Hal Higdon Marathon Training Program - Novice 2

Hal Higdon Marathon Training Program - Novice 2

By Bluefin Software, LLC

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Hal Higdon Marathon Training Program - Novice 2 App Description

Get ready for your first Marathon by training with Hal Higdon the best known running author and athlete. His training programs have helped thousands reach their running goals, and this marathon app will help you get to the starting line with confidence. Hal Higdon's many accomplishments include: * Author of 35 books, including the best-selling Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide and a new novel, Marathon * Completed 111 marathons winning four overall as well as numerous age-group firsts * Holds the current M40 and M45 American records for the steeplechase * Is one of the founders of Round Runners Club of America * Has contributed to Runner's World magazine longer than any other writer ABOUT THE TRAINING PLAN - NOVICE 2 This Novice 2 Marathon Training Program is designed both for beginning runners who want to prepare for their first 26.2-mile race, but also for experienced runners interested in a fail safe program that will allow them to excel without making excessive demands upon their time. Novice 2 is designed for those who have been running a while, who may even have finished a 10K or half marathon, and the marathon presents the next step upward. There is slightly more mileage in Novice 2 versus Novice 1, just enough to guarantee a higher level of readiness come race day. Before starting to train for a marathon, you need to possess a basic fitness level. If you are over age 35, you probably should see your doctor for a physical exam, but assuming no major health problems, most healthy people can train themselves to complete a 26.2-mile race. The training plan assumes you have the ability to run 3 miles, three to four times a week. If that seems difficult, consider a shorter distance for your first race. You can try our best selling Ease into 5K app which will prepare you to run 3 miles three times a week. * Novice 2 Training Plan * Eighteen weeks long * Run four days a week * Cross train one day a week * Rest two days a week * Three regular runs a week + one long run each week * Long runs range from 6 to 20 miles * The plan finishes with the Marathon race day APP FEATURES * Hal Higdon's voice will encourage you during your runs * Distance and pace automatically tracked with built in GPS * Metric units support * Training schedule at your fingertips * Home screen shows a visual indicator of your training progress * Select your own music and skip tracks without leaving the app * Half point alert, letting you know when to turn back * Share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter right from your app * Lock Screen prevents accidental button activation during workouts * Excellent customer support * Journal screen lets you document your run * Keep track of your runs on the in app calendar * Beautiful graphs show your progress * Set a goal for distance, pace, weight loss, and distance ran * See your run on a map* * Sync your runs with TrainingPeaks software online directly from your mobile device NEW FEATURES - Redesigned workout Journal - You can now see distance and average pace in the List - The List view shows the cumulative distance you have run with the app - The List view shows your fastest mile from all your workouts (for workouts completed after this update has been installed) - Journal entry screen now allows for easier data entry with larger fields - For treadmill runs you can easily input your treadmill speed and it will be converted into minute per mile (or kilometer) pace - You can change the workout day in the journal entry *Feature not available on iPod touch. Since iPod touch does not have a built-in GPS antenna, the app will ask you for your pace or treadmill speed and will then calculate the time it will take you complete the required distance. Compatible with iOS 9. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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App Reviews

  • Excellent app!

    By Nashvillecarrie
    Works perfectly. I like the motivating comments from Hal. Easy to use and connect to my Apple calendar. Not sure why the other reviews are so negative. It also connects with health kit! 👍🏼 My one request is to add an Apple Watch app please! While I'm running I like to look at my wrist to see my distance etc.
  • Not worth $$

    By 915 Ryan
    Calendar compatibility is bad which is what I was hoping for. Difficult to add work outs. What do you do for treadmill workouts and other work outs?
  • Not Good at All

    By Mzwithers
    Wish I had read up more before pushing buy button. Negative reviews are well founded. UX is terrible and app is buggy. Requesting a refund given that this app doesn't deliver much of an experience. Overall a bust and unfortunate waste of $9.99.
  • Would not buy again

    By Crusher4
    Doesn't connect to run keeper or any outside application. Does not post training schedule to my calendar for me. You can try to post another exercise to the in app calendar, but so far none of the elements on that page work for me and I have to hard reset the app to get out of it. Not worth $10. Not worth $2. Just go to the Hal Higdon website and use training peaks instead. You'll have to manually enter the training schedule onto your calendar either way.
  • Extremely buggy

    By lemessur
    As a developer I'll just say that it's somewhat unusual for an app with quite so many obvious bugs to make it through the review process. I'm giving 2 stars because the UI is reasonably well designed.
  • One suggestion!

    By Loverunning709
    I love this app! It has helped me train and motivated me to stay on track. I would love it if I could input my runs into my iPhone calendar- with estimated times. Planning other things would be so easy if I could look and see if I have to enough time to get a run.
  • couldn't have run it without it!!

    By Hbrunner16
    This is the first review I have ever written for any product, but I felt the need to highly praise this app. I went from not having run in over two years and never having run over 5 miles total to running an entire marathon without stopping with a time of 4 hours and 27 minutes! If you follow the program you will be able to run the marathon! I skipped probably 5 or 6 of the long runs and took a two week vacation during the middle of training and still was fine! This program works and really isn't that large of time commitment! But this app!!
  • Great training app

    By ListeningandReflecting
    I thought so should write a review because I almost didn't buy this due to lack of reviews. Hal Higdon's plan have been used successfully by thousands of runners over the years. BF makes a great training app. It's worth the $10 for me to track everything automatically in the journal with the plan. Definitely worth the money.
  • Pretty good trainer

    By Burgercraft
    I liked his book but was skeptical about the price and the lack of reviews. App is better than I was expecting. GPS works flawlessly so far (after 1 week) and does not seem hog phone resources or battery. Text instructions are clear and straight forward. This thing DOES talk a lot. I was afraid it would be cheesy or annoying like some other trainers I've tried and it IS a little cheesy, but when Mr Higdon came on the first time to tell me I only had 500 feet left I found myself smiling and sprinting the last of it. But, if talk-y isn't for you then this app might not be. App includes options for saving each run with calories burned etc. It does lightly prod you to subscribe for an unnecessary seeming pay training website and it's not clear what it's doing with your GPS data when you aren't running, but it does offer the option to turn off the GPS from within the app. Only clear improvement I can think of would be integration of a pace calculator so you don't have to find one on a the web before your first pace run. Overall I'd rate this a 4+ star app. May change my rating to a 5 in the future if it keeps working so well.
  • Data doesn't get backed up

    By Lameapplereviewsystem
    I bought the software 4 months ago and have been using it religiously to train for my first marathon. Last week my iPhone died and when I restored it I noticed all my runs (80 runs) disappeared. I contacted support and they said data doesn't get backed up. Obviously whoever designed the software never ran before otherwise they would have been displaying in BIG BOLD letters that there's no backup. How disappointing!