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  • App Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2008-07-11
  • Current Version: 3.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 10.09 MB
  • Developer: PureBlend Software
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 4
Based on 218 Reviews

BigTipper™ App Description

BigTipper is the fastest, easiest way to calculate restaurant tips, split the bill among your group, photograph the bill, save to the app’s History, and quickly send beautiful Meal Expense Reports. When the waiter delivers your bill, just type the amount into BigTipper’s bright blue display, and view the results instantly. As you type, BigTipper continuously calculates the tip amount and totals the bill. Quickly set the tip percentage with the slider control at the top of the screen-- without the need to type any numbers. In fact, you may never have to enter the tip percentage again because BigTipper remembers your preference. If you’re dining with friends, use the other slider control to set how many ways you’d like to split the bill. BigTipper automatically calculates each party’s share. To make it easier for each friend to pay with cash, tap the “round” button to round each party’s share to an even amount. BigTipper adjusts the tip accordingly. For those who prefer the keypad over slider controls: tap the TIP or SPLIT display, then enter values using BigTipper’s keypad (the active display is always highlighted in blue). Or set a preference to use dedicated buttons instead of sliders. Save the transaction to the app’s History with the tap of a button. BigTipper uses GPS to find the restaurant name and address. You can optionally add notes to the history, and take pictures of the paper bill, the meal, or members of your party. Best of all, BigTipper quickly generates and sends Meal Expense Reports, complete with pictures and notes. BigTipper is international-- properly displaying currency symbols, thousands separators, and decimal points for your country or locale. FEATURES • Builds and sends beautiful Meal Expense Reports • History: saves transactions with optional comments and photos • Elegant design with easy-to-read displays • Fast data entry with built-in, oversized keypad • Tip and Split slider/button controls to reduce typing • Customizable interface (choose buttons or sliders) • Sales tax support • Rounding function (on either total or just the tip) • Mirroring function: helps detect credit card slip tampering • Drink calculations (so non-drinkers don’t overpay) • All values are remembered between uses • Automatic calculation; no need to tap an equals key • GPS finds restaurant name and address for history and reports • International currency formatting • Costs less than a drink! REQUIREMENTS • iOS 10 or later • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch


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App Reviews

  • Best Tip Calculator!

    By caddyzig
    Thanks so much for updating the app so it keeps working under future versions of iOS. I'm so happy to be able to keep using Big Tipper.
  • Thank you for updating!

    By MagicWords
    Sooo happy this developer decided to update this app. It's one of the few that has remained on my home screen since 2008! And it was getting dangerously close to obsolete. I've tried a lot of tipping apps; this is the best.
  • App Freezes

    By Jack clt
    Big tipper Ios 8.2 freezes when you hit martini, clock, email button Please fix this app, or I will dump it! Clt
  • Location services

    By Cajunman007
    My app no longer automatically locates resturants?
  • The best tip calculator for the iPhone

    By EddyGeez!
    I've been using Big Tipper since August of 2008, and it is STILL by far the best tip calculator in the app store (and I've tried a lot of them), which is why it costs what it does! This totally feels like an app that Apple would write in terms of having a perfect UI. You don't have to deal with "cute" graphics, or waste taps toggling between multiple screens, and there's no silly "rolling number wheels" to enter your total bill - just tap the digits and go! Very quick and easy, which is what you want in a tip calculator. The fact that it automatically subtracts out sales tax from the total is great, as are the various rounding options you get by repeatedly tapping the "Round" button. Well worth the $ for the wonderful UI! It really IS that much better than the cheaper or free apps!! To the devs: thanks for updating the app to support the high-res display on the iPhone 4! It looks great!
  • Great App, but Please Add This

    By good tipper to best tipper
    I recognize two levels of gratuities. For dinner and for drinks. It is customary to tip 15 -20% for dinner and 10 - 12% for drinks. Can you add this option? Paying 18% across the board for the entire event is a bit much I think. Thanks.
  • Good then, now much improved

    By nick_name2
    I've been beta testing so this review is against 2.4 even though iTunes thinks otherwise. I've been using this since the early days and it keeps getting better. The latest version automagically locates restaurants near your current location to simplify data entry. It manages to hide the time required to do this while you're doing the other data entry. I've read the other reviews and all problems noted have been addrssed in the latest version. The split problem mentioned by NatMax178 is addressed. When you add the bill to the history and either display it immediately or look back in the history, you get two panes: one with the totals assuming no split and another showing the split.
  • Now definitely the BEST Tip program

    By ralpro
    These developers have handled all problems and have now created the best, easiest to use tip program. There is sales tax support (subtracts sales tax from gross before calculating tip), rounding, and the calculator buttons are right on the home screen. Also you can use the slide bars, OR tap the bars (either the amount, split between persons, or the tip amount) and enter the number manually without using the slide controls. Easy to read and use, and just cannot be better. It is now the best tip program in the app store, and I carefully looked at all of them before buying this one. UPDATE: Now has historical restaurant input. I know you can use the calculator to calculate a tip, but for those who like the convenience and ease of use of a tipping program, this one is THE BEST!
  • Great app, but...

    By TerryWhite
    I'm really looking forward to using this app. However, the one thing I would like to see added in the next version is Location Aware Sales Tax. I travel and I'm not always going to remember the sales tax rate for a given location. So it would be icing on the cake if Big Tipper would auto input the sales tax rate based upon my current location.
  • Cool stuf

    By KTOP
    You ned it