By Audioforge Labs Inc.

  • App Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2009-07-08
  • Current Version: 5.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 19.69 MB
  • Developer: Audioforge Labs Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 1,138 Reviews

Equalizer App Description

"... the sound quality blew us away."- Gearburn.com Music player with the most powerful and acurate equalizer in the app store as well as the most advanced playlist controls. + Play music directly from your Music Library including podcasts and music video (audio only) + Adjust the powerful parametric equalizer by moving the seven control points or type in the values directly. + Adjust the EQ curve for your left and right ear separately (now extends from -30 to + 30 dB. Use the StereoEQ setting for that) + Select from over 10 presets or save your own. You can even share them via email and import presets from other people via email. + Full background support including remote control (from docks, headsets, car stereos) + Visualize the music with the spectrum analyzer. + Use AirPlay to listen on your AppleTV, or your Bluetooth headsets and even a dock. + Use the pre-amp slider to adjust the overall boost or cut. Make sure to turn the slider down if you experience distortion. Use the auto-normalizer function to prevent clipping automatically and have the best dynamic range possible with your eq curve. (on/off in settings) + Curve screen: curve redraws as controllers are dragged. Pinch to modify Q. Three stage clipping signal on preamp slider. Keyboard entry for pre-amp. Twitter/Facebook/Weibo integration to share your current EQ curve. Bypass. + Crossfade between songs. Make sure to stop the music before changing the crossfade time slider. + Now playing screen includes repeat (all, single no repeat) button and shuffles like the music app. Improved stability of on the fly modifications of the playlist. Add more songs to the playlist at any time. Sort playlist alphabetically. + Music selection is very similar to default music app. + Turn landscape to display the frequency analyzer. + Built in sleep timer to stop Equalizer after a certain period if time. + Crossfeed option to blend audio between channels + Apple Watch support incl. complications KNOWN ISSUES: No known issues. please contact support if you have any problems. INTERNET RADIO: Please have a look at our dedicated online radio app: RadEQ - Equalizer for streaming online Radio COPY-PROTECTED MUSIC: Equalizer will not play copy-protected (DRM). You need to convert DRM songs. Apple Music Streaming uses copy-protected songs. iCLOUD: Only the Apple Music app can manage songs in iCloud (iTunes Match). You will need to make sure the songs are downloaded to your device to listen and enhance them via Equalizer. If you want to stream and eq your music, you can try our other app: CloudEQ. It allows you to stream and eq music from SoundCloud and your Dropbox account without the need for storage on your device. MUSICIANS: Equalizer is not providing the functionality for rendering your eq curve to the song. However, our other app: Remaster does! From the reviews: EXCELLENT PROGRAM I connect my iphone 4 to a car audio system, with the application the music began to sound incomparably better .... A little clear interface, but to understand it and understand need no more than 5-10 minutes. -- P_S_B_ *** LOVE IT This is the EQ I have been looking for, and because of bad ratings I almost passed on it! I consider myself an aspiring audiophile and have the equipment -- Klipsch, Sunfire, Nottingham, Denon, Paradigim, etc. -- (and debt) to back it up. This EQ performs flawlessly and is very easy to use. It enhanced my music dramatically. Yes, dramatically! Just make sure you are running the recommended IOS, as the developer suggests. -- J. Paul DiMaggio *** PLEASE if you have concerns or encounter problems with the app: post on http://www.audioforge.ca and we will explain how things work, until you can use all the features of the app to the fullest. Thank you


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App Reviews

  • No funciona

    By bquiran
    Es muy complicado
  • Highly recommended!! Great app!

    By Akira_808
    I've been using this App to address shortcomings of Apple's equalization presets. The fact that I can freely adjust the sound to my liking is worth every penny. This app can be used to get the best of the AirPods, which puts more emphasis on the low frequencies, but not so much in the high frequencies, and the presets that Apple provides makes music sound dull and lifeless. Thanks to this app, I was able to pinpoint frequencies to make the AirPods sound much better. I've also used this app to make my Bose QC30 noise cancelling headphones sound even better. I highly recommend this app for those who like to adjust the sound to their liking. Kudos to the developer who worked hard in making this app the best it can be. Buy it, you won't regret it.
  • Equalizer

    By smoothie zone
    I have over 6000 songs this equalizer will only play four songs.
  • Really bad save. Your money

    By arno1039
    So bad Doesn’t work Don’t waste your money
  • Amazing App

    By LjaY40
    This app is truly amazing.You can’t beat it. This app is not for people who want plug n play. It is a very complicated app to figure only because you have so much control over.It has presets you can start with then gradually move sliders to your liking and listen to your music. Once you have it mastered oh boy your sound coming out of your speakers is like you have never heard before.I am continually playing with this app adjusting and fine tuning my sound to my preferences. I am running OS-12 6th gen iPad thru a 4K Apple TV and back through my surround sound My stereo has never sounded so good,I hear sounds that I’ve never heard before. App is running extremely smooth. Don’t delay download and play today you won’t be sorry😁
  • Best equalizer in the App Store hands down

    By 2011 artist
    Worth every penny. Turns the AirPods into mini monsters of sound. There is one issue with this app in ios12. When you press the music icon to access the section of the app that allows you to pick artists, playlists etc. the icons on the bottom of the app are non working. The icons are off center the only way to pick a song is the app diverts to only playlists section.
  • Great Equalizer and Music Player

    By Chazzzor
    I confess I run the equalizer at flat. But what I love is the Cross-Feed provision. If you use headphones you are probably aware that the music usually sounds like its spatially inside your head - Which is nothing like you get from external stereo speakers. The crossfeed control (under the gear “settings” introduces a little left into right and right into left to compensate for the unnatural stereo separation you get from headphones or earbuds. In my case I find that setting the cross-feed to -12% sounds great in my headphones. The lead singer is inside my head spatially and the rest of the band is usually around me - I much prefer this to having all the sound sources spatially inside my head with headphones. The other thing I really like is that it has an effective auto-level function that helps to compensate for the different volume levels between my music tracks. I use this on my iPhone and iPad and it seamlessly imported all my music and playlists from Apple’s Music Player. Now if I am using headphones or earbuds I play my music with this App instead of the Apple Music Player.
  • It should say Apple music won't work with it

    By Black Walnut Pie
  • My Primary Music Player for 2 Years

    By Seattle Rex
    This makes music sound like I want it to sound. I tried many many others, and while there are some worthy competitors, this takes the top spot. It’s had some UI bugs over the years, but it sounds superb. This + quality audio files + a good pair of headphones is like a high-end stereo system. I especially love the ‘thump’ I can get from the low end. Bump the 50-70Hz spectrum, and the phones practically shake off of my head. It’s a thing of beauty. I’ve got thousands of hours of listening in this app. This one is the real deal. Thank you so much for your hard work and expertise in making it!
  • Excellent EQ For Beats Tour Headphones

    By Hollywood Jake
    I’m trying to share my EQ setting but it says I have to set up my Email my Email has been set up for along time.