Compass 55. Map & GPS kit.

Compass 55. Map & GPS kit.

By Kalimex-Consulting s.r.o. @Blocoware & Stanislav Dvoychenko

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Compass 55. Map & GPS kit. App Description

All-in-one assistant with a map, compass, GPS coordinates to view and share in 6 formats, altitude, distance, sunset/sunrise, speedometer with top and average speed, navigator to your target or along the route and a whole lot more! + Advanced target/waypoint editor. Can be also used as a coordinates converter. You can use map to check or set waypoint location and add photo or audio note. + Share your location via email, text message, Facebook or Twitter. This includes UTM, MGRS and Latitude/Longitude (MENU>Share my location). + You can use UTM, MGRS or Lat/Long, just pick your preference in settings (Coordinate Format). + Speedometer. Shows you the speed and pace. Speedometer also gives you options to control average and max speed and pace counters (MENU > RESET and PAUSE/RESUME counters). + Compass. Instant reaction compass, no delays. Automatically pickups the direction based on magnetic or GPS course. If you mostly walk or drive, you can change this automatic mode in app settings > Compass or GPS course. NATO mils? Same place in settings to set. + Magnetic declination δ for the current location and any location on the map (via World Magnetic Model, WMM, no need for data/internet). + Sunset and sunrise. So you can plan your travel better. + Arrow pointing to your target waypoint. Distance and bearing to it. + Create/measure routes and areas. + Barometric Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI, IVSI) in both scale and graph forms. All above belong to a basic version. PRO Pack upgrade will add following capabilities: + Recording and sharing GPS tracks. + Moving waypoints between folders. + Showing ETA to a target as this requires GPS tracking. + Native Google map with fantastic terrain map, amazing 3D and real night mode. + Adding own/custom tile map servers. + Downloading offline maps. Offline maps import in .sqlitedb, rmaps, mbtiles formats. + GPX import and export for waypoints, tracks and routes. + Google Earth KML support for waypoints and tracks import/export. KMZ support for waypoints and tracks export, waypoints import. + CSV import/export for waypoints. + Voice coach to tell you active track distance and duration, current speed and altitude without need to open the app. + Support for Siri shortcuts in IOS 12 for starting and stopping GPS tracks. + BACKGROUND MODE. App will work in background automatically when tracking. You can use other apps while Compass 55 does its job in the background! + PRIVACY. Compass 55 never shares your location data with 3rd parties or ad agencies. Location data is used solely for telling you direction to a target and recording GPS tracks and never leave the app unless you decide to share by means of a track export. It always lets you know when background mode is on and never runs in background unless the track is being recorded. ! You can use this app on your iPhone as well as on any cellular iPad. **App will not work properly on iPods and wifi only iPads as they don't have GPS (external GPS module is required). As quite a lot of us are using external GPS modules, app is available for wifi only iPads and iPods. ! Please note that as with all GPS apps, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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  • 😁

    By MommaBear964
    It’s okay
  • Map

    By Which way?
    Great App! Worked very well.
  • Too legit to quit!

    By Ebrewer89-itt
    Will recommend to all my friends
  • Lt.SWH

    By w ref GP outgoing
  • Great

    By Gernob
    Great app. Get you there all the time.
  • Love the App!!

    By Gunslinger OG
    I use this app when ride off the beaten trail on my KLR 650 and it make tracking my trail and ride a breeze. I can review rides and take new paths. I also plan to use the app while driving truck to track route, time and speed. All helping make me a more efficient driver and a more adventures rider. I highly recommend the paid version of this app, with its added features it makes using the app more fun.
  • Love this App

    By a;lsdjf
    Great work!!!!
  • Great compass the best for exact measurements

    By Imagination agent
    Very good for precise work with location vectors
  • Review of compass 55

    By Ranjit Govindaraj
    Very good app-keep it up
  • Wow!

    By Marco.Montana
    Simply amazing, really love the UI look, love setting waypoints. I bought this because it was exactly what i wanted, many other apps have varied features this one is like having an overwatch Commander in your pocket! Developer responds to ideas or question which is also a plus! Update: 8/24/18 app is even better than before!