Tactical Navigator

Tactical Navigator

By Orange Clover LLC

  • App Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2010-07-01
  • Current Version: 2.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 86.25 MB
  • Developer: Orange Clover LLC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 71 Reviews

Tactical Navigator App Description

Tactical Navigator (“TacNav”) is a mobile application tool for communications, operations, and outdoor planning--perfect for any military or outdoor enthusiast! Whether you want to save a training location or your best fishing spot, this app is for you. Tactical Navigator comes with the following features: Basic App Features • Compass • Day of Year & UTC Time always visible • Add many locations to the map at the same time • Coordinate systems: Degrees, DM.m, DMS, MGRS, and UTM • Search by address or any coordinate format • Elevation • Current weather conditions and temperature • Local and Military time • Choice of Metric or Imperial measurement values Enhanced Map Actions • Distance & Direction • ETA to a location • Calculate a Satellite Look Angle • Calculate an offset coordinate given distance & direction • Trace a path • Routes (great for land navigation) • Calculate Area • Add a radius around a location Other Great Features • Use MIL-STD-2525C symbology to change your location's icon • Save notes to your saved locations • Open Turn-by-Turn apps for driving directions with 3rd party apps (Apple Maps, Google Maps™, and Waze) • Universal application for use on iPhone or iPad • iCloud integration to sync across your devices and auto-backup your data • Angle of Device (ex. to assist positioning a ground satellite) • Share your data with other TacNav users via encrypted AirDrop™ or email • Export your data to KML Thank you for your support and using TacNav. US Army Major Kevin Militello - Owner & Developer Disclaimers: • Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life • TacNav is not endorsed by any government agency


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App Reviews

  • The only MGRS app

    By Pyridan
    The only app to use if you need to convert to MGRS.
  • 5 years using app

    By idiocue
    The app has come along way in the 6 years I’ve used it. I am a huge proponent of it and recommend it frequently with guys I work with. Having said that, a few thing I would LOVE to see and would be willing to pay for is simulating some of the capabilities found in ATAK/APASS; the availability to save your own maps via SQLite/KMZ i.e so the app can be used in areas of limited reception would be a HUGE leap forward. Another massive game changer would be the availability to export point as KMZ’s as-well, its awesome that you can export KML and TacNav however if KMZ’s were available that would be 10/10. Another huge thing would be ordnance REDS/MSD’s so if you dropped a point, we’re you can label as a symbol has a piece or artillery or ADO with the appropriate safe distance of said ordnance auto pop similar to that of the radius function. Lastly if you could have locations being folder-ized that would be incredible. I have about 800 some odd points from all over the US stored and being able to select a predefined folder for a geographic area would make life simpler. Thanks for the great app, love what you do and please if you can make those changes. I’d drop $20.00 for those capabilities (if they were non-glitchy) in a heartbeat!
  • No update since Oct. 2015.

    By Y-69
    Very good app but I just recently downloaded it and it works as advertised. Curious if the devs are still keeping up with this app or is it going the way of the dodo when it comes to updates?
  • Great app. Couldn't ask for more

    By Justone1982
    I am a professional skydiver, and former military man. Using this app makes my job so much easier. I can place pins where I am taking off from and where I am landing at. Comparing elevation offsets and doing real time distance and direction can at times literally be a life saver. The different unit values and display functions would really come in handy for anyone trying to compare lat/longs to the MGRS system. This is the first review I've written for an app. Good job guys.
  • New Version ruins a great app

    By Preist
    I've used this app since its introduction. It has been extremely useful in the field. "Unclassified bar" seems like a waste of screen real estate, but it's forgivable for an otherwise excellent tool. Keep up the improvements. It would be useful to have waypoint route calculations based on a programmable/custom rate of progress -- handy for planning purposes. You could also add in rough calculations for foot, vehicular-ground, helo, air, and sea/amphib that take into account any available environmental data.
  • Why did you change it???

    By PickleUSMC
    As a member of our armed forces, the ability to quickly plot and determine direction and distance is important. Since the update, I am unable to manipulate the waypoints to enter a grid. This was the most useful feature in previous versions. Please provide this functionality again!!
  • OMG!!!

    By Spectrum 1SG
    I have been looking for two years for an application like this! The conversion from MilGrid to Lat/Long is awesome for frequency managers!!! Great for UHF TACSAT as well with the new Satellite Az/El calculations. Compared MilGrids to those on paper for our training areas and it is pretty dead on. It's hard to get a true 10-digit grid. And did I mention it was a great help for a night land nav course! Great app!
  • Your update

    By beagleman2009
    I like the old version better a compass might help but every one think change is better nope.
  • Top notch grade A app

    By MakdayZCEO
    This app does everything it says it will. I use this app all the time for all my navigation needs. A big thank you to the developer!
  • Great!!!

    By Matty35!
    I have been looking for an app like this for a long time. I am glad I finally found it.