By Frontier Design Group

  • App Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2009-02-06
  • Current Version: 3.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 25.68 MB
  • Developer: Frontier Design Group
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 4
Based on 1,159 Reviews

iShred App Description

No other iPhone guitar comes even close. "High end technology for peanuts. Don't know how they do it. Stellar guitar app." - jjw14 (5 stars) "If you buy nothing else, buy this one. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!" - Jacksondale (5 stars) "Of all the guitar apps available on the App Store, Frontier Design’s iShred is my favorite." - MacWorld "Jaw dropping superb app.can't live without it. Addicted & hooked : )" - fazali160677 (5 stars) "By the first strum, you realize that iShred is a virtual guitar like no other - it is in fact the tool for ultimate guitar supremacy on an MP4 player scale." - TouchMyApps iShred starts with a set of high-fidelity guitar samples, then feeds them through eight exciting effects pedals and an overdriven amp simulator. Whether you want a clean trebly surf sound, a spacey rock lead, or an all-out metal assault, iShred delivers the goods. The sonic line-up includes these virtual stomp-boxes: EFFECTS • Hot Fuzz: Get buzzed with an electrifying distortion • Wahsabi: Tilt your iPhone to control this wah pedal! • Sybil: Dual chorus pedal to hear your evil twin • HK-2000 Delay: For fat slap sound or huge echo • Kömpressör: Power chords just beg for it • Adrenaline: Treble Booster for that extra shot • Q-36 Space Modulator: Multi-pattern modulation • Trembler: Get a healthy dose of Tremolo iShred provides a playing interface that's both powerful and easy to learn. Create your songs from a huge library of over 2000 built-in chords, scales, and fret positions, by assigning them to the two rows of buttons at the top of the screen. The buttons give you immediate access to all the chords and scales you need for a song, and let you easily switch between strumming chords and playing melodies. SOUNDS • High quality, professionally mastered guitar samples • Eight stomp-box effects and an amp simulator • Notes never "drop out" due to limited sample length • Adjust tuning to match recordings, other instruments PERFORMANCE • Slide finger between buttons for fast chord transitions • Shortcuts for fast song editing and button reordering • Support for the left-handed guitarist RECORDING • Record performances with optional metronome • Play along with recordings, even use different sound • Speed up or slow down performance after recording SHARING • Send songs to computer via iTunes file sharing AIRPLAY • A jukebox of shared songs from around the world • Share your performances and be rated by other guitarists • Download songs and performances from other players • Check out the AirPlay charts: PLAY WITH MUSIC • Built in music player • Play along with iPod library or imported tracks • Setup a loop for practicing a song section CHORDS • Easily create and save your own custom chords • Strumming position controls loudness of chords • Chords are easily reordered for fast access SCALES • 21 scales, available in 12 keys, let you play melodies • "Advanced moves": hammer-on's, pull-off's, and slides • User-selectable string labels SONGS & PLAYLISTS • Combinations of chords & scales can be saved as songs • Songs can now have multiple pages of buttons • Add FX buttons to switch effect setups on the fly! • Songs can be edited, renamed, deleted • Backup songs to the network Looking to add iShred's audible awesomeness to your REAL GUITAR? Pick up our free app, iShred LIVE!


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App Reviews

  • Won't open my music to play along with now

    By Jomoma Man
    I used to love this app but you need to make it BlueTooth able so as to play it over a Bluetooth speaker and not hard wired out!!!!!
  • Best Guitar App

    By Zkeatsjkc
    I have many instrument apps and believe this one is still the best for just letting loose and shredding. The effects are great and the interface is intuitive. And thanks to the responsive developer for adjusting fret size on large devices!
  • Disappointing

    By Lesnerelli
    It's really disappointing to me that it took this long to get updated for the bigger screens and now that it has, it doesn't work right. I have a progressive disease and used to play guitar 4 hrs everyday until I couldn't anymore physically. This was a decent replacement and I actually have sat in and live jammed with people using it. But now after this update it's totally unusable... back to not playing for me :( Please fix guys!!! I mean, I could seriously have been a sponsored artist on here, I could play it like a pro! It amazed people all the time. I'm really not trying to sound braggy, just illustrate my commitment to your product. Been on it since the first iPod touch, back when you had an acoustic version too (which I miss as well).
  • Exceeds My Expectations Beyond Words

    By America's App Advisor
    Updated ... OMG!! It Has Exceeded My Expectations Beyond Words & Still Outperforms So Many Apps. If you're thinking about getting ANY APP in the entire store and you don't have this App yet? You hopefully experience what I have experienced because this App has paid for itself one thousand times over! And yes I do love it that much and I AM gonna marry it ...
  • Oh yeah!

    By Drelbs2345
    I've had this fantastic guitar app since I was using a 2nd generation iPod Touch and am super glad to see the 64-bit refresh! Rock-solid guitar playing here, choose up to 10 chords to switch between and then you can strum chords or play individual strings to your heart's content. Includes a number of basic effects, this is a great app to pick up and play with...
  • Updating app

    By Buitless
    Please update to full screen for iPhone 7 plus I want to play on the full screen display There is some bugs for iPhone 5 upper. When switching to another apps or quit the app and return to the app what happened there are no sounds while strumming so please fix this problem.
  • Dynamite

    By Big Ol'
    Sounds are definitely good enough to use! Heard it first with Atomic Tom. I love it even more in use in my studio!
  • It Shreds!

    By dammaged j
    This is a great tool for rock ideas on the road. I simply load it and start shredding. The sound is pretty amazing for an app. I would love to see some new updates like Audiobus!
  • Ishred Iz The DamnJam

    By Dobido App Phreak
    Years later & I still love this app. Luv this & the Guitar app. Upgrade the Guitar app with some additional accoustic guitars & I'll give both of these the phreaked-out 5 rating! I recently complained abt the app crashing & being unable to move songs in the playlist: both issues have been resolved by the recent update. Thanks a lot. This way my most used app. (still want different sounding axes in GUITAR, esp. a sweet blues ax & maybe a Mandolin(?) )
  • Secret weapon

    By Corrilogian
    I might be the only person I personally know that has this app,not sure if it's even been updated for a while...but I love it! Use it as a notebook for song ideas I can bring directly to my guitar players...