Sporty's Pilot Training

Sporty's Pilot Training

By Sporty's Pilot Shop

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2017-10-19
  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 90.36 MB
  • Developer: Sporty's Pilot Shop
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 49 Reviews

Sporty's Pilot Training App Description

Sporty’s innovative Pilot Training app brings a variety of aviation training courses to one location, allowing you to access all your aviation content from your iPad, iPhone or AppleTV. The Pilot Training app allows you to access Sporty’s award-winning 2019 Learn to Fly/Private Pilot Training Course, Sporty’s 2019 Instrument Rating Course, Flying with ForeFlight, Flight Review, IPC, VFR Communications, IFR Communications, 2019 Garmin G1000 Checkout course and four aircraft transition courses covering Helicopters, Multiengine Airplanes, Seaplanes and Gliders. It’s free to get started - including interactive FAA practice tests and HD training videos. SPORTY’S 2019 LEARN TO FLY COURSE For the cost of a single flight lesson, Sporty’s Learn to Fly course will save you time and money earning your pilot certificate. This is not a weekend “cram course” or a boring ground school lecture on video. It is a comprehensive flight-training companion designed to make your lessons more efficient, more complete and more fun. We operate our own flight school at Sporty’s, so we know your time and money are precious. Invest in a course that saves you both. There is nothing extra to buy—just add flight instructor! INCLUDES: 20 hours of HD video training with search, knowledge test prep, interactive flight maneuvers guide, video-referenced Airman Certification Standards (ACS), Flight Training Syllabus, Ask a CFI service. After successful course completion, you’ll earn an FAA knowledge test endorsement and FAA WINGS credit. SPORTY’S 2019 INSTRUMENT RATING COURSE With Sporty’s Complete Instrument Rating Course, you’ll ace your FAA written test—we guarantee it! But this app is much more than just test prep. With incredible in-flight footage and 3D animations, we unlock the secrets of the IFR system so you can be a safe, smooth and proficient pilot. Detailed video segments cover both glass cockpits and analog gauges. INCLUDES: 13 hours of video training, knowledge test prep, interactive instrument maneuvers guide, video-referenced Airman Certification Standards (ACS), Flight Training Syllabus, Ask a CFI service. SPORTY’S FLYING WITH FOREFLIGHT COURSE This comprehensive ForeFlight training video is packed with jargon-free tips and real-world shortcuts. It’s ideal for prospective users, new ForeFlight pilots and experienced pros alike. FLIGHT REVIEW Covers everything you should know to impress your instructor and ace your next flight review. Includes ground training endorsement upon completion. INSTRUMENT PROFICIENCY CHECK Based on Sporty’s award-winning Instrument Rating Course, the Instrument Proficiency Check app contains over 165 minutes of engaging 3D animations and in-flight video. SPORTY'S GARMIN G1000 CHECKOUT (All new for 2019) Thoroughly prepare yourself for glass cockpit flying with this course. SPORTY'S VFR COMMUNICATIONS COURSE Features over 60 minutes of engaging 3D animations, in-flight video and real-world communication scenarios. SPORTY'S IFR COMMUNICATIONS COURSE IFR Communications is broken down into 7 individual video segments. This program gives today’s instrument pilot a real-world look at IFR operations through all phases of flight. SO YOU WANT TO FLY HELICOPTERS This comprehensive program includes preflight, basics of flight, hovering, taxiing, takeoffs and landings, maneuvers, weight and balance, autorotation, emergency procedures, systems and components, FARs and more. SO YOU WANT TO FLY TWINS Designed specifically for pilots adding a multiengine rating to their private or commercial certificate. SO YOU WANT TO FLY SEAPLANES Climb into the back seat of a Piper J-3 Cub on floats for a pilot’s eye view of all the maneuvers required for the FAA checkride. SO YOU WANT TO FLY GLIDERS With exciting in-flight footage, you’ll see all the maneuvers from inside and outside the aircraft, and you’ll ride along for a self-powered launch, an aero-tow and a winch launch.


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App Reviews

  • Not working

    By MedicBear360
    The app is requiring me restore the purchase every time the app times out. In addition it’s making me redownload every video. Also I have several of the other private pilot and instrument apps and it’s not allowing an interface between accounts. Without repurchasing. Please fix.
  • Great Value

    By Travis Eng.
    Great preparation for the instrument written, as well as becoming acquainted with instrument flying!
  • Really polished app, loaded with good video

    By CessnaPilot987
    This app has really grown up over the last years. Latest version is super fast, reliable, and easy to use. Lots of really great video on here, and it all syncs with the online platform. If you’re a pilot (of almost any kind) this is an app you should have on your iPad, right next to ForeFlight.
  • won’t let me log in

    By Xorthrox
  • Fee to download and not use

    By next app please
    Paid the fee to download. Opened app. Am only given options to purchase other portions to study and nothing else. I literally paid to window shop. Contacted support and they said I had to go through apple for a refund. Will be using other paid apps that actually let you use them after purchase
  • I get a lot out of this app.

    By The Tonks
    I’ve been flying most of my life, I’m currently a CFI and this app helps me stay current. The one thing that would make this better would be if it had a continuous play mode. I like to listen to the lessons as I drive and would rather not have to look at the phone to start the next lesson while I’m driving.
  • Excellent and they listen

    By The Angry Monkey
    First, if you’re training for your private pilot certificate, get this course! It’s VERY helpful. I had this as a 4 star rating previously. I’ve moved it to a 5 star with the latest release. The prior version had terrible downloading capabilities if you wanted to download all the video for viewing while on the go. Several of us customers raised the issue and they resolved it. The app now properly queues multiple downloads so they don’t all start at the same time and for each chapter you can download all the videos in that chapter (tap of the three dots in the upper right hand corner). You can also set it to play continuously. The app works great on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV and the developers are responsive to feedback as to how to improve the app. Also, I have exchanged emails a few times with their CFIs to get clarity on some issues I wanted a better understanding of. They were responsive and helpful. Combine the great customer service with the great content and the great apps and throw in the guarantee that you pass or your money back and it really doesn’t make sense to me why you wouldn’t get this course if you’re serious about getting your pilot license. Do it. Do it noooow.
  • The content is great! App experience is severely lacking.

    By Scourched
    The online tests and videos match my experience in the private pilot with jeppesen. This review is not about the content. This review is about the download ability in the app. If you have no problems being tethered to WiFi. If you can afford to download 185+mb videos over your cellular connection the app is great! However if you like to download videos at home to take on travel, the functionality is severely lacking. The video will start downloading, but they take forever to download. If you switch apps, your downloads resets to zero and stops when you switch back. The download functionality is rendered useless by this. I’m doing this on a 15Mbps connection so it’s not the internet connection.
  • Would be 4 stars but…

    By wohnette
    Really well done training videos and practice quizzes. Main problem with the app is the fact that there’s no option to have the videos auto play one after the other. I drive a lot for work so this is pretty much the only time I can listen to the videos, but it’s very disruptive to have to reopen my phone to click the “play next video button”. I had sent an email to customer service when I first purchased the $200 PPL course, but it didn’t get me anywhere. Hopefully sportys app techs get this message and implement an auto play option for continuous video play.
  • Changes

    By TJBeechcraft
    So now I have to “subscribe” to receive “one year access” to a course? Something as simple as Flight Review? I don’t mind purchasing a course, but I should be able to keep and review it as long as I wish. My alternative will be to buy a paperback book that I can keep for reference. Sporty’s, you are losing my business.