Budget Planner Monthly Finance

Budget Planner Monthly Finance

By Fun Apps And Top Cool Games LLC

App Ratings: 4.5
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Budget Planner Monthly Finance App Description

Organize your monthly finance with the easiest and practical app. Available now for your iPhone. One of the best apps for Money-management. Control your Wallet while tracking all your spending, create a well-balanced wealth with this powerful tool. Make a less-stressed month with this financial help. Features: - Create your budget according to your needs - Easy to Add your income and expenses - Make your Personal Finance Easy - Learn How to Save your Money - Balance your Spending - Organize your Wallet - Good for Tracking Tips and Bills - Organize your Personal Finance Easy Say goodbye to late fees. Take charge of everything in one app. Change your life, Enjoy more Free Time. Subscription options include: - Budget Planner (paid weekly) for 3-Days Free Trial then $4.99 / week - Budget Planner (paid monthly) for 3-Days Free Trial then $9.99 / month - Budget Planner (paid monthly) for 3-Days Free Trial then $49.99 / year Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription, and you can cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscription at any time, either by viewing your account in iTunes from your Mac or PC, or Account Settings on your device after purchase. Budget Planner's Privacy Policy is available at http://budgetplannerapp.com/privacy-policy.html and Terms of Use: http://budgetplannerapp.com/terms-of-use.html Disclaimer: All Budget Planner users will be required to sign up for an auto-renewable In-App Purchase before you are able to access the app.


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App Reviews

  • NOT free

    By indysocean
    I hate when they pretend to give u something and then I turns out to do anything in the app u have to pay. And pay a lot. This is one of those apps....I’m done.
  • Waste of Time

    By midnight28
    They have you enter information first then they ask you to pay 4.99 a week to use the app after a 3 day trial. That’s 20 to 25 a month just to use an app to maybe help you save money. And the features aren’t all that special. QuickBooks is cheaper and I can run a business from it. No thank you! I’ll use one of the free apps or a “purchase and use” app before I pay that amount for this.
  • NOT FREE!!!

    By Abcdefghijklmnophgdhgdhgfk
    Total bait and switch advertising!!! NOT FREE!!!
  • Expensive

    By saver401
    Are you serious!? Almost $5 a week!?? This is crazy! I rather save my $20 monthly and keep using Excel!

    By NI to the G to the G to the A
    Be careful!!! After a 3-day trial they charge you $5 a week!
  • Regrettable experience

    By flores67jose
    I don’t think that pay a weekly subscription is the end of the world if the product is worth it and it helps with your budgeting en expenses, but another different experience is that you make me input all of the information before you tell me the I have to subscribe to a $5/WEEK, why don’t you say $20/month which is easier (unless you want to confuse customers and get away with debiting the account for a few weeks before they realize that they are being taking advantage of) any how, I can’t tell you weather the app does a good job in helping you staying within budget because I don’t think is worth my effort on something that it is supposed to help you save money but instead cost you $240/year and and yes, you are not informed before hand until you have invested time and effort to get the app set up. You will be successful for a short period of time and then you will be back to square one to think how else you can defraud people before you are discovered again.
  • Trick you into fees

    By Lovetobtall
    Says free but it’s not
  • It’s not free

    By irfp.
    This app allows you to download it for free only to show you its features and then asks you to pay. You cannot use it for free. Essentially you are downloading an advertisement for a subscription.
  • Not free

    By Ladyldc86
    Misleading if you download thinking you’re going to get a free app helping you budget. Offered a free 3 day trial & then a weekly subscription. Download Mint it’s totally free & you can link all of your accounts
  • Expensive

    By Sznd126
    Is this a joke? A budget app that costs 20/week or 50/month to use?