Receipts For You

Receipts For You

By Jeremy Breaux

  • App Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2010-04-27
  • Current Version: 2.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 3.57 MB
  • Developer: Jeremy Breaux
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 21 Reviews

Receipts For You App Description

This app is great for giving out a digital receipt when you are out and about. Are you a landlord, technician, friend, etc... who collects money due? This app is for you! After you collect the money you can fill out a receipt then e-mail it to the person who gave you the cash. Now you both have a receipt in pdf format! How to create a Receipt: First, fill in “From”, “Amount”, and “For” fields. Next, use your finger to sign your name. Finally when you are done, you can e-mail the receipt. The receipt will e-mail as a PDF attachment. You can also add additional information in the body and change the subject line. Other editable fields: You can change the receipt number by tapping in the “No:” field. You can also change the date if you by tapping on the date, a date scroll wheel will appear and you can scroll to the desired date. Then tap on“Select”. How to clear your signature: Double tap anywhere on the signature and the writing will erase. How to clear the main editable fields: Tap on the “Clear” button, this will erase the information in the “From”, “Amount”, and “For” fields. How to increment the receipt number: Tap on the “+” button to increment the receipt number. Tip for a better signature: Small movements with your finger will get the best looking digital signature.


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App Reviews

  • Awesome app

    By Amjanj
    I've been looking for an app that allows me to send and keep track of receipts for my students. This app allows me to do just that. With private tutoring in demand, my students like to secure their spots by paying ahead. This app is simple, neat, clean and very professional. I highly recommend!!
  • Good but could be better

    By Gina10972
    Great app for writing receipts on the go. Suggested improvements: 1) add multiple file options, ie allow different folders to be created to store receipts for different income sources. 2) Auto numbering if possible. 3) ICloud capabilities to sync with iPad. Hard to track receipts on two devices when they don't match. Otherwise I would give it a 5 because its very convenient.
  • No good

    By mattcoop77017
    I purchased this application to write a receipt for cash. It did not work. I only took my money to purchase. Don't buy no good.
  • For the price....👎

    By Micheboo
    For $2 bucks I expect it could tally the receipt number automatically. 😒 I have to remember to hit the plus sign once I have emailed one.😖 It is great and what I was looking for, but for $2....I'd expect this for $.99. It does do what it says it will but the price is too much. Over all I like it. 👍
  • Good start; a few improvements would make it 5-star worthy

    By PangirlMom
    This app does what it says - allows you to email a PDF image - complete with your signature - of an actual receipt to someone. It's intuitive and easy to use, and I haven't seen anything else like it in the Apple store yet. It appears that this is the first release, so perhaps the developers have these and other enhancements in mind. 1. It would be great to have a copy of the receipt in the app or a report of some kind showing the receipts that were issued. This is especially important since the app doesn't automatically increment the receipt number or clear the receipt data once an email has been sent. If I want to be sure of the last receipt I sent, I have to go digging through my email Sent folder. 2. As others have stated, categories would be nice 3. A bigger field for the For field, or another field for notes/comments We recently started collecting dues for a group I'm in. On the day that the meeting started, I downloaded this app and was able to send receipts to everyone. It worked really well and I'm giving it four stars. A few more enhancements and it will deserve five!
  • Does what it says

    By HDR Fan
    This is a very simple app for issuing receipts. Needs a large remarks box for detailed explanations. Also needs some category templates and an option to customize them. However it took care of my hassle of writing paper receipts, scanning and so on.
  • Here's a thought

    By ER Nurse Supervisor
    This app is great. I have several rental properties so it helps me stay organized. To the person who would like the text option...send the receipt to your email address then forward to your renters phone via text messaging through email (google that, it will show you how). Sending it to your address as well as your renters address allows you to create a file and save all previous receipts. Although text messages through email is a great option for those renters who do not have an email address, their ability to view the document as a text will depend on what kind of phone they have. Good luck, April Winborne Winnsboro, Louisiana
  • Ok app

    By jallen14
    I woul like it to store prior receipts and to save the information from the previous receipt when I exit the app so I don't have to type it in over and over since I would have the same dollar amount and "for" every time. I would also like it to automatically increment the receipt number.
  • Needs a couple of things

    By Gusnica
    For one, I would like to see categories or user designations e.g. Rents, Deposits, Paid, not just for money received, also money paid out. Then I would like the program to store the receipts in each category maybe limiting to a max of some sorts. I would also like to have texting capability in case the recipient does not have email. And finally, I would like to see automatic receipt number sequencing for each category. Otherwise I have to remember what my last number was. As it stands, the program is a one trick pony. It is better than nothing and helps me being a landlord when I collect cash.
  • I recommend it

    By Eazy56
    I did not receive a copy of receipt in my inbox when I emailed it to a customer. Should have an option of printing signature also. Maybe I need practice signing it. But good app and very convenient. 