Bodyweight: Your Own Gym

Bodyweight: Your Own Gym

By Hard Coded Fitness, LLC

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Bodyweight: Your Own Gym App Description

Get into the best shape of your life without stepping foot into a gym! Exercise at home using the same techniques used by Special Forces as taught by fitness instructor and best selling author Mark Lauren. Join the bodyweight fitness revolution today! Use the body you HAVE to build the body you WANT following best selling author Mark Lauren's workout plans! ***** App Highlights ***** * No gym required * Over 200 effective exercises using nothing but your body and items you can find around the house! * Quick workouts * Quick results! * Healthkit integration allows saved workouts to be tracked in Apple's Health app! * Easy to follow program * Great for all fitness levels * Workout in your own home or while traveling * Workout in as little as 2 minutes and no more than 36 minutes a day. * Our 10-week fitness programs will guide you to a new physique and are perfect for any fitness level. * Quick workouts that you can use to fit any schedule with as little as 2 minutes a day. These require nothing but a floor and are great for exercising anywhere! * Let our app guide you through each workout. Voice prompts and on screen video instruct you on exactly what to do. * This app is for everyone: men, women, beginners, experts, busy professionals, travelers, athletes, functional fitness fans... ***** Recognitions ***** * #1 in the app paid category in 10 countries. * #1 for iPhone/iPad in Heath and Fitness Paid * App store features including "Get in Shape", "New Year New You", "New and Noteworthy", "What's Hot" and more * 5 star average rating across all versions WARNING: This app will remove your current fitness excuses and change your life. ***** App Origins ***** This app is based on the best selling book by Mark Lauren "You Are Your Own Gym". The bodyweight exercises in this app have been used to create society’s leanest, strongest, most confident people. He honed his program for a decade while preparing nearly a thousand soldiers for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the U.S. Special Operations. ***** Interactive Workout Timers ***** Let Mark Lauren guide you through workouts and tell you exactly when to workout and when to rest all while giving you instructions for each exercise with detailed text and numerous images. Use these timers to follow each workout in the 10 week rapid results program or create your own custom workout routines from any exercise in the app. ***** Workout Types ***** - Tabatas - Supersets - Stappers - Interval Sets - Ladders. ***** Keep Sending Us Feedback! ***** * We listen and we respond to emails * We update our app often


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App Reviews

  • Great

    By superdude42
    Love this app! Just what we were looking for - a day by day routine of body weight exercises, telling us exactly what to do. Beginner routine was pretty tough but we stuck with it for the ten weeks and got better. We are going to do it a again. (And maybe twice) before jumping up to intermediate. We love how everything can be done at home - we exercise after the kids go to bed. That’s the only time we have as parents of small children. The app is well made, it walks you through the routine and shows you examples.
  • Fantastic update

    By Irish Floyd
    This well executed app is a great companion for the book. Been looking forward to having the specific workouts incorporated into the already useful timers for the different workout types. Easy to understand and use. Thanks! It is a very large file, but I like having the video demonstrations incorporated.
  • After having a stroke...

    By GuyPicks
    After having a stroke, I started using this app as therapy and it helped bring me right along. It gave me inspiration to keep working out and keep moving. Thanks for making this app.
  • Well thought out programs and useful guidance

    By ToddStark
    The interface is very well designed and I found the programs themselves are particularly good. The guided programs are very easy to follow with built in timing cues and rep counting for the different protocols used. If you want to skip to the next set early or pause or repeat a set at any point you can, without throwing off the structure of the workout. The progressions for the guided programs are sensible and yet provide challenge at each stage. The periodization in the programs makes for interesting shifts of emphasis from week to week that keep the workouts fresh. There are very specific guidelines for the different program levels, which is very helpful. There is also a way to construct your own workouts from the built in exercises if you want to vary things from the guided programs. Progressions start very easy and eventually become extremely challenging so this will be useful for a very wide range of people. Finally the programs in my opinion do a great job mixing different kinds of fitness into a single all around developmental sequence, there is endurance of different kinds as well as strength of different kinds challenged here. This is very far from a simplistic “let’s try even more pushups today” sort of programming, and the app does most of the thinking and workout planning for you. A couple things I found it weak on: (1) the history capture is not really a workout log at all, it is just a record of which exercises you did, so I find that I have to also keep a manual log separately to track things. (2) I found the implementation of “ladders” (timed pyramids) very confusing and difficult to adapt for different reps than the built in default ones. Overall excellent bodyweight programs and very useful guidance by the app.
  • Your body is The Gym

    By Bart2377
    Best workout app for $5 thank you 🙏
  • Good, but there are better apps for free

    By AJDestin
    Several years ago, I bought Mark Lauren’s You Are Your Own Gym book, and it helped me to get into the best shape of my life. Then life got entirely too busy and, well you know the story. Now that I’m ready to get back into shape again, I’ve found that the basic workouts in that book are a bit out of reach unless I want to be REALLY sore. I found this app and have been very impressed. Not only are there multiple programs available for your specific level of fitness (Basic through Elite), but there are also smaller workouts at those same levels and you can adjust the time from 2 to 40 minutes, making your own little program. I’ve found this very useful and also really like that it stores my history and exports to the Apple Health App. If you really want to get into shape, get this now. The warmups, workouts, and cool downs are all well designed and the app works great. Update: I recently changed phones and the app will no longer allow me to log in. I’ve contacted the developer and have been ignored. While the app seemed great for a while, it really isn’t now. Go with Nike Training Club instead. It’s free and works.
  • An incredible app

    By JimiD77
    This app leads you through programmed exercises or gives you the ability to create custom exercises from a large library of interesting and innovative exercises. You can mix exercise patterns, sets, reps, etc. so you can challenge yourself no matter where you are. Get it, use it, you'll be happy you did.
  • Great app - user friendly - great workout program

    By Mr. Swagalicious
    Well worth the cost given what is offered by Mark Lauren and his team. Great workouts for all levels of fitness. Get on board the Bodyweight train peoples - you won’t be sorry.
  • Very very good but a few improvements for the premium videos needed

    By Carlninja
    Love this program. Mark is just great. Uses few words and not trying to manipulate you to buy other products. Everything about this is modest and effective. Workouts perfect length for my schedule with busy job and little kids. I have purchased nearly all of the premium videos. Same price and way more convenient than DVD. Would like to see YAYOG volume 2 available soon. All of his programs, quite frankly. Needs to have scrubbing 15-30 seconds to skip introductions, or even a built in bookmark to skip to start to workout. Also needs to save your spot in the video if you exit the app briefly...frustrating to have to find your spot again. Otherwise GREAT.
  • Great app

    By Latavarius
    Solid app. Would like a little more instruction on the stretches— not sure what some of the instructions mean. Some of the controls during the workout work consistently, but are annoying in that you can stop a workout or skip to the end of a part and then the app doesn’t count your reps. It encourages you to do the workout without interruption, but is annoying when you have a family and need to stop from time to time.