Walmart ReliOn Life

Walmart ReliOn Life

By Walmart

  • App Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2018-02-02
  • Current Version: 1.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 60.11 MB
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 1.5
Based on 121 Reviews

Walmart ReliOn Life App Description

Our new ReliOn™ Life Patient Mobile App is a free tool for ReliOn™ meter users to track their blood sugar readings, activity, diet, and mood. You choose what to log and how much detail to add. Add context to your logs with optional note details or share your blood glucose readings with your healthcare provider. Find patterns by digging deeper into your reading history to understand ways to adjust your diabetes management. ReliOn™ Life is only compatible with the following ReliOn™ blood glucose meters: Premier BLU, Premier VOICE, Confirm, and Prime.


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App Reviews

  • Not very good

    By MAKtheRED
    The date in the app is wrong at night when I check my sugar. Just checked my sugar at 930 pm on 11/10. It says it is 11/11. It has been fine all day long until now. It makes my averages and dates and times all messed up. Needs to be fixed.
  • Not good enough

    By magordj
    This app doesn't work very well at all! My meter always has a hard time connecting and I always get error messages on my app on my phone. I got this because I'm horrible at writing down my glucose readings and since it doesn't work well enough, I’m still at a loss
  • Joke

    By GellySam
    Maybe not advertise the compact meter as app supported when it’s not.
  • Crashes on my iphone 7 plus

    By ShaanKash
    I am not sure why but it keeps crashing always. As soon as I open it one of the reasons to get this glucometer was the bluetooth capability but now that does not even comply.
  • Almost there

    By Fredschulz
    Everything syncs fine and the times of my readings are all right on. One anomaly: I take 4-5 readings a day. For reference suppose it is November 5th. When I hit “today” to see today’s readings toward the end of my day it always comes up reflecting November 6th and it states no readings have been recorded today. I think it has something to do with the fact I live in Hawaii and while it is the next day on the mainland it is still not the next day here in Hawaii. If I select history the calendar shows and I can hit any day before the 5th but I can not select the 5th. The 5th looks selectable but nothing shows when selecting the 5th. All this said, if I want to see all my readings for the 5th toward the end of our day here in Hawaii, I cannot see them until the 6th actually arrives here in Hawaii. Then I can see the 5th’s readings. Earlier in the day of the 5th I can the see the readings for the 5th but not later on in the day for the 5th. I haven’t tried looking at the same days reading each hour as the day progresses to midnight to determine the hour that days readings are no longer available until Hawaii’s day actually changes. It seems the app uses a fixed time zone for when the next next day occurs. My readings still keep the correct time and date after all is said and done. It just drives me crazy if I want to see the days readings later on in the night I cannot until after midnight here in Hawaii. One other item would like to be able to do is look at list of readings for a week or even a month. I can only see data for one day at time.
  • Stopped working on my XR

    By ab052
    The app stoped working when I upgraded my phone from a iPhone 6 to an XR. It needs some way to export the data so that I can give the data to my provider.
  • Bad app

    By dragon3463
    The app won’t pair half the time with the your machine! Also when you do get it to sync at 10 Or 11 at night, it is on the next day!! Why??? It’s not even midnight yet, so it shouldn’t be on the next day. On every entry, when you get the meter to sync with the up it wants you to go log the same entertainment as previous? Again, Why? Also on the history tab. It will not let you look at the current days reading? This app needs someone that knows how to program and maybe some one that is a diabetic that knows what is need to make this a great app!!!
  • Stops working after a couple syncs

    By bigrsmith
    App is horrible. It is a great idea to go along with the meter but doesn’t work anymore for syncing. I have uninstalled and installed several times. Re setup the Bluetooth with no luck. Meter no longer will sync with the app
  • Does ReliOn even care about these reviews?

    By Digital Homeboy
    2 Major problems with this app ... • The sign on logs you out almost every day.. and doesn’t even remember your user name, so you have to type the username & password every day just to use this app. If my grandmother had to do that she’d just say forget it! • NO GRAPHS!!!! I seriously have to tap EACH and EVERY day on the calendar, then plot my own data on a physical calendar to get an idea of any trends forming. How out of touch can you guys be with the diabetic community??
  • Really?!?!

    By Agreen9813
    Really, five security questions to protect my blood sugar readings? If you’re going to have us go through Fort Knox level security, at least make it work. I’m kinda not in love with this app, but I love the meter. Concept is spot on, but execution is woefully lacking. I get the feeling that the one or two five star reviews are from the developer trying to do damage control. I work for a living, and sometimes my work takes me too locations that my phone has absolutely atrocious service, and you guessed it... I still take my blood sugar readings, and... give them developers a gold star, I can’t get the app to work. As has been stated before, enough times the horse is now glue, for a company such as The Umbrella Corporation, I mean Walmart... five stars to the first person to make the app worth while. That being said, I love the meter.