PlantSnap Plant Identification

PlantSnap Plant Identification

By PlantSnap, Inc.

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2017-06-07
  • Current Version: 2.01.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 157.53 MB
  • Developer: PlantSnap, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 21,570 Reviews

PlantSnap Plant Identification App Description

Instantly identify plants of all kinds: flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and more! PlantSnap is the revolutionary plant identification app from built to help you instantly identify plants in a snap. Users on iOS12 can experience instant plant recognition, no framing or snapping required! Simply tap a detected plant on your device for information on the plant in a real-time Augmented Reality view. PlantSnap now works in every country on Earth and is translated into 30 languages! Our database has been upgraded to over 500,000 species, and the algorithm is now 94% accurate. Have you ever been on a hike, vacation or simply on an afternoon walk and wondered what species that plant, flower or tree was? Take a picture of the plant and PlantSnap will tell you what it is in seconds using its robust plant database. With Plantsnap, you can reconnect to the natural world around you and learn about nearby plants, or browse our gallery to discover new and exotic plants all across the globe. Plantsnap also comes with a map of plants nearby to help you get out and explore. Whether you find peace and mindfulness from hiking, or if you are interested in studying nature, Plantsnap has the resources and technology you need. PlantSnap also comes paired with a seamlessly integrated companion website, allowing you to upload photos from your computer for instant identification or check items from your plant collection. PlantSnap is powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence, meaning that it actually learns and improves with every image you feed it. Every image you take makes PlantSnap better and adds to the growing Plant Database. Get out there and start PlantSnapping! PlantSnap Features: Identify Plants with Your Camera • Instantly learn the name of plants, flowers and trees with a picture! • Open the PlantSnap app, snap a photo, and watch the PlantSnap Database name the plant in seconds. Auto-Detect Plants to Identify • PlantSnap automatically tells you when a plant is framed well • Tap the screen where the flower is highlighted for the most accurate results Augmented Reality Plant Identification (requires iOS12) • Watch amazing Augmented Reality animations over a plant • View information on a plant through an AR interface Plant Database • Our database is global and our results are instantaneous. There are currently 585,000 plant species in our worldwide database • PlantSnap currently has 90% of all known plant species on Earth in our database, and we continue to train more species into our algorithm every month. Plant Identification & Learning Algorithms • Our algorithm is retrained and improved every month using the 200,000+ anonymous images taken by our users every day • PlantSnap will update automatically for you every time we add a new batch of species, no additional fees required Companion Website • Visit with your PlantSnap account • View your collection from the app on the web • Add photos to identify from your desktop, then keep track of things on your mobile Discover the World Around You • Use the Explore section to view every anonymous photo taken with the PlantSnap app anywhere on the entire planet • Gamify your hikes with friends and family! Plantsnap lets you build a library of every plant, tree or flower you've snapped. See how many you can collect! • Get some fresh air and improve your mood! Plantsnap connects the divide between technology and nature. Download PlantSnap now and start PlantSnapping! **Be sure to watch our instructional video to get the most accurate results!** **Please check your email after purchasing for more detailed information.** We are looking to make Plantsnap better all the time. Please leave your feedback in the app to help Plantsnap grow!


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App Reviews

  • It’s either a shamrock or a form of mint

    By Mark Crim
    Common three-leaf shamrock stumped this app, and after 3 separate tries, I gave up. It just got confused I guess.
  • Too invasive why should I register!!

    By :-(((
    You can collect our data without personal tags
  • Complete garbage!

    By thefinagler
    They brag about a 94% success rate, lies, this can’t define between 2 different types of cacti, gets it wrong EVERY TIME! The devs always come back with the same nonsense about using it properly. There’s only so many ways to photograph a cactus. Can’t get ANY of my euphorbia right either. Complete garbage. That’s why you pay up front, no free version, nobody would buy it otherwise.
  • Love the app

    By Chelsea Gordon3
    Could you add a Favorite button or a tree pocket something like that to PlantSnap functions to save all the trees I have searched for? I find it difficult to look back all those trees. Thanks
  • Have to register to use this app now

    By PSAnnoyed
    I’d like my money back on this app. I purchased June 20, 2018 and used it a few times in the past fee months. I went to open the app and snap a photo of a plant a few days ago and was surprised that the app opens to a registration screen now and seemingly will not allow you to use the app until you register/log in. I paid for this app and shouldn’t have to set up an account to use the app. It’s like a bait & switch situation. I tried to report the issue to Apple, but apparently I’m too late...I’m past the 90 days from purchase.
  • Right on! Most of the time..,

