Wärtsilä iSailor

Wärtsilä iSailor

By Transas Marine Limited

  • App Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2010-12-15
  • Current Version: 1.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 70.33 MB
  • Developer: Transas Marine Limited
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.3
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 400 Reviews

Wärtsilä iSailor App Description

Wärtsilä iSailor is an easy-to-use marine and river navigation application for amateur seafarers. iSailor provides a clear presentation of navigational information, electronic charts and additional content. TX-97 vector charts supported by iSailor are recognized worldwide as one of the most accurate and reliable sources of navigational information. Check out the chart folios available for purchase on our website: isailor.us Chart folios can be purchased and downloaded in the iSailor Chart Store utilizing the standard iTunes Store payment/purchasing procedure. Chart correction service is provided on annual basis via the auto-renewable subscription service. iTunes will charge payment after confirmation of the chart correction purchase. You may manage your subscriptions and turn off the auto-renewal service in the Account Settings. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. You can cancel your subscription in the Chart Store any time. All previously purchased chart folios will remain available for you and can be restored from the service via the Chart Restore function. To receive subsequent chart corrections for your purchased charts, you will need to subscribe to the annual updates in the Chart Store. The application works on iPhone and iPad using built-in GPS, NMEA Wi-Fi GPS or an external Bluetooth GPS. Supported devices (iOS version 9.3.5 and higher): • iPhone 4S or higher • iPad - 2nd generation or higher iSailor features: • Positioning system: iOS (Built-In GPS), NMEA GPS or AIS Class B (Option) • AIS Class A NavData interface (Option) • NMEA Heading and Rate-Of-Turn sensors (Option) • NMEA Echo Sounder with a graphical 2D echogram and water temperature sensor (Option) • NMEA Wind Sensor, including True & Relative wind calculation (Option) • NMEA Autopilot interface (Option) • Display of charts, routes, track(s) and user objects • AIS target presentation. Target contours and dimensions (Option) • Internet AIS service (Optional subscription) • Weather service (Optional subscription) • Tides and tidal currents (Optional subscription) • Sailing guides, regional marinas (Optional subscription) • North Up, COG Up, Head Up and Route Up chart orientations • Information on any vector chart objects • Free cursor, Point-To-Point and Own ship referenced ERBL functionality • Monitoring of navigational data: Position, Course (COG) and Speed Over Ground (SOG) • Route creation by the graphic and tabular methods. “Go To” routes. • Waypoint monitoring: Bearing to WP, Distance to WP, XTD, Time-To-Go and ETA • Schedule information: Time-To-Go and ETA to any selected waypoint ahead • Multi-language support • Multi-unit support • Custom track colors • Day and night chart palettes • Alarm monitoring functionality • Route, track and user object: export/import via GPX, KML and KMZ formats • Advanced Logging and Playback function (Option) • User object sharing via Facebook, Twitter, iMessenger, eMail NOTE: Continuous use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease the battery life. Wärtsilä iSailor application may use your location even when it’s not open, which can decrease battery life of the device iSailor web site: http://www.isailor.us iSailor EULA: http://www.transas.com/legal/Wartsila_Voyage_EULA.pdf iSailor Privacy Notice: http://www.transas.com/Media/Default/Downloads/Wartsila_Voyage_Privacy_Notice.pdf Questions? Please contact us at isailor.support@wartsila.com Sincerely yours, iSailor Team


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App Reviews

  • Huge loss for all!

    By Disappointed,yes!
    I have used and recommended this app to all my students for many years however the recent changes have destroyed my reasons to do do. I will NOT continue to support this company. A loss that could have continued to make boating safer at a reasonable cost, greed seems to have destroyed it.
  • Terrible Disappointment

    By D Kasprzak
    I have been using iSailor for several years and have been a strong advocate of the software to anyone who would ask for recommendations of a navigation app. Your companies decision to move to a subscription based service will likely move you to the lower ranks of a navigation app. There are other apps available that have better features than iSailor and now you are competing on their level. I now have to start looking at other apps due to this change.
  • Rip off change to subscription pricing

    By RobertYJ
    As a long time user of iSailor, I am extremely disappointed by the move to subscription. Hiding behind the fact that deep in the terms and conditions it says you have the right to change is pathetic when the change is of this magnitude. It is also short sighted - with the previous model I would buy charts that were of transient interest rather than necessary for everyday use. If I continue to use the product at all, I will now stick to the charts I actually need - a small subset of those that I have purchased over the years. I certainly won’t be buying additional portfolios. If you have to move to subscription, it would have been better to have a single charge for all updates. I’m sure your spreadsheet experts will ‘prove’ that this won’t generate as much money as doing this by chart portfolio but I think they underestimate the extent to which people will simply go elsewhere with the current model. My assumption is that the target market for this product is no longer the recreational sailor. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives.
  • What a shame

    By celinapayson
    Agree with other recent reviewers that the app update requiring subscriptions is a terrible decision and sure to alienate the existing base of happy customers. Existing customers like me bought the maps with the understanding that the maps would be regularly updated. Now you are trying to charge people a similar amount PER YEAR to get the updates. Crazy. I would have been happy to pay a small nominal fee for updates on new purchased charts. You could reconsider and grandfather charts purchased prior to your new policy change. That would at least be fair to existing customers. However, i also think you need to revisit your new pricing. People will leave the app.
  • Ruined a good app, time to try another

    By obnoxious88
    I have used the app for years and it was great. Now they change the rules and want to charge for updates per folio! Most travelers have multiple folios so it is cost prohibitive. Time to try another app. Maybe SEAiq will be better and not rip-off their customers by changing the contracts with existing customers. Bye
  • Bait and Switch

    By Yorkshireman at sea
    Terrible change in business model. I have advocated this product to 100s of people. No more.
  • Business model

    By s/v Slipstream
    It’s hard to believe the app materially changed it pricing model for existing customers.
  • Very bad business decision!

    By A r k i e 1
    I have enjoyed your software for the last three years, and have found it to be very reliable and easy to use. I have used your charts to voyage up and down the east coast of the U.S. and also trips to Bermuda. The charts have proven very accurate and affordable - - up until now. The decision to go “subscription based” has caught many of us by surprise. The concept of buying a chart, and then having periodic updates was very appealing, and was a major factor in my decision to use your software. To change this support policy retroactively has made for many unhappy and disappointed customers whose ranks I have now joined. I would urge you to reconsider your business decision, and come up with a plan to rectify this current situation. If nothing is done in future revisions, I will be compelled to look for alternative navigation solutions, as I am sure many other loyal customers will also.
  • Charts are not free

    By Sisiutl
    I tried iSailor but found OpenCPN to still have better functionality and does not charge subscription for charts. I sail all around the world and subscription cost for many areas add up to be prohibitive.
  • Was great. Now a rip-off

    By Haze Gray
    The change to an annual subscription fee is a rip-off. The iSailor website until recently advertised ‘Free regular chart updates.’ (Go ahead and Google it.) Now their current website excuses the change by saying, “Our terms [of service] have always stated that charges are subject to change.” What’s the next change? Will the next ‘update’ convert our purchased charts into annual only to use? Will we loose all our purchased charts and force us to re-buy them? With a scammy company like this the sky’s the limit! Look, if these exorbitant charges included weekly Notice to Mariners or other changes I might see the value. But it doesn’t. If the charges helped fix some long standing issues, (such as the inability to plot a course from one side of the Pacific to the other) or added features(Great Circle sailing) I might be tempted. But I’m not. Over the years I’ve spent over USD $850 on this product. Now they want that same amount every year. Now I won’t spend another dime on this - now or ever.