Law of Attraction Wealth Hypnosis and Meditation by Erick Brown

Law of Attraction Wealth Hypnosis and Meditation by Erick Brown

By Hypnosis and Meditation for Success, LLC

App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 124 Reviews

Law of Attraction Wealth Hypnosis and Meditation by Erick Brown App Description

* Perfect for anyone! Great for beginners or those with hypnosis and meditation experience * * Over 3 MILLION downloads sold * Benefits: ◊ Attract opportunities for success ◊ Positive thinking ◊ More energy ◊ More motivation and focus Are you ready to live the life you've always imagined? Use the power of the Law of Attraction to attract wealth and success into your life. Train your brain with this powerful hypnosis program, and get in the mindset for success. The Law of Attraction is safe and easy to use! Save HUNDREDS of dollars and get all the benefits of hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. This one-of-a-kind hypnosis program truly brings you the power of hypnosis in the palm of your hand. Short Induction - Perfect for a quick hypnosis session, this induction is approximately 10 minutes long. Long Induction - Soothe and relax your body and mind with this 15 minute induction. Sleep Induction - Great for sleeping the whole night through. Listen to this induction at bedtime and get all the benefits of hypnosis while you sleep. --FEATURES-- ◊ 3 Induction choices ◊ 4 background animation choices ◊ Wake or Sleep endings ◊ Create a playlist ◊ Optional alarm clock ◊ UNLOCK ALL PROGRAMS FOR ONLY $'ll save over 70% --IN-APP STORE PROGRAMS-- ◊ Weight Loss ◊ Deep Sleep ◊ Motivation ◊ Exercise Motivation ◊ Confidence Boost ◊ Lucid Dreaming ◊ Stress Relief ◊ Deep Relaxation ◊ Face Your Fears ...and over 80 more!


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App Reviews

  • Don't make in app purchase!

    By Mignym
    I really like this meditation. So much so, that I thought I'd like to try another one by him. I tried purchasing another from within the app. The amount was deducted from my apple account, but there was an error that prevented install. It's not listed under apps I purchased even though the money was deducted from from my account. I lost $3.99. DO NOT MAKE IN APP PURCHASE or you may be ripped off like I was!!!!!
  • Helps me sleep

    By dj star
    My husband snores. This helps me fall asleep almost instantly. If the subliminal messaging works - and I do feel changes within - then it's a bonus!
  • Our favorite subliminal app

    By Dcm1024
    We have tried a number of apps and this is our favorite. The only suggestion I have for improvement is a musical prelude prior to the beginning of induction.
  • One of the best!!!!!

    By NachoCamacho
    I've tried many different hypnosis apps and this one is definitely one of the best.
  • Works good

    By Lar 125
    Interestingly, it only works if Paid Forward.
  • Not good

    By tuberose95
    I like the actual app. I have purchased 10+. I needed to switch to a new iPad I lost all content and now it says I have no content to restore!
  • Great

    By JTNur
    Soothing and helps me sleep especially when I wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to get back to sleep.
  • So far, so good

    By pratt31
    No complaints so far. Everything is working great.
  • Shuts off when iphone locks out

    By Swan1019
    Whenever my iPhone locks out to lock screen the audio shuts off. Used to not do this.
  • Perfect!

    By Bodpro
    It helps me focus on abundance and relax