FNAF Maps for Minecraft PE

FNAF Maps for Minecraft PE

By NuApps

  • App Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2017-03-06
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 185.02 MB
  • Developer: NuApps
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 3,792 Reviews

FNAF Maps for Minecraft PE App Description

Can you survive?! Play on the best Five Nights at Freddy's maps available for Minecraft PE! No computer is required to add them to Minecraft PE. Not an official Minecraft product. Not approved by or associated with Mojang. Please note: While the app does have free content, some maps require in-app purchases to unlock. Compatibility notice: Auto install only works with iPad 3 and newer, iPad Mini 2 and newer, iPhone 5 and newer, and iPod 6 and newer. Ensure that your device is updated to the latest firmware and Minecraft PE is updated to the latest version.


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App Reviews

  • It gets better, I swear... 🤦🏼‍♀️

    By #Awe$ome girl 12345679
    Yeah, so as you might have guessed, I love the FNAF franchise, so naturally I gotta have this app, right? Of course I do. So I download the app, and find the ONE free map...?! Swell. So I decided to just play it, and I mean, it’s pretty well built, but I think it’s ironic that it was the only free one, because it’s based off of FNAF 3, which is the game that everyone hates the most in the series... WELL, THEY FAILED THERE! Oh, and the prices for the maps are terrible: $3.99... For each individual map... And yes, $3.99 might not sound that bad, but once all is said and done, all the maps together OLNY come to $40.00!!!!!!! And that’s not even a typo!! FORTY DOLLARS!!!!! So yeah... Mean if you wan’t to not pay any money, you can have ONE map. Sounds good? Well, they aren’t gonna do anything about this, even though most people write reviews about it. And in the end opinions don’t matter. No matter how much you want yours to. And I’m aware my opinion also doesn’t matter, but I just needed to vent... Anyway, if you do end up paying for these maps I’m sure it would be an amazing role playing app! (Yeah, has to find at least one thing that’s positive... 😂) Hopefully this was helpful in some way! Probably wasn’t, but ya know. I tried. I really did. 🤣 Okay, well byyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!! (Oh God, I’m so cringeworthy)
  • All free

    By mike elpro9668
    Can they all be free because I’m a BIG fan and I need content for my YouTube
  • Look

    By Toilet mc. bathcher
    Look. I AM FAMOS HAY
  • You have to freaking pay

    By Angry devil👿
    Oh my holy crap this is stupid you have to freaking pay!
  • I don’t like this app

    By this is a good or bad app
    I don’t like this app firstly I can’t spend money and many other kids can’t either so why just why I think more things should be free
  • You lied creates

    By savytenns
    First of all creators I want to say that you lied you lied you lied you lied you lied you said some maps were free I download one is free so in your description I am busy reading some like oh I’m OK I’ll just find fnaf map I download only one map is free what the hell I would give this ano star but I can’t so next And buying a map actually I’m sorry I ended up buying for different maps then I’m like OK I’m ready to play guess what everything just went downhill after that I went from went away Fredi when he’s playing his video game and he’s winning and then he loses that’s from I don’t and I’m straight about to lose it so I bought 4 different games I’ll my God I was on my God I am I was about to lose it right there never download the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my 10 years of living almost 11 years
  • What do you do

    By ultmet springtrap
    Uh I do not know what to do
  • Worst app

    By lunamoon2239
    This app doesn’t even work on Minecraft
  • Bandwagon......

    By Kktia123
    Okay so I don’t know what to say because I see bad reviews and good reviews but at least make some fans human version skins ya know, I think that’s cool and they can be all different genders!!!
  • (I don’t really know)

    By hdgdydbehdhdb
    I think if you give a good review and a good star rate it will give you another map free, I’m not sure though I have seen a lot of bad reviews but this looks like a great game so bravo to the creators Edit: Never mind this is horrible and the vents and the placement of the vents isn’t even remotely accurate! I take back all of the nice things I said this is horrible and the animatronics are blobs like for example Freddy was a dark wooden block with wool then a pumpkin on top for a face! Please creaters fix that! And the camera 5 was placed near 4b and those two cameras are on the other side of the map in the Freddy files! I can’t believe this got about 4.5 stars for how bad this is!