Unwinding Anxiety

Unwinding Anxiety

By Goblue International, LLC

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  • Release Date: 2017-09-23
  • Current Version: 1.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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App Ratings: 5
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Unwinding Anxiety App Description

Unwind your mind. Learn invaluable skills that will enable you to “slow down the wind-up” and control anxiety for the rest of your life. Our progressive 30-day program, with short daily exercises, will help you learn how your mind works, so you can change habits. You’ll learn how to switch gears the moment unwanted sensations and anxiety arise, and ultimately change the “habit-loop” that leads to anxiety. The program was designed by Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, a renowned thought leader in the science of self-mastery. Dr. Brewer has 20 years of clinical and research experience at Yale and the Center of Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. His TED talks and lectures are popular worldwide. Awareness and Anxiety Relief—one step at a time With each step you’ll build momentum to the next one, gaining confidence one day at a time. As you progress, you’ll see from your own experience a sustainable change in your relationship with your emotions. Learn how to flex your mindful muscle Awareness methods empower you to turn-off your inner critic and turn-on your curiosity -- and by extension, feel better in the moment. Learning how to be kind to yourself isn’t easy, but it’s naturally rewarding, so your mind and body will want to do it again and again! Get in touch with your inner teacher One user told us, “Unwinding Anxiety helped me find the inner teacher in me to learn how to change my relationship with anxiety and feel better about myself.” And, that’s just what this app was designed to do—put you in the driver’s seat to regulate and manage your response to anxiety. Own your progress and feel the change When you keep track of your development, you own it. A progress analytic dashboard, daily exercises, along with a unique stress test help you chronicle your mood and anxiety levels throughout the day, so you gain invaluable insights into triggers and behaviors that occur in your body and mind. You will end your day on a healthy note with specific practices before bed for a restful sleep. Don’t just take our word for it “Turning to my anxiety and stress allows me to become more compassionate to myself. Is a way to get to know me and find healthy solutions to my anxiety and stress”. “I found the body scan to be very helpful in coping with anxiety. It reminds me that my body is my greatest ally when I am experiencing stress.” Key Features • You’ll have access to experts, including Dr. Judson Brewer. • You’re not alone. You can share your experience, ask questions and feel supported by those who “get” what you’re going through. • Proven training exercises with video and recorded lessons put you in tune with your body&mind connection, so you can control your response to anxiety. • An online journal helps you collect, analyze and manage your progress. Benefits • The ability to adjust the things you can, instead of spinning your wheels over what you have no control over. • Become more kind to yourself. • Control your response to anxiety. • Find joy living in the moment. PRICING & TERMS Unwinding Anxiety is free to download and use for 4 days. Purchase allows access to all features and is available through an auto-renewing subscription: 1 month: $29.99 6 months: $139.99 1 year: $219.99 These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and may be converted to your local currency. Your Unwinding Anxiety subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes Account Settings, but refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of the term. Need help with the app? Please email uasupport@claritasmind.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: https://app.claritasmind.com/terms?program=UA


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App Reviews

  • Not free after day 4

    By PanHead107
    This app promises a lot, but then suddenly on Day 5, without warning, you must subscribe to continue. $30/mo, $139/6 months, or $209/yr. I feel disappointed that this was stated clearly, but hardly surprised. Save your time and money.
  • Great, mostly.

    By 30 by 40
    I loved this training! It really feels like anxiety on wine as you go through it. “Small moments, lots of time. “Is exactly what it’s about and what helps unwind anxiety. Really valuable. My only criticism, which is not totally related to unwinding anxiety, has to do with the many restrictive food references. For example, the orange tree versus the avocado tree – alluding that and orange is worse for you, health – wise, then avocados. Really? It’s a little “diet-y“. This happened a few times, and also in the Eat. Right. Now app. Kind of frustrating. I don’t believe in diets – they don’t work! Anyway, the bottom line is I love you the app and it does unwind anxiety, just wish this part wasn’t there. Thanks!
  • A vital tool to mastering anxiety

