Miffy's World

Miffy's World

By StoryToys Entertainment Limited

App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 431 Reviews

Miffy's World App Description

Guide Miffy through her day. Help her explore, create and play, making art and reading books with her friends and family. Based on the Dick Bruna inspired Nick Jr. hit series. Join Miffy as she plays and learns about her world in this gentle and beautiful 3D interactive app from StoryToys: • Start the day with a bath and brush Miffy’s teeth • Help her choose which clothes to dress in • Exploring the outside world. Have fun in the family garden • Play with Snuffy the adorable dog or feed her pet fish • Play with her toys. Scoot around the house, fly her kite around the garden or with with blocks in the living room • Help Miffy as she grows her very own fruit and vegetables, then bake a yummy cake • When Miffy gets sleepy, just tuck her into bed • Fly through the clouds and collect stars in her dreams Every day brings surprises and new things to discover. The more you play with Miffy the more fun activities you unlock. Miffy’s World is full gentle learning as it stimulates curiosity and creativity through fun educational activities. Learn by doing, as you help Miffy takes care of her daily routine, cooks delicious cakes and looks after her pets. EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Miffy’s World benefits children’s abilities in multiple ways: 1) Health Knowledge and Practice: – Tucking Miffy into bed shows children how vital sleep is for wellbeing – Children practice daily tasks such as brushing teeth and dressing independently from adults 2) Approaches to Learning: – Helping Miffy complete daily tasks encourages initiative – Growing fruit and vegetables and baking a cake with Miffy develops attentiveness and curiosity 3) Logic and Reasoning: – Engaging children in simple pretend play with familiar tasks; for example, tucking Miffy into bed 4) Physical Development: – As children digitally learn with Miffy’s World they also develop fine motor skills 5) Creative Arts Expression: – Color and Paint with Miffy. Encourage creativity and imagination


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App Reviews

  • I love miffy

    By rabby nut
    So much fun I recommend you get this game by 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Hello!

    By Derpy Pug
    My niece loves this app, and sometimes I even sneak off to play it too! Heh heh! I was thinking, maybe you could add a school to run around in. Y'know, because even my little niece says it got kind of boring being limited to a few places.
  • Toddler's favorite app

    By Kalielle
    Our 2-year-old loves this app and has picked up so much language from it and even knowledge about the world. She got the courage to try out a real scooter because Miffy rides a scooter. If we can't go out because it's raining, she will say "oh, it's raining. You don't want to get all wet!" just like Miffy says in the app and she knows we can't go out. She pretends to give us food to cook in the oven, just like Miffy cooks with her mom in the app. A wonderful app and great for teaching toddlers about daily routines!