Spotlite - Sing Freely

Spotlite - Sing Freely

By Spotlite Media Incorporated

  • App Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2017-06-10
  • Current Version: 1.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 74.57 MB
  • Developer: Spotlite Media Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
App Ratings: 4
Based on 489 Reviews

Spotlite - Sing Freely App Description

Spotlite is a new music app where you can sing original music, karaoke and cover songs. Get followers and fans or support your favorite artists by gifting them virtually. Share your vocal talent and interact with other singers! Features: -Sing along to millions of songs with lyrics and accompaniments; -Enjoy DUET feature with other singers; -Make live streaming performances; -Ues special audio modifiers to make you sound like a professional singer; -Try cool filters to make your own music videos; -Share your works on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; -Get fans who gift your songs; -Social networking with music lovers and singer-songwriters in the community. Spotlite respects copyright and all songs on this music app are authorized by record companies including Universal, Warner Chappel, SonyATV, EMI Publishing, and BMG. New songs are added on a daily basis, covering genres of pop, rock, hip-hop/rap, R&B, country, INDIE, REGGAE, Jazz, Latin, EDM/DANCE and more for you to explore! Questions?


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App Reviews

  • Seriously?! What a joke...

    By canuckpunklb
    Absolute mess. Like a beta product at best. Horrible user experience. Just give up, honestly. How can anyone actually use this garbage?
  • Fix ASAP

    By Rattlesnake717
    The app has crashed, it logged me out and will not let me log back in, every time I try to login it says “The System Is Busy, Please Try Again Later” on top of that I’ve sent y’all emails for a week with no response at all, Smdh
  • Won't upload videos

    By BrandnewB
    I'm having problems getting it to load all my videos. I know it's not my phone or my wifi cause I never have problems on other apps like smule, which I have been using for over 3 years and totally am addicted too. I would love to become addicted to spotlite as well but not if I'm going to have problems uploading. I have 9 songs that are always waiting and only 13 that have posted. It's ridiculous I spend alot of time doing the songs for them to sit in the queue not loading .
  • Not working

    By RebeccaNicole0527
    I’ve been using spotlite for several months, I love the app, but there really is not a lot of current country songs and I’m a diehard country girl. So I’m finding that I’m not interested in uploading much the last few weeks or so. I’m also having a really hard time getting my videos to upload at all. The only other thing that I would say is bugging me is the top rated singers shouldn’t be the top performers. Lately I’ve noticed that several of the members listed as the Top performers might be purchasing more votes and voting for themselves it’s very frustrating when you actually see someone put out a good video and can’t get past 36 because people are buying their own votes. I’m thinking that voting for yourself shouldn’t be an option. Then the people that deserve the votes can reach the top. The are so many talented performers on this app and they’re not being recognized properly because of those handful of people purchasing their own votes. Just my thoughts but the app it’s self is pretty cool!
  • It used to be fun...

    By Maia_12_05
    I thought this app would be fun when I got it but there are barely any recent top hits on it and and most of the songs on it are not even known (no offense)!I have written so many song requests yet none of the songs have been added, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the requests Spotlite! I am giving this 3 stars because it was fun at the beginning (it still kind of is...) but there are no recent songs! I know I keep rambling about not enough songs (sorry!), just please add more songs. Btw I’ll give this four or five stars if you add them!
  • Don’t bother

    By Lana Richie
    This app is the definition of greed, money is used to take advantage of people’s time only to be beaten vote wise by strange foreign farting sounds from other people who can afford to take advantage of Spotlite’s voting system. Don’t take it seriously , it’s not a gateway to get yourself out there , it’s only disappointment and sadness just so Spotlite can get paid from the desperate people’s needs to be first place and respected as a singer . The wheel of course will continue to spin...just prepare yourself for a game that’s total garbage filled with severe disappointment for all your time spent.
  • Dear spotlite I have been trying to get on the app

    By Sandtrell
    To whom it may concern please fix the app can’t get on it
  • Social media aspect is terrible and ruins experience