    By michael san francisco
    Anxiety is part of the human condition. We all have it to some degree. I have “dealt” with anxiety for decades, and not always so well. Anxiety is tough enough – and how we treat it (deny it) or self-medicate, can be as bad or worse than the anxiety itself. Unwinding Anxiety is a powerful, medication free tool for engaging with, and overcoming anxiety. If I had this earlier in my life, I am pretty sure that a lot of suffering (for me and others) could have been prevented and the more peaceful, joyful aspects of who I am would have more easily emerged and some of what I have experienced would have been less painful. Unwinding anxiety was designed by - and is managed by - world-renowned psychiatrist (MD), PhD, and Professor at UMass, MIT and Yale Dr. Jud Brewer. Check out his TED talks if you want to get a flavor for him. Unwinding Anxiety is a lot to unpack and it has taken me a while to embrace its power and simplicity (and I need to keep doing more). Its more than just an app, it’s a suite of tools including self-inventory, mindfulness & calming techniques, lessons and interactive forums with other users that interlock to help you be aware of your state of mind, engage with it, and when anxiety presents – leaning into it, understanding it, and expanding vs. contracting. It does it though smartphone based daily training, training videos and animations, exercises and practice techniques, and an online community for support and guidance from Dr. Brewer and others. And, you can track your progress (you will feel the impact naturally, but data is cool too). It allows calm and joy to emerge more easily. If you have any form of anxiety, (whether chronic or acute) you should buy Unwinding Anxiety now, without reservation. If you have a friend or loved one who has any type of anxiety, you are doing them a big favor by introducing Unwinding Anxiety to them. Its powerful stuff – brilliant really - and well worth it.
  • Will change my life small step by small step

    By Singing the glory
    T his program is a beauty. I've worked it through one time and have just begun to realize the benefits. First comes awareness of how anxious dominates my life. UA teaches a powerful framework for understanding anxiety both conceptually and experientially. It's like flossing, it needs to be done every day. I signed up for the year long version at a steep discount to make sure I didn't stop after a month and then lapse back. It had taken me 65 years to finely hone the anxiety so I'm expecting it will take a lot more time than 1 month to unwind it. Money well spent.
  • Unwinding Anxiety is an awesome tool resource

    By MA27
    This program is a great tool to have for anyone looking to reduce day to day anxiety. Dr. Brewer is extremely knowledgeable and provides helpful mindfulness exercises that can be done almost anywhere at anytime. This app has been a great addition to my yoga and meditation practice— helping me to go from rarely sleeping 2-3 hours straight a night to sleeping 6-8 hours most nights! I’ve slept better with the help of resources the body scan than I have in years! It’s also great to be able to check in throughout the day— to take a few deep breaths with the app’s suggestions. This app has helped me reduce the worrying about worrying how to manage my anxiety. I’d highly recommend Unwinding Anxiety!
  • trains your mind

    By guarimn
    ME-a huge overthinker, and by choice, choosing to abstain from content.... for example reading, clicking on links, watching videos, podcasts, or other stuff which brings my mental activity up. At the time I started this program I was not yet abstaining from content. Bravely and joyfully, I gobbled up a lesson per day. While part of me thinks It was to fast, I must say that the information was presented a good way that really helped me learn quickly- clear, consice, and with a light touch (or smile) that really helped me take the leap of faith I needed to really start practicing this stuff. I want to add that there are are different exercises, called check ins, and stress tests, that have been training me to alocate more awareness to my other sences, and focus my attention mindful/skillful way. There is also a community where you can share your experiences and offer support to to others- Committing to doing one journal entry a day reeled me back in when I lost touch with the program and my goals.
  • Fantastic to reduce/eliminate anxiety

    By Liz P Gopal
    Lucky to have been a beta tester! The details shared about how our habits are formed in our brains are illuminating. Many science based instructions, a bunch based on other people's experience and many more on based on the benefits for meditation practices. I found myself re-listening to several lessons and each time I kept learning something different about myself, my habits and what triggers anxiety. My husband couldn't wait to try the app as soon as it was released. I am continuing to redo all the lessons to refresh and continue dismantling poor habits and be less anxious- less stress. I have recommended app to all of my friends
  • Will change how you think about anxiety

    By MrsSona
    I was lucky enough to be a beta tester for this program and it was truly life-transforming. There are several component that make this app such a powerful tool: the lessons are short and full of actionable info; there is the option for daily reminders to check in with your anxiety, using a set of simple exercises/tools; and there's an extensive library of guided exercises THAT REALLY WORK. I use this app almost daily and I've gained a much deeper relationship to how I experience and cope with anxiety.
  • The Most Effective Thing I've Done for Anxiety

    I've struggled with anxiety for years. I'm a chronic worrier and often stress about the things I need to do throughout the day and in the future. This app has absolutely changed the quality of my life in about the time span of a month. The app is effective and the instructions/ lessons are clear. It remarkably improved my mental well being and gave me a large degree of peace in my day to day.
  • Getting a handle and a hand up on my anxiety!

    By sneaky08
    I was part of the beta test for this app and it has been a life changer! 30+ years of anxiety and this app helped me reframe how I related to it and thereby is decreasing its severity. The app has step by step guidelines and encouragements and lessons that you can do at your own pace. This allows you to customize your experience to your learning style. The app also has "stress exercises" that allow you to check in with your self as the day goes on to "nip in the bud" anxiety before it gets out of control. There are reminders to check in and bonus meditations and lessons to help you along your way. This app has changed my life and my relationship with my anxiety. I encourage people to give it a try. What a difference it has made to me! As a medical provider I will be recommending it to my patients.