Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep

Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep

By Aeroapps Technology

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  • Release Date: 2016-07-30
  • Current Version: 2.14.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Aeroapps Technology
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 4.5
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Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep App Description

Test preparation for both the initial and recertification FAA remote pilot exams. FlightReady helps you prepare for the FAA remote pilot exam by testing your knowledge against a question bank of over 400 questions, including questions from the official FAA question bank. Note that we offer two separate apps to prepare for the Remote Pilot exam: ◗ Remote Pilot Test Prep (this app) - Test preparation questions only ◗ Remote Pilot Ground School - Complete training course plus test prep questions This app (Test Prep) requires knowledge of drone operations and the relevant FAA regulations (or self study using publicly available resources). This app does not include any training content other than explanations for each answer. If you are new to drone flying, we suggest our Remote Pilot Ground School app, which includes nearly 15 hours of lesson content for those who are new to drone flying and the regulatory framework of Part 107. If you purchase this app, and later decide that you need the complete course, you may upgrade for the price difference at any time by tapping the Store icon in the app. Over 400 questions covering all subject areas listed in the FAA's Airmen Certification Standards for Remote Pilot. Over 200 flashcards to help you memorize chart symbols, rules, and airspace regulations. ◖◖CONFIGURE CUSTOM SESSIONS◗◗ Use Study Mode to create question sessions based on topics, session size, and your overall mastery. Filters allow you to include or exclude questions that require the use of figures or an E6B. Use Exam Mode to take simulated FAA exams administered in a timed environment under the same rules as the real FAA exam ◖◖REPORTS AND STATISTICS◗◗ Gauge your progress and identify weak areas. Create and send reports of your exam history to anyone. ◖◖RECURRENT TRAINING◗◗ You will be able to use this app to prepare for the recurrent exam required every two years. The question bank for the recurrent exam will be released no later than June 2018. ◖◖OTHER FEATURES◗◗ Subject matter is categorized into discrete topics, enabling focused study sessions and better insight into weak areas. Explanations consisting of text, graphic, applicable regulation, or a combination thereof. Flashcards Multi-tasking support allows you to use FlightReady side by side with any FAA references and your favorite E6B app Proficiency is tracked using a proprietary algorithm that assigns a mastery level to each question. Figures and charts are presented in the same screen so that you can view both the question and the figure. Quickly create new sessions from missed questions, or review missed questions and explanations. Swipe left in the question view to reveal question list showing progress, marked questions, and more. ◖◖SUBJECT MATTER COVERED ▸ Airspace ▸ Emergency Procedures ▸ Human Factors ▸ Loading ▸ Maintenance ▸ Operations ▸ Performance ▸ Pilot Certification ▸ Regulations ▸ Weather Services ▸ Weather Theory


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App Reviews

  • Attention to detail

    By f&$k nickname
    Would be 5 stars but the app isn’t optimized for phones with different size screens. My older iPhone has the attachment link commonly cut out of some questions forcing me to guess when I otherwise would know the answer from looking at the chart.
  • Great!

    By Ericarp78
    I love how this app breaks down your strengths and weaknesses of knowledge. It really helps me focus and learn what areas require the most attention.
  • Great study aid

    By bodywise
    These interactive study apps are the best. Repetitive sequences rapidly increase your score accuracy.
  • Excellent app

    By Rto17
    I downloaded this app on a Wednesday, scheduled my part 107 test on Thursday to take on Friday. Passed my test on Friday with 76% Thank you so much for developing this :) Sincerely, An FAA drone pilot
  • Great app.

    By Hythhff
    Use it daily to go over questions. Would be nice if there was an option to do a recurrent question bank of questions.
  • This app helped me pass!

    By Four98
    I took the part 107 today and passed with an 84! You will not pass if you don’t study and you won’t pass if you think you can memorize all of the questions and answers in this app and the FAA practice test. I only recognized one question that came from either here or the FAA practice test. On my test, I didn’t have any stable/ unstable air questions. And believe it or not, no long/lat questions. But, I did have to read sectional charts for questions asking about where something was located and was that Class B or C airspace. And would ATC clearance be needed. There was one TAF. I had several questions relating to CG and aft; several on CTAF; several on medicine/alcohol. Use this app. Reading the explanations will help it sink in.
  • Worth buying before taking your knowledge test

    By n8r0n
    I got a 59/60 on the sUAS knowledge test, studying primarily using this app (w/o the ground school add-on), so I’ll rate this 5 stars. Not too boring way to study, with lots of practice questions. Very similar to the test, tho some popular questions in the app were not on the test at all (better than the other way around).
  • So far so good

    By Jake 1038
    I have been using this app in conjunction with another online test prep video course that I have given up on. The video course was costing me $20 a month and the narrators voice was extremely annoying. So far, this app has been far and away a better investment. The app provides courses, quizzes and exams. It is very user friendly and tells you what areas you need to work on. I will update this review after taking the real test this week.
  • Passed

    By CreateAnotherNicknameItsTaken
    It seems this app has a lot of questions that aren't on the test (like the super specific dewpoint / altitude equations) so don't worry about remembering those really complicated ones.
  • Great Tool But You Still Must Learn

    By J-inPA
    I passed the FAA test with a 98 today. This app covered all the concepts except 1 (which I guessed and missed, and nothing I used covered it). If you are scoring high on this app over 5 to 10 exams and to the point where you are acing it in under 30 minutes, then you are almost ready to go crush the test. Keep studying the various guides on all the cloud types and implications. Spend extra time studying the test supplement sectionals and look for places where work at different heights and towers might put you into controlled airspace. Don’t expect a great number of questions to be the exact same, but they will be the same concepts. This app is great at grooving your swing, but you MUST understand and be able to explain to yourself WHY you got a question right or wrong. DO NOT go into your FAA test with this or any app expecting to memorize answer and hoping to see lots of the exact same questions. This app is great at showing you what to learn, but you still have to do the learning.