    By Ducky 851
    Always rely on this app to identify flora I see around in the Caribbean (where I live)! Some species are harder to identify but regardless, this is the best around!
  • Not accurate/takes a long time

    By KE3388
    I downloaded this to find out what a few plants were at my new house. The findings weren’t accurate so I submitted for identification back in June and it is still at “waiting for identification” (it’s now December). So pointless app.
  • Not ready for prime time

    By emdc
    With all of the recent improvements, this app is still worthless to me. The alternatives it suggests are almost comical. Customer service is far better than the app’s performance. It’ll probably get better over time but I’d never rely on this app as the only way to identify any plant. GardenAnswers does a consistently better job at identifying plants than this app and I don’t see that it’s getting any better. The success rate they claim is pure BS. I’ve watched the instructional video and I know how to take a picture. This app still fails far too often for it to be considered useful. Many times all I need is a list of possibilities but this can’t (or simply doesn’t) even offer that. Perhaps one day it’ll be my “go-to” app for plant identification but I don’t see that happening any time soon.
  • Before things get better, they have to get worse. I hope...

    By abikat333
    I have tried a handful of various plant identifier apps. As a Horticulture student, having a plant identification app is BEYOND helpful. Especially when it works well. When I first downloaded PlantSnap (awhile ago), I was beyond impressed. It was significantly more effective than any other application at properly identifying plants. While the correct identification may not have always been the primary identification provided, it often would be one of the secondary ones which is better than nothing! There definitely is and was a learning curve relative to other plant identification apps as to what exactly the app wants from you in order to be most effective & provide an accurate identification. Eventually, I figured it out & things were swell. Unfortunately, over time and with updates, I found that the identifications became less and less accurate. One problem is that it typically wants more of a close up of a leaf or a leaf and a flower. What can be challenging is when you’re out in nature trying to identify something, you have to hold a leaf down with your hand and the app likes to think your finger in the photo is a leaf. Other times, it’s just difficult to get that perfect angle on a plant and I’m not entirely confident the app has an easy time understanding that. (Which I totally get is not easy programming to develop.) It also can be frustrating to stand there and try five different angles, parts of the plant, etc trying to find that perfect one that the app likes enough to provide an accurate identification. One thought that I’m not certain how easy it would be to implement would be to possibly have the ability to provide multiple (Up to 5? Maybe 3?) photos of a plant. That way you can take a photo of a leaf, take a photo of a flower or a fruit, and a photo of the plant as a whole. You could even have the option, if it made anything easier, to assign a “tag” or a “category” to the photo so the app knows its looking for matching leaves or matching fruit, etc. Then the app could run a sequence type function where it runs the leaf photo through its database and selects all the possible plants with similar leaves. Then it moves on to the flower and runs through the narrowed down list from running the leaf through and narrows it down further to plants with matching leaves and flowers. I don’t think this is something everyone would want or need to use but for those of us with potentially more exotic or obscure identifications we’re trying to make, it could help increase the accuracy rate of the app. Just food for thought! So I right now things are difficult between the app and I. We’ve hit a rough patch where it’s just not quite as effective/accurate as it once was but I haven’t lost hope! As with most things, I think maybe the app just needs a little bit of time for things to get worse before they get better. My fingers are crossed that this is the case as it is a very useful resource when it works!
  • Great idea. Has never actually worked.

    By JimmyCutty
    Super cool idea for an app. Saw the ad and took a chance. Basically shazaam for plants. I've got stuff in my garden in curious about. Unfortunately, I've never actually gotten it to correctly identify a plant. Not once. Most of the time you upload a picture and it spits back a bunch of pictures of plants that look nothing like what you've uploaded, and aren't even of the same classification. Like, it's waaaaaaay off. I'll snap a pic of an orange blossom and it will come back with a pine tree. Save your money and just do Google image search. I think they made the Google image upload search part of the standard Google search app. Can't be more inaccurate than this thing. Not super interested in their work really hard to prove that the app doesn't work to get a refund. It was $3. Just chalk that up to the price you pay to learn a lesson about sketchy apps that make big fake promises. BTW I love that every response from Dev is 'user error'. If all the users are experiencing the same error it actually means it's a software error. The pushy BS from the help team actually makes me like this a lot less. If you don't want to fight with them for a refund just protest the charge with your credit card. Much easier and faster resolution.