Banktivity: Personal Finance

Banktivity: Personal Finance

By IGG Software, Inc

  • App Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2017-12-28
  • Current Version: 6.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 17.08 MB
  • Developer: IGG Software, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 11.2
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 1,410 Reviews

Banktivity: Personal Finance App Description

Banktivity is the leading personal finance and money management app for iPhone. Connect all of your accounts in one place and start making smarter financial decisions. Banktivity's envelope budgeting brings a time-tested method to your pocket so you can always answer the question, "Can I afford it?" For fast answers, free webinars, personal finance tips and advice, and great support including Live Chat, please visit "The [Banktivity] app and MacOS desktop companion are hands down the easiest and most useful suite of finance apps for the Mac, and possibly anywhere. Banktivity's creators clearly seem to get what Mac consumers want - the simplicity of Mint, and portability of iOS combined with the power of what Quicken once seemed to be. [Banktivity] makes me actually want to track my finances carefully - and that is worth it's weight in gold. Or at least the money needed to purchase it!!" 5 Stars -stpbob √ The iPhone’s most capable money management app Banktivity for iPhone delivers an unprecedented set of tools for budgeting and personal finance management. Password-protect your data files and unlock them with FaceID authentication. Swiftly add transactions on the fly, monitor account balances, track spending against your personal budget, or manage securities, trades and returns. You can update accounts any time and anywhere via Direct Access*, or sync accounts, budgets and investments with Banktivity for Mac and Banktivity for iPad. Now you can always answer the most important question: can I afford it? √ Envelope Budgeting Quickly check how much money you have in envelopes and move money between envelopes to keep your budget on track. √ Ready for iPhone X Looks great and is wicked fast on iPhone X! √ Apple Watch You can now check how well you are sticking to your budget right on your wrist. Our new Apple Watch app also let's you track investments and check account balances. √ Free Private Cloud Sync Use our free Cloud Sync to stay in sync with Banktivity 6 for Mac and/or Banktivity for iPad. Keep as many devices in sync as you want. All data is encrypted on device so you can be rest assured your personal finances are kept private. √ Watch your savings grow By monitoring your spending daily and seeing where to economize and save, Banktivity for iPhone gives you the power to build better money habits and increase your cash cushion. You can perform detailed finance management: create, edit or delete transactions, categorize them, or mark them as cleared. You’ll always know where you stand! √ Financial planning to secure your future Manage your retirement savings and investments. Add, edit or delete trades. Track buys and sells across your entire portfolio. Monitor gains and losses. No other iPhone app gives you as much command over your securities and investment accounts. √ All your accounts, all your balances Banktivity for iPhone gathers all your accounts in a single app with a clear, unified interface. New transaction entry is a breeze, with location-based vendor lookup and autofill based on your history. Check balances, add transactions as they occur, categorize expenses and review or edit your portfolio. And with an optional subscription to Direct Access*, your accounts update automatically. √ More power with Banktivity for Mac and iPad If you’re using Banktivity 6 on your Mac or Banktivity for iPad, Banktivity for iPhone is the perfect companion. At no extra cost, sync your accounts, budgets and investments for complete finance management on the go. √ Stay connected with Direct Access *An optional subscription to Direct Access, Banktivity's exclusive connectivity option, automatically updates your account data from over 10,000 financial institutions worldwide. A single subscription can be shared with Banktivity 5 for Mac and Banktivity for iPad (apps sold separately). Direct Access keeps Banktivity safe, secure, and 100% ad-free.


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App Reviews

  • Annoying Summary Screen

    By 24922:)
    I have never written an App store review before now, however, the most recent update frustrates me so much that I deleted it from my phone. The problem is the new summary screen that they're so proud of. Because I primarily use the phone app to enter transactions on the go, the summary screen is a useless, annoying distraction that I have to click away nearly every time I launch the app. Furthermore, my financial status is my private business but thanks to the summary screen I now need to make sure I shield my phone from anyone who might glance down and see my net worth. Not just every now and then, but virtually every time I'm at a restaurant or a store or anywhere I enter a transaction on the go. I don't want my children, my casual friends, or my colleages to know my net worth on regular basis, but there it is, in my face, every time I launch the app. Software developers should never introduce a screen of information that appears on launch, must be dismissed before the app can actually be used, and cannot be disabled. Very very annoying.
  • Great app!

