting, it is really helpful when your string instrument need to tune based on Piano's pitch(for example). Hit the A4 key of the piano and String Tuner will take care of the rest. === FEATURES === * User-friendly, extremely easy to use. * Universal APP, purchase once, available on all of your iPhone/iPod/iPad. * 30 cent range fine tuning display * Precise up to ±1/1000 semitone (±0.1 cent) * 3 Temperaments provided: 12TET, Pure(Standard Just Intonation) and Pythagorean Tuning. * Adjustable A4 calibration up to 0.1 Hz precise with the range 400-480Hz * Tone generator helps to do coarse tuning or practice tuning by ear (Intonation Practice). * 4 Tones are supported: Sine, Square, Triangle waveform and REAL String Sound. * Support and optimized for Violin, Viola, Cello and Contra Bass * Tuning Range from A0 - C8 (Full Range) ===About EUMLab===  EUMLab's goal is to unleash your music talent ! With magic technology, EUMLab provides many products to help you create or learn music.  More about us on  Follow us on Twitter/Facebook @EUMLab  Questions? Write to us:  Watch videos on ---------------------------------------------- Our customers said: "SO great, way better than that 20$ tuner I bought at the music store that did not even work that well." "It just works! By FAR the best String Tuner on the App Store! Great UI, just great everything!" "By far, one of the easiest to use tuning apps. The support of the whole family of string instruments in one app is very much appreciated and makes this app that much more useful for orchestra players" "just perfect!! easy, simple and clean!" "I used this app for the first time to tune a children's string ensemble. 4 violins, 2 violas and 2 celli tuned and ready to play in under 5 minutes!!! I could not believe how wonderfully in tune they sounded! Totally recommend it especially if you have lots of strings to tune and very little time." and more… ---------------------------------------------- Thanks, everyone. We will keep making the best music APPs for you.


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App Reviews

  • Please update

    By JBass5
    Love this app and use it all the time for teaching. Will not work on IOS 11. Please update!
  • No longer being supported

    By Chipman the Big Bird
    The developers are no longer supporting this iOS app. They refuse to respond to any support tickets, and they have refused to acknowledge the need to keep the app updated to the newest iOS operating system software. I am now using an app caled Tuner Lite which works just as well.
  • App needs to be updated for a future iOS update.

    By Tyler Pictures
    "(String Tuner)" needs to be updated to a 64-bit app in order to continue to work in future iOS updates.
  • Did not work.

    By Emilyo6
    A couple nights ago I started playing my violin and realized it was out of tune. I downloaded and bought a few apps but this one seemed the best. I tuned for over an hour that night, trying to make the note light but green. when they finally did light up green I was satisfied. however, this morning when my teacher came over to give me my lesson and started to tune my violin with a Snark tuner, my violin was completely out of tune. the G string was flat, the D string was a C and the A and E strings were both sharp. I do not recommend this app. it costs $5 and does not work properly at all.
  • Out of tune

    By 💙😋💙
    I was really excited to go and practice my cello but as soon as I started playing it I realized it was out of tune. I didn't have my regular tuner with me so I decided to but a cello tuner app. I had choosen this one because it look easy to use, it was but as soon as I used it and played a song all the strings were worse than before, I tried it on my viola and when my viola was in tune the app said it wasn't. I have a performance for a project with my viola and now it's out of tune. Please do not download this app.
  • Great

    By Kdapple..'
    Great tuner. I like it. Very stable, doesn't usually gyrate everywhere like some other tuners I have seen, so I prefer it over the others. Beautiful look and feel, and even has wonderful rich drone notes corresponding to each string which can be sounded. This is my go-to tuner for sure.
  • Mrs.

    By dxspinks
    I am a beginner and am very happy with this tuner as it very easy to use. It is worth the price.
  • Not accurate.

    By Best cake
    It was a great app. It was my favorite tuner for violin and cello until I found out the D and G string were both off tune. Please update this APP ASAP otherwise it's useless no matter what.
  • Perfect

    By JenSkiGirl
    <3 love it! Totally worth it
  • Works great

    By CBHaze
    This app is great! It works perfectly for violin, viola, cello, and bass. The only problem is that the price is $3.99! That's about 4 bucks, and that's pretty high for an app. However, it's still a great app!