By HotPaw Productions

  • App Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2009-04-25
  • Current Version: 2.5.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 3.51 MB
  • Developer: HotPaw Productions
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.3
App Ratings: 3
Based on 86 Reviews

MorseDecoder App Description

The HotPaw Morse Code Decoder translates Morse Code sound into text. Just use the microphone or headset input on your iPhone or iPad for the audio signal input, and watch decoded text appear. The Morse Code Decoder includes both an automatic decoding mode, plus manual controls to allow the decoding of weaker signals in noise and QRM. Manually adjustable parameters include the frequency of the audio filter, the WPM dot/dash speed used for detecting characters, the threshold level of background noise, and whether Farnsworth timing is to be used for detecting spaces between individual characters. The Morse Code Decoder includes a built-in spectrogram to help determine the audio frequency of the Morse Code tones. Use the optional narrow-band DSP audio filter to help filter out background noise. The audio filter works for tone frequencies from 300 to 2400 Hz. Please do not try to decode tones outside this range. The Morse code WPM (words per minute) detection speed is automatically adaptive from about 8 to 40 WPM, and can be locked to the current estimated WPM dot speed. You can also manually set the WPM code speed if the automatic speed detection guesses incorrectly. A QRQ High Speed WPM mode setting allows decoding much higher WPM speeds in the range of 30 to 80 WPM. Please aim your iPhone microphone at the Morse Code sound source so that the iPhone's noise cancelling microphone doesn't cancel it out. You can see if sound is getting to the iPhone by seeing a peak in the spectrum display. Please use the manual settings if automatic decoding does not adjust to the frequency, WPM. or background noise threshold level properly. Decoding will not work if the audio filter or WPM are set incorrectly, or there is a lot of background noise or room echoes above the threshold setting. Please see the help file on the HotPaw website for hints as to how to solve decoding issues.


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App Reviews

  • Battlefield 1

    By battlefield 1 user beware!
    Don’t buy this if you are trying to decode Morse code on battlefield one. The back noise is too much. Complete waste of my ten dollars. It ‘s a sad day in America when money is wrongly spent. Wish I could return this app. Don’t believe the fake reviews of bf1 on this website. The positive review are lies of satan.
  • Works like a charm

    By BlueMoosen
    I got this for Battlefield 1 Easter eggs. Most of their Easter eggs require translating Morse code. The process was so tedious I had to find another way. This app was a godsend. You need to get rid of background noise as much as possible, but even then, it will auto-adapt and start to produce the proper translation. It gave me what I needed every time. It was well worth the purchase. I was able to complete three of the Morse Easter eggs in one night.
  • No work

    By timd441
    No matter what settings I use on my iPhone X it will not work. I even used a known recording that was clear with no background noise and still only pick up a couple letters rest was trash needs updated for new phones wasted my $10
  • Works great if you set it right.

    By Farmerr Red
    I have a Yaesu ft 857. I hav to change my receiver to 700hz or the iPhone WILL NOT hear the CW. I also find it useful to set the manual speed a little above the current words per minute. A person can spend his whole life developing a CW decoder and it will never work like what’s in between your ears. It really has a hard time decoding sloppy straight keys but extremely well with iambic decoding. It decodes straight key practice oscillator with precision sending. Most people use paddles or sticks anyway. This app is great for backup when I’m focused on a letter and now 14 letters behind and can jut glance over to catch up again. Apps absolutely worth the money. Maybe not the big app but this one is great. I’m extremely happy. Waaaay cheaper then a decoder on $15k radio that barely works and some commercial one that works poorly too. You shouldn’t regret it, (use manual settings) I don’t!
  • You’ve tried the rest, now try the one that actually works

    By rhymeswithsilver
    I tried a lot of the free and cheap CW decoder apps, but nothing worked or worked reliably. I bit the bullet on this $10 purchase and I’m glad I did. I placed this next to a 60-meter radio with a poor signal, and this decoded the signal almost perfectly. 73, HotPaw! The in-app documentation is a wall of text, but it’s easy enough to figure out on the fly.
  • Battlefield 1 console users need this

    By Bouchon-5
    I hated trying to import my Morse code to the computer. It took way to long. This made my life so much easier. Held it up to the tv and gave me what I needed to move on.
  • Battlefield one help

    By Songbird 2477
    Used the app to decode the Morse on battlefield one and it worked perfectly. So worth it!
  • Theft by deception

    By Ejb5oh
    App is highly unreliable and basically does not work. Save your money. Very sad to have been allowed for sale in the App Store.
  • Save your 10 bucks

    By YXznvsz.79
    Another unusable app regardless of the hype and excuse written instructions 2 hours of “ adjusting mic position, volume levels and nothing but cryptic decoding. Not usable and only attempts code to alpha and does it poorly
  • Everything is an E

    By zuanqioc skccwjalcosbcmsjxv
    At least every other letter this app detects is an E. If there is background noise you have no chance, it will get no sound or it will get all the wrong sounds. I do not recommend getting this app.