Sous Vide °Celsius

Sous Vide °Celsius

By Jonas Frei

  • App Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2011-02-16
  • Current Version: 3.4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 24.04 MB
  • Developer: Jonas Frei
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.3
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 36 Reviews

Sous Vide °Celsius App Description

Opinionated Sous Vide recommendations for chefs and home cooks alike! Tested, so you don’t have to. Use them with any device or remote control the Anova Precision Cooker. ● Sous Vide time/temperature recommendations for ingredients such as beef, veal, poultry, pork, lamb, game, fish, egg, fruits and vegetables. ● Set your own timers: Heat up your waterbath, start, stop, rewind, get notified when your food is ready. ● Remote control the Anova Precision Cooker over Bluetooth. Requires iPhone 4S/iPad 3 or newer. “Sous Vide °Celsius packs in some of the features we wish Anova included” - The Sweethome More features: ● Temperature information in Fahrenheit or Celsius. ● Measurements in inches or cm. ● Step-by-step tutorials to get you started. ● Know-How section: Technical Sous Vide terms explained. ● Use personal notes to refine your own experiences. ● Includes more than 200 Sous Vide experiences tested by chefs. Convinced that Sous Vide is the best cooking method since the discovery of fire? Then you probably own a circulator or a similar device. To start a zip-bag, a cooking pot and a thermometer is all you need. Many Sous Vide recipes work without special equipment. But you will need good advice! Sous Vide has been adopted in professional kitchens for producing precise and consistent results. The Sous Vide method produces perfectly cooked food with outstanding flavor. Its success in high-end cuisine changed the culinary world. With a few starting tips anyone can use this technique. Step-by-step tutorials and Sous Vide timers (mini-recipes with an alarm) help you along the way. Ideas, suggestions or anything you would like to change? Contact us with your feedback on UserVoice! The time for a piece of meat to reach a core temperature can be calculated. A formula using thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity and surface heat transfer calculates the time such shapes as cylinders, cubes and steaks need to acquire a certain core temperature. Consider the PolyScience Toolbox App or Douglas Baldwin’s formulas for calculating pasteurization times. But food is never an exact geometrical shape and waiting for an extra hour for a piece to reach an additional half a degree is impractical. Adjustments for speed and efficiency improve the Sous Vide experience. We have tested Sous Vide recommendations that work and tutorials that make the first steps easy - for professionals and home cooks alike! Sous Vide - no other cooking method gives you so much control!


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App Reviews

  • Works better for Anova than Anova’s app

    By captain-nice
    I read a review of this app that said, it works better for Anova than Anova’s app. So I downloaded it and I have no plans to ever use Anova’s app again.
  • App doesn’t connect or control

    By Kathy in salem
    We had hopes of using my (fully updated) iPad to start our device and turn it off while we were gone. Sadly, there is no way that we can find—even thought my wife is highly tech savvy—to have the iPad control the device. What a waste! My Samsung 8 App does, but only if I am in blue tooth range. Please make this a functional app, rather than a basic kitchen timer!
  • First time user

    By Jojeeh
    Not exactly sure what happened but initially the timer worked but for some reason the app disconnected from my iPad and had to reset it. I’ll give it another try.
  • Can't connect

    By DaBunkster
    Can connect to my ANOVA with their app just fine. This app does not pick it up when it scans. Currently, a total waste of $$$.
  • Simple, opinionated, lovely!

    By whenric
    Really love this app. Quick, great times and temps. Hope it can work with Joule in the future, as chefsteps says that they will open up their sdk. Lovely work!
  • Ribs

    By Jimmy T's
    Ribs came out great, flavor awesome
  • Finally!

    By Mrwho1312
    This is what the Anova app should have been! It's so straightforward with the meat choice, then size, then doneness you would want. The other apps are specific recipes but this lets you customize your own to make the results you want. It costs less than a piece of meat you messed up by cooking it wrong!
  • Far superior to Anova app

    By Vita Water
    This app is perfect. Has all the necessary information very easily accessible and doesn't have all the useless frills that the anova app has. The app also has superior recipes since it suggests presearing and has many more options as to the variety of meat and even how you want it cooked. The app even connects to my anova Sous vide cooker with significantly less issues than Anova's own app! If I could make a suggestion it would be that the tutorials could be reorganized rather than just having 4 slides of information. This app is simple, effective, well organized, and just works.
  • Best app currently for Anova precision cooker!

    By Lt184
    Unlike the app. Anova offers this one is dependable and connects faster letting you get to cooking faster and has a larger recipe library for a larger variety of types of food. The nominal fee is just that and reminds me of the saying you get what you pay for, free=unreliable small fee=an app. that actually works, well done and hope to see this app. get future updates with more tips/tricks and even more recipes.
  • Still lacks user-entered thickness measurements, but plenty of useful stuff

    By Dave McA
    This app connects by Bluetooth to the Anova Precision immersion heater. But I expected a role for user-entered variables in the time/temp calculation. For example, I cooked salmon that was about 50 cm thick, but the only thickness value offered in this app is 25 cm, so the calculation was wrong for my dish. Surely the basic variables should be variable. But it is still cool to control the Anova by Bluetooth. There are a number of good things here, including a tab with all sorts of useful tips.