By Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

  • App Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2018-02-13
  • Current Version: 2.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 96.53 MB
  • Developer: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 2
Based on 44 Reviews


Mitsubishi Connect is an innovative platform of services available exclusively on the Eclipse Cross that provide vehicle owners with a safe, secure and convenient driving experience. The My Mitsubishi Connect Mobile Application allows users to register and access the Mitsubishi Connect services. This includes the ability to request remote commands to your vehicle such as remote door lock/unlock, climate control, horn, lights, vehicle settings, car finder, and parental controls. The mobile app also allows users to manage their account settings and notifications, as well as to contact Customer Care for inquiries on the Mitsubishi Connect Safeguard and Remote Service Packages. Applicable Model: 2018 ECLIPSE CROSS * Note: Active subscription and Mitsubishi Telematics Control Unit equipped vehicle is required to use Mitsubishi Connect features in the app. For FAQs assistance contact:



App Reviews

  • Rarely works!!

    By Shortfuze321
    This app rarely works. Always times out. Suggestions on improvements 1. Favorites area: so we don’t have to go through 5 steps to set climate. During certain seasons users will normally just set to the same temp daily. 2. Have PIN be entered in at beginning so multiple requests it doesn’t have to be put in each time. Or enable face and/or fingerprint. 3. Always times out. Rarely does it connect. Why? Fix this.
  • Crap crap crap

    By lmholmberg
    Just updated this app and now my remote access does not work!!! Very frustrating! Would be better is Mitsubishi added the car start to the remotes! Please fix this app to connect to the car and to also let u chose how long u want to run the car for!! 12 mins in -50 Minnesota weather does not even begin to warm a car!!!!
  • Does not work as it should

    By AnneMarieR
    This app is extremely slow, it starts my vehicle occasionally, the txt notification works only occasionally, so I never really know if the engine us running or not. The vehicle runs only 10 minutes then shuts off, which is nothing when you have -10 degrees outside. It also bothers me that it shuts the engine off when I open the door. I have the free trial, seriously thinking if I want to pay for it, right now I would say no.
  • Great idea but needs work!

    By austynlee
    This application is very inconsistent and doesn’t always work. You can only start your car for 10 minutes at a time and you can only do it twice. Sometimes when it’s really cold and you need to defrost so that is not enough. Also the app is very slow opening in very slow to start the car or unlock. I feel like they need to revamp this app. A cool option would be to add where you can roll the windows down.
  • Works well. Updates needed.

    By IneedaNapForRealTho
    I have an iPhone and I’d really like to see it utilize the fingerprint login. It needs a few other updates as well, but nothing is ever going to be perfect so it is a very useful and well set up app. I have a 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL (which I highly recommend) and it is so far working well with the app. It’s a little delayed to open the app but it also has a lot of features that I understand need to load up and sync with the car. Pros: does what it is supposed to do, has many useful features that allow me to start my car, find my car in the city, and track driving history. Cons: needs easier login with fingerprint, slower to open the app.
  • Poor quality app

    By P R Reina
    This app is slow to respond and times out. It takes way too many steps to start my car. I’ve had my car for 6 months and have problems since day one with this app. It doesn’t remember my credentials which means i have to log in every time i want to use this app. When I try to log in it takes 3-4 times to maybe get the system to log in & I know the log in information is accurate. I can log in in the morning with minimal issues but when I’m at work I can’t get it to work at all. When I finally get it to log in the lag time to get the app to activate the car may or may not work. The app times out with errors because it’s taking to look to connect to the car to start it. I’ve talked to tech support who told me “it works on my phone” which is the same model I have, well that’s great but it’s NOT my phone and doesn’t solve my problem. I’ve gone to the dealer, they did a rest of my car system and it still doesn’t work right. They also told me I can’t even go back to having a remote start key fob because it has My Connect. HUGE disappointment! Please fix the app and the connection issue!!!!!
  • Invalid VIN

    By Topher Amos
    Every time I try to register my car, it comes back with “invalid VIN” despite the fact that it is actually the correct VIN. Please get this issue fixed!
  • Not near as good as its competitors

    By 1234567890633679942225790
    Not user friendly compared to Subaru or o star
  • Works but slow and not easy

    By hajek.e
    Works but errors that it executed the command. I use the text to confirm or send a second command. But why doesn't the car stay on when I unlock the door with my key, physically standing next to it? It shuts off and then I have to restart it. Need to fix: Too slow Stop shutting off the car off when I get into the car after starting remotely.
  • Awful

    By trb1978
    Very slow, and doesn’t work most of the time.