    By ken1w
    As a mobile karaoke app, Spotlite is quite good. It creates good song videos, and I appreciate being able to download them to a local common format video file, saved to my Photos library (on iOS device). I give this part of Spotlite 4 stars. There are a few fixes and improvements I’d appreciate, reported as feedback. For example, on my iPad mini 4, a microphone connected using Lightning Connector does not work properly. It’s just regular EarPods (type used with recent iPhones w/o headphones jack), and they work fine in other apps with audio input. EarPods with headphones jack work fine with Spotlite (on my iPad), so that’s what I use. But Lightning Connector EarPods seem to produce better audio, so I wanted to use them with Spotlite, but heavy feedback distortion prevents use. Another example is lyrics text size. It’s too small on an iPad’s screen. A setting to adjust lyrics text size (or just double it) would be very nice. The social media aspect of Spotlite is quite bad, and ruins the overall experience. That part of Spotlite gets ZERO stars right now. They (whoever makes decisions about how Spotlite interacts with users) get so many things wrong. They don’t seem to appreciate or respect their users. There are many small things, like the “Lucky Draw” game that pops up after sharing a song. It might be fun, except it’s NEVER “lucky.” I always land on “Sorry try again” after at least 100 consecutive tries. Don’t expect grand prize, but it’d be fun winning a (very) minor prizes occasionally. It just wastes my time each time I share a song. And there are splash screens that pop up (to promote something new in app) WAY too often, again wasting my time. It’s the same one or two splash screens, over and over. There are major problems, like the song contests. I suspect some contestants are “plants,” meant to win the top prize money so Spotlite can avoid giving it all to real contestants. They appear (out of nowhere) at the very end of contests, with really terrible song entries, and somehow accumulate a HUGE number of votes within a few hours. Enough votes to take a top spot in contest, and bump others down a spot in ranking (and prizes). No real contestant playing fair could do that... Contest rules are unclear, leaving users to “figure things out” almost by trial and error. Sometimes, rules are changed seemingly arbitrarily, without explanation, in the middle of contest. I got 7th place recently, which has a prize. After not receiving it for more than one week after contest ended, I complained and they finally paid the prize. In another contest, I ended up in 10th place, after some cheaters in Top 10 got disqualified. 10th place has a prize; I have not received it. AND right now, I’m not able to receive any votes for my songs in current contest. Votes ARE sent, but they do not add to my votes total. No idea why. I reported problem, and there’s been no resolution or a response from “Help” at Spotlite. Recently, I’ve had problems with songs not uploading. I can fully record particular song, but there’s an error (undefined) when I upload completed song. Other songs upload fine. I suspect they are being blocked from upload due to copyright issues, NOT technical issues, because it happens with quite a few specific songs now. The real problem is in NOT telling me I can’t sing a particular song BEFORE me spending a lot of time practicing song and recording multiple takes. After all that work, I get this error AFTER that final good take. My work is lost. Shows lack of respect for users and their valuable time. I’ll keep using Spotlite, because I like how it works technically, in creating song videos that I can download and further process in other apps. But I may soon just ignore the social media aspects of Spotlite, and just use it as a tool to create song videos. It’s supposed to be fun, not torture. Overall, I rate it 2 Stars until Spotlite improves user interactions.
  • Really cool, but needs more songs!!

    By Minecraft Player_HHH
    This is a really good quality app and I love how it's all free (as far as I know). But it could use some newer songs. Most of the songs are from 2+ years ago. There are a lot of new songs recently that would be GREAT to add
  • Got it

    By Starkitten2002
    I got my phone to let me log in. I just had to unlock my rotation so that my screen would show the button. Although I wish it was easier to log in once you already have an account. The app kicked me out at one point and I had to put in my information all over again. I also wish there were more songs to pick from. I don't like repeating songs I have already done and I have to be in the mood to do an original. I also wish it was easier to get a higher rating in the contests. It seems like the same people win every timeI am glad that new tasks were added to get more points and experience or coins.