    By David Daniels
    Finally the App has caught up to the Mac program. Now I use it everyday!
  • Syncs badly, useless error message.

    By JLBiv
    Cloud Sync frequently fails to work correctly (with no error or warning messages), leaving the balances and registers incorrect. After talking with support and doing some experimentation of my own, it seems I only have two choices. 1) Find the missing transactions in the desktop app, then delete and re-enter them. This can be quite the time consuming exercise. 2) Reset the Cloud Sync data from the desktop app. This doesn’t take as long as Option 1, but sometimes it fails, and the app says that due to the Cloud Sync reset, I need to do a reset on the mobile app. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to do that. So I end up having to disconnect the mobile app from the Cloud Sync Data by deleting the file/connection, and then set everything up again from scratch. tl;dr - Annoying and time-consuming synchonization bugs make this software a necessary evil for monitoring/managing finances instead of a welcome and helpful tool.
  • Great software!

    By bluenitro05
    I have been using this software for years and with every update I am more and more impressed! I highly recommend that anyone looking to track and budget their finances tries this free application.
  • Great software!

    By KitfoxIV
    This software is awesome. It is so much easier and simpler than quicken. The budget portion is the best I’ve found, Dave Ramsey would be proud of this accounting.
  • Love this finance app

    By ctylerbolton
    Ditch Quicken.....this is the stuff.
  • Improvement Suggestions Ignored

    By VM@RDU
    I’ve been a Banktivity (mac, iphone, ipad) user since the beginning when it was iBank. I gave up on Quicken for Mac after using since 1991 and converted to iBank. So, I consider myself a seasoned financial software user. Suggestions for much needed very simple Banktivity improvement features tend to go ignored. Ability to Sort Schedule Transactions (ST) by Account, adding the Search capability to ST windowS and ability to Print the list of the Sorted by Account and also single account sort list all seem very basic. I’ve had several Fraud events on my credit card accounts resulting in accounts having to be closed. If you’ve been through such a thing, one can appreciate all that you have to go through notifying all those ST Payees in the impacted account of the new account number, etc. In addition, the fraud results in having to reconfigure the new account numbers in Banktivity. It’s a laborious and basically manual effort due to Banktivity ST not being able to sort by account, no search field, and display and print ST account list sorted and/or by single account! I’ve made these suggestions to IGG Software numerous times over the years to no avail. Otherwise, Banktivity does a very good job.
  • CRUSHES Quicken in every single way

    By GoldfishBowl
    Unbelievably, Quicken couldn’t synchronize any of my TSP accounts or my Betterment account. The mobile app for Quicken also didn’t do much. Banktivity totally CRUSHES Quicken. Makes Quicken look like a toy. If you want a real Quicken alternative with full household financial tracking, reporting and management features, then Banktivity is the way to go.
  • Wasting my time

    By chicago cheesehead
    I’ve had multiple and consistent issues with discrepancies between my MacBook and my iPhone. I’ve contacted customer support, and although the tech guys are responsive, no one has ever been able to tell me how to avoid this going forward. So every couple of months when I reconcile Banktivity with my bank statements, I go through the same crap. Last time it took two hours to unsync then resync. Today it’s taken over 6 hours. It cost me a day of generating income. I’ve used Banktivity since 1999 (back when it was called iBank). This was their last time to help me fix it. I’m now looking for different software. For now though, I’m deleting the app and just sticking with the laptop version. Serious waste of time.
  • Nice app

    By MGBob
    This version is a definite improvement over the previous version. It syncs correctly between multiple platforms and I was pleased to see that I can now ID Point of Sale transactions correctly. I do note however that it seems to hang up now and again when I try to access it. Have to reboot the phone to get it to work. Happens often enough to be considered frustrating.