The Chan

The Chan

By Vadim Novoseltsev

  • App Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2017-01-27
  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 65.67 MB
  • Developer: Vadim Novoseltsev
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.3
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 537 Reviews

The Chan App Description

The Chan is a browser for imageboards. It currently supports 4chan and 2ch. Features: • Browse boards and threads • View images and .webm videos • Stay up-to-date with favorite threads • Hide threads and posts • 3D Touch support


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App Reviews

  • New update bug

    By captainjake22
    When watching webMs in gallery mode the next webM doesn't play automatically. You have to hit the play button in the bottom corner every time. Will change rating back to five stars once fixed.
  • Really nice

    By MrBullyGoat
    It works as well as the apps on other systems and is as smooth as can be. I had the Russian problem too but setting the language to English and restarting fixed it. The other problems reviews complained about are nonsense. If you can figure out how to set preferences, I doubt 4chan is for you. Thanks to the developer and apple for putting this into the store.
  • I would give it five stars if...

    By Not a boomer
    It’s a pretty good app overall, but on /pol it doesn’t have an identifier (ID) for posters. I like to highlight the ID of interesting posters or people I’m having a conversation with so I can read all of the posts in a particular thread. It makes it easy to identify trolls and makes it easy to have a little back-and-forth with people when we can see the ID. Am I missing something in the settings? Anyone have any ideas on how I can see posters ID?
  • uhhh

    By ExampleNickk
    i paid money for this app but so far can't even use it, images ONLY appear in the catalogue and i can't see images posted in threads, not even OP image unless viewing from catalogue. im using an iphone 7 though i havent updated in a while, but so far the app is borderline dysfunctional, can't load images on an imageboard.
  • No sound?

    By Vdhcbduvsyhd
    Everything works great except for some reason there’s no sound for webm’s
  • No longer working

    By SomaliWanna
    Often gifs don’t seem to save as animated just one still image but it is a nice app Update Can no longer reply to anything, also the gif problem has not been addressed
  • Near Perfect

    By FatWhiteLump
    Coming from Android, I was worried about finding a good 4chan app for iOS. I’m happy to say that this app rivals the biggest Android 4chan apps. The UI is great, and the app has nearly all of the features I look for. It would be nice if we could set catalogue as the default way to view boards. I would really like to see an easy way to rearrange the order of different boards, at least under favorites. Once in awhile viewing a webm is buggy and doesn’t load, but it’s not a big deal. Fantastic app, definitely the best 4chan browser on iOS.
  • Not Perfect, But Better Than Web

    By hammerdownrabbitears
    This app is very useful because it allows you to easily bookmark and refresh multiple threads, as well as scroll through a gallery of pictures in each thread and view webm videos without hassle. The themes are pleasant and overall it’s a stable and enjoyable way to browse imageboards. There are a few things missing though, the biggest ones I can think of are 1). Can’t choose catalog view as default (you have to switch to it manually every time you visit a board), 2). Can’t save or post gifs (they are viewable however), 3). No special notification when your post is replied to, and 4). Can’t search for text within threads. With those 4 things sorted I think this app would be near perfect. There’s some other nice features that could be added like saving webm files within the app, looping webms, or themes that match the web board colors, but overall it’s still worth the money as it stands.
  • No webm audio

    By Sham_Sham
    No webm audio
  • Very cool and good™️

    By Austin